Decorate for a Semi-Formal Theme Dance

Ah, how we love the social whirl of fall heading into winter: semi-formal dances, fundraisers and holiday events galore to plan for!

Let’s tackle today how to decorate for a semi-formal theme dance, for this season or year ’round.

Dress for the Weather
Dress up your theme for the weather – or more precisely, for the season you’re in. Paris event themes, for example, are popular year ‘round because you don’t always have to adorn them in springtime pastels. Robin’s egg transforms into midnight blue, daffodil yellow into gold when the mind turns to autumn pursuits, and come full circle when it’s April again.

Some dance themes will tend to dictate the dress of the room. What would Hollywood be like without lots of red, for instance? Still, there is usually plenty of leeway in which you can affect the ambience of the room. For an Arabian theme, you may want to capture the colors of the gorgeous desert sunset instead of the sand; and a nautical theme cruise ship can launch at any time of day, including midnight.

There’s not really a secret to it, just your thoughtful choice of background materials. Placement and texture are important, and color is key. Select event fabrics, curtains, murals and other large, wall-covering decorations by color once you have a handle on what you wish to achieve.

Gossamer is a perennially popular choice in event fabrics. Here’s Wendy Moyle of Shindigz on the basics of working with gossamer:

Get Propped Up
Take a look at the Paris photo setting above, using To Paris with Love Kit pieces. The Arc de Triomphe and the lighted Eiffel Tower are the theme props, while the other pieces are more generic. Note that the columns and street lamps could be used again next year for Mardi Gras. While you’ll want to have one or two sassy big props that match the theme of the day, it’s also a terrific idea to invest in sturdy reusable decorations whenever you can.

In any case, it is a good idea to try to “prop up” several areas within the dance party location because nowadays, lots of snapshots will be taken by phone for online photo sharing such as Facebook. Be prepared to create an eye-catching entrance, wowza photo setting and a thematic background for fabulous table settings, too.

Opportunities for the Unexpected
Two other areas of decorating for semi-formal dances – hanging decorations and event lighting – lend themselves well to unexpected touches, so spend some time in these departments! Consider spotlights, laser lights or other lighting effects. A bevy of colorful round lanterns hung from the center of the ceiling, or a bunch of scattered loose balloons with lights inside are not expensive ideas but are sure to capture plenty of attention.

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