Personalized Banners: Useful for Everything!

While most people hear “personalized banner” and think “graduation party,” personalized banners can be used for much more.  Just think: you can hang a banner on your garage door if you’re hosting a graduation, welcome home, bon voyage, or birthday party.  You can hang a banner at the outside entrance to a prom or a dance so attendees know which door to enter through.  You could also use a personalized banner if you have a pep rally at your school—or if you have a booth selling prom tickets!  There are many, many uses for personalized banners—and now you can create your own.

You can pick from a variety of backgrounds, choose whether or not your want pictures, and pick what message you want your banner to show.  There are also seven different sizes of banners, so you really can pick one to fit your event or project—the biggest banner is roughly the size of a double garage door!  The banners include grommets, so you’re able to easily hang your banner indoor or outdoors, and they’re printed on vinyl.  Not only will you have a durable banner ready to hang anywhere, but it’s one that you created.  Once your friends see your creative stamp, they’ll be eager to help plan the next event so they can create a banner, too!

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