Personalized Favors Will Make Your Prom Memorable

Personalized favors are the hot item for 2012!  While there is a wide variety to choose from, the most popular are mint tins, candy jars, and photo frames.  All of these can be personalized for your event, whether it’s prom, after-prom, or a variety of others.

Mints tins, candy jars, and personalized photo frames from Stumps are the best choice because the printing goes directly on the product.  Other companies use stickers, which simply don’t last as long.  Personalized mints tins are great for prom– you’ll be able to carry your memory with you in your pocket or your purse for a long time after.  Another prom favor that will stick around is a personalized photo frame.  With many photographers going digital, you’ll be able to leave your prom with the best memory of all—a photo to capture the evening.  Great ideas that can double as a prom decoration are the personalized candy jars.  Everyone gets a little hungry at prom, so why not put personalized candy jars on your prom tables?  You can fill them with candy or you can choose to fill them with pretzels, peanuts, or a variety of other snacks to fend off the hunger bug while you dance the night away.

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