Prom Food and Table Decorating Ideas

Snacks, Drinks, and Decor

For those who aren’t into dancing, the food and tables at prom will be more memorable than the upbeat music and slow love songs. Just because some prom attendees will spend more time at their table doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the best. Make sure your prom food and table decorations are just as spectacular as the rest of the event.

Prom Food Ideas

Once you’ve established a budget and know how much you have to spend on food, decide how far you are going to take it. Will you be serving hors d’oeuvres or an entire meal? Perhaps you will stick to finger foods, or just dessert. Know way in advance what your plans are and how you will present the food.

There’s no reason to spend a lot of money on catering if you have parents and students willing to help with food at the prom. Catering supplies can be extremely affordable and even used year after year.

A popular idea for proms lately has been chocolate fountains, which can be rented or purchased and used every year. It’s a great way to keep the food fun, and light. Serve fruit, marshmallows and other fun treats that guests will love covering in chocolate.

Drink Ideas for Prom

Punch may be great with whatever food you are serving at prom, but with all the dancing going on, you can’t go wrong with good ‘ole ice water. Have lots of water on hand to prevent dehydration. It’s also imperative than an adult be in charge of drinks and make sure everyone has a safe time at the problem. You can never be too careful.

Table Decorating Ideas for Prom Parties

If you need to save money, solid color tableware is the way to go. You can purchase entire sets that include plates, napkins, cutlery and cups.

There are definitely more fun ways to bring your prom theme to the tables. Foil imprinted napkins can be stamped with your prom theme and an image.

Prom Table Covers

Whether it’s the lunchroom tables or rented tables, you’ll want to spruce them up with a table cover. From matte to shiny, from circle to square, there are table covers that are right for your prom! Consider using more than one cover for a layered look. Or, alternate tables in different colors.

You might also want to consider a table skirt to jazz up your tables. Table skirts are especially useful for the food tables if you are having a “self-serve” set up for snacks. They definitely make things look fancier and add some class to the event.

Prom Centerpieces

Finally, the most important part of your table is going to the centerpiece. It should reflect your theme and help pull it all together. Consider picking a few different centerpieces and alternating them on every other table. Confetti also adds some fun the table and can be scattered around your chosen centerpiece.

Don’t forget, if you plan on using a centerpiece that involves candles, make sure you first have permission to light them in your prom venue.

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