Best Prom Themes for 2012

The consensus from the staff at Stumps Party is that a combination of warm weather and the school year’s waning ignited a storm of inquiries about this year’s best prom themes.  It even appears that “prom themes” currently receives 40,500 global searches per month at Google.

Based on sales and customer feedback, Stumps Party announces its list of the Best Prom Themes for 2012.  Each prom theme truly creates memorable settings that are easily personalized.

#5   Mardi Gras – Mystique and Magical

With this wild party atmosphere, Mardi Gras makes the 2012 list of Best Prom Themes.  Capturing the feel of New Orleans is the trick to whisking away the night into a carnival of fun and prom party action.  Jacquie Downey, Director of Sales at Stumps Party explains, “We’re seeing a resurgence of orders on large, Mardi Gras event theme kits- even after the real, Mardi Gras.  Coordinators of proms and other events connect to the colors and feel of a Mardi Gras theme.”

#4   Underwater – Romance Set by an Iridescent Sea

The deep blues, greens, and purples of an underwater event theme make it a popular prom choice. Movies featuring the ocean or romance on sinking ships boost the 2012 appeal to sea-faring, prom theme parties.  Many coastal high schools hold prom on beaches or cruise ships and then decorate with fantasy, underwater decorations, kits, and fabrics.  Ivory sport coats and dresses match beautifully with the white caps of these waves.

#3   Hollywood – Classic Glamour for a Classic Year

Glimmer of Hollywood Theme Kit

The elegance of Hollywood was highlighted this year when a beautiful black and white, silent film won five Academy Awards.  The draw of fame and glamor is a prom winner and so are student interviews and couple photo shoots by Hollywood props.   Offer prom favors that match the theme.  Photo albums and frames hold on-site digital portraits and are top prom keepsakes.

#2   Stars – Memories Made Under Shimmering Stars

The magic of a starlit night has been the setting for romance for centuries, but Venus, Mars, and Jupiter have recently sparked the Northern hemisphere’s attention with their bright alignments.  Students, parents, and teachers like the stars theme because it’s so 2012.  Lighting effects to set the mood of a Stars Prom Theme are endless.   Some schools backlight balloons with UV black lights to create stars and then hang Vincent van Gogh’s inspired Starry Night decorations. The beauty and decorating range of the stars prom theme make it #2 on our list of Best Prom Themes for 2012.

And #1 Paris  –  The City of Lights Enchants All

Le Voyage De Paris Kit

When you mix dreams, romance and international flair, you create Paris – Stumps Party’s choice for the Best Prom Theme for 2012.  The city comes alive with street scenes from the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower.  For a unique prom favor, LED lit accents add a modern flair to the highly-rated Personalized Eiffel Tower Flutes.  Downey says, “High schools across the country will transform their gymnasiums, event halls or cafeterias into the most romantic, Parisian setting. With some of our newest theme décor items, students are able to scan QR codes in the decorations to go live to an Eiffel Tower webcam or to a French translation site.”

The technology and beauty of the Best Prom Themes for 2012 keep the action and wonder alive for students across the nation as they celebrate the endings of another school year and the beginnings of new chapters in their lives.

Hollywood & Design 2010 Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. The Hollywood Sign and Hollywood Walk of Fame are trademarks and intellectual property of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. All Rights Reserved.

About Stumps

Stumps Prom & Party has been America’s leading seller for prom, event and party supplies since 1926. Stumps introduced the first memory book and the first decorations for prom 86 years ago. Based in South Whitley, Indiana, Stumps has played a pivotal role in transforming millions of school events from ordinary to extraordinary. For more information, visit .

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