Escape to Cuba with a Havana New Year’s Event

Transport your New Year’s Eve guests to a hot Caribbean style party with a Havana, Cuba event theme.

Work a Havana Theme
Havana is known as The City of Columns, and that’s just the tip of the palm tree. There are ports, beaches and historic landmarks that a party planner can “build,” such as Morro Castle.

  • Nautical theme supplies can help you evoke the Cuba and the sea that Hemingway loved.

  • Luau event theme products, including tropical banners, are appropriate for a Cuban theme if you choose decorations that accurately represent flora and fauna that can be found on the tropical island, including palms, parrots, orchids and flamingoes.

  • Event backgrounds can instantly transform party room walls into tropical beaches or buildings in Old Havana’s Cathedral Plaza, where a Tropicana-style show is still staged on New Year’s Eve.

Pull Together a Showplace
Speaking of the Tropicana, an Evening at the Tropicana event theme is perfect for a New Year’s gala with its combination of tropical splendor and sophisticated nightclub glamour.

The Tropicana has stages indoors and out. To get the feel of the outdoors one, drape a star patterned gossamer overhead and hang patterned flat paper, such as a flagstone pattern along with a tropical foliage pattern, along the walls.

Need an impromptu stage or DJ area? Use a pink or blue spotlight background illustration as shown below. Mix palm trees with bright primary or neon colors and actual spotlights with candlelight. Echo the dark green of the palms in other decorations, then accent with yellow, red (or hot pink) and bright blue.

Set a Havana Table
Use your palm green in table covers and solid color tableware in a monochromatic way, and then create contrast with centerpiece groupings of tropical fruits or flowers.

A vase or candle holder from Glassware Favors, such as our Bursting Bubbles vase, can hold an LED candle or flowers. Wrap it in a “fence” of sugar cane sticks (find them here).

It’s OK if the cane sticks are uneven in height, and even better if plenty of the beautiful bubbled glass shows above the cane “fence.” You can glue the cane sticks to the vase but even so, tie it all up with a twisted strip of gossamer streamer to complete the look.

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