Tips for Decorating with Gossamer

Gossamer Explained

One way to make your prom stand out is by decorating with gossamer.  This inexpensive, sheer,  non-woven fabric comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and widths. It can be folded, tied, pleated, wrapped, or swagged.  Because of its light weight, it can be temporarily and easily attached to change the look of your room into a place of your dreams!

Gossamer Backdrops

To use as a large backdrop take the 107 inch wide fabric and hang it.  It can either be bunched or pleated in order to create different effects for the walls. You can also attach the fabric loosely to the ceiling in order to soften, create a dream-like effect or spark the imagination of a night sky with star gossamer.  This width is also wonderful to use as a stage curtain or backdrop for pictures.

Gossamer Table Tips

Tablecloths are classy and easy to make by using a 60 inch piece of gossamer.  Add more contrast by taking a 19 inch piece in a different color or pattern and make a table runner.  You could even take a couple of colors and swag them around the edge of the table.

Draping or pleating a piece of fabric over a chair takes a boring chair and turns it into amazing! Simply drape gossamer in one color over a chair, and then use a narrow band in a complementary color.  Pattern or theme gossamer to tie a bow on the back.  For an inexpensive option to a wired ribbon bow, use the streamer size gossamer and tie a bow to the back of the chair.

Mottled gossamer can be used for extra dimension and to simulate marble for columns or arches.  Wrap the fabric around decorative columns or arches to really dress them up and make an impressive entrance.

For that prom night to remember, think about decorating with gossamer.  You’ll be amazed at all the different ways you can use this versatile fabric.

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