Congratulations, Soon-to-Be Graduate!

Step One: Pick Your Party

You’re on your way to having your diploma, so it’s time to play your graduation party!  Now, where do you start?  Definitely get help from your parents.  This could be their last chance to do something fun with their soon-to-be graduate before sending you off into the big, wide world.  The first step is to pick what kind of graduation party you want.  A couple options are a backyard barbecue, a bowling party, a card party (or game night), or just have your friends and family come to your house and hang out.  After you’ve decided on a type of party, you can pick your invitations and start sending them out.  Be the first to get them out so everyone knows when your party will be and you can minimize party overlaps.  You don’t want to have a graduation party the same day as your best friend’s graduation party, do you?

Step Two: Decorate Your Location

There’s always the question of how to go about decorating for a graduation party.  This is where your mom comes in handy—let her go crazy with the decorations!  She’ll have fun with this part.  Don’t hesitate to help her or give your input, because this could be one of those bonding moments that moms love with their kids.  Remember, though, to concede a bit—if she wants to hang a graduation banner, let her.  Have fun with it and help choose one to hang over the entrance of your graduation party.  After you decide on a banner, another good idea (especially if your family is coming to your graduation party) is having a graduation card box.  This way, your friends and family have a secure place to put cards for you and you won’t have to worry about losing the cards.  Whether your party is indoors or outdoors, you can hang dangling swirls from either the ceiling or from trees.  You can also hang graduation cap cut-outs along the wall, fence, or even on trees!  Of course, you’re also going to have balloons decorating your graduation party.  Combine latex balloons in your school colors with various Mylar balloons—such as a graduation cap-shaped Mylar balloon and the classic “Congratulations, Grad!” Mylar balloon. 

Step Three: Food!

It’s a party; you’re going to have food.  Whether you get a party platter from a local sandwich shop or your mom and dad decide to cook, you’ll have to decorate the tables.  Pick table covers in one of your school colors and plates in your other school color.  Finish the table decorations off with personalized napkins, a staple at every graduation party.  It’s a good idea to have a centerpiece, also, to give the tables that final touch.   Every graduation party has a cake, too, and many times moms like to be the one to bake the cake.  She could bake one in the shape of a graduation cap.

Step Four: Favors

Many people take personalized napkins home from graduation parties as favors.   Make your graduation party more memorable by creating personalized favors other than a napkin for them to take home.  For example, not everyone has lemonade mix as a graduation favor.  You could also look into hand lotion, lip balm, mini notepads in addition to more commonplace favors like mint tins and picture frames.  Whatever favors and decorations you end up choosing, the most important factor to any graduation party is fun.  Have fun celebrating the fact that you’re headed toward the next great step in your life, you’re done with high school and moving on.  So congratulations, graduate!

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