Seven Popular Prom Favors

Prom only lasts one night. All the planning and saving for months is over in the blink of an eye, but a prom favor can last a lifetime. Picking out just the right prom favor can be a stressful task. Here are seven popular prom favors you might want to give away on that most special night.

Personalized Frames

A professional prom picture with your date is almost as important as Senior pictures. The background typically has to do with the prom theme, and a professional sets up the photo to make everyone look their best. Don’t let the photo end up on a refrigerator. Make your prom favor a personalized picture frame, and everyone will go home with a keepsake to sit on their dresser for years to come.

Photo Albums

The flashes will be unavoidable on prom night. Both girls and boys at the prom will be snapping photos to forever remember the event. Make sure those pictures don’t end up lost or in the trash by giving away a photo album as a prom favor. Most albums can even be personalized with the prom’s theme, school name and date on the cover.


Depending on the venue, the lighting of candles might not be allowed because of the fire code. Still, prom goers love going home with a candle. When the candle eventually burns out, they still have a glass container left over to use as a drinking glass or vase.

Candy Jars

Not only can candy jars be a fun keepsake from the prom, but they can serve as a snack holder during the actual event. Fill the candy jars with chocolate or mints so your prom guests who aren’t dancing can enjoy a snack at the table.


Clocks are a great prom favor. They can be used in the years to come, whether that’s in a dorm room, an apartment or even at the office. Years down the road, prom guests will smile each time they glance at the favor and remember one of the best nights of their high school careers.


The ladies will especially love this one. Compact mirrors can be a great prom favor that will be used the night of the prom! What girl doesn’t need to check her hair and makeup throughout the night? This favor will come in very handy for the ladies.

Key Tags

Almost all of your prom goers will have their driver’s license. A key tag will be a daily reminder of their special night at prom. Some are even personalized and can hold a photo from the prom.

If you still can’t decide on an awesome prom favor, try the Stumps Favor Finder and see what it can come up with for you!

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