Swag Bags with Bling are Top Favors for Prom

“Giving an assortment of fun and memorable favors in the swag bag makes it easy to please your guests,” says Jacquie Downey, Director of Sales and Marketing at StumpsParty.com, a leading national event supplies and prom supplies company.

Here are just a few ideas to fill your swag bag.

Playful Bling for All

Including a cute party tiara, and beads with a picture frame lets the ladies have playful fun, and an elegant way to display their prom portrait. For the gentlemen out there, stuff their swag bag with fake mustaches, sunglasses, and their own set of beads to complete the couple. All these accessories are a fun way to lighten up the evening and make sure everyone has a good time.

Hollywood Swag

Everyone loves the movies, so why not incorporate that into the fun? Mixing a Hollywood-themed swag bag with a director’s clapboard, keychain, sunglasses and a shimmering silver glitter photo frame makes sure that the memories and theme will live for years to come.

Bling: Make It Personal

Prom memories are about friends and the great times. Give your guests a favor that kicks the normal photo frame up a notch. Here’s an opportunity for some momentous tokens to make these special moments last. An autograph frame and pen lets you remember your friends and their wishes.

Spa Bling 

All the girls out there are sure to love some relaxing spa products in their swag bag . Add personalized aromatic green tea scented bath salts to your swag bags to set your prom apart from other events.

Downey adds, “The key is to discover what bling will make your prom unique. Concentrate on ideas that tie into your theme and will be welcomed by your guests.”

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