Ring in the New Year at Your Company’s Monopoly Party

Go ahead – pass go and collect two hundred dollars – with play money, of course. And let your employees do it, too. You’ll give your employees a reason to show off their richer side with this year’s Monopoly Themed Party.

Set the Date

So, your company wants to host a unique holiday party – that’s great! Holiday parties are a great way to share in some casual commodore with your co-workers and regain your moral boosting spirits for the upcoming year. Give your co-workers a little evening of fun and laughter, pick a date for this year’s festivities, and ring in the New Year with a Monopoly Party. But, since people are typically busy with all of their family get-togethers, it might be best to schedule it a few weeks before or after the holidays.

Send Out Invitations

Invite your employees to a Monopoly Themed Party

If you have a larger company, e-mail invitations might work well to inform all of your anticipated guests. For smaller companies, hand-delivered invitations might work just as well. Be sure to include the date of your event, the venue (and directions), the time, contact and RSVP information. Knowing how many people to tentatively expect will help through your planning process. (And, for a little added fun, tell your guests to dress the part of their favorite monopoly character – it will be fun to see what kind of costumes they can come up with!)

Time to Get Rich

If your business doesn’t have the space to accommodate a party, you might want to consider renting a party hall and turn the fun, family size board game into a giant walk of real-life real estate luxury. Set up long, rectangle tables around the perimeter of the room. Cover them with a colorful plastic tablecloth. Along the top of the table, lay out the board to mimic the original. The four sides of the room will correspond with the actual board game. Decorate different corners of your room with large, life-size stand-ins of the actual board pieces – like, a Pass Go and Collect $200 sign, a Free Parking sign, and a Go To Jail sign. Don’t forget your “just visiting” stand in. Your employees will get a kick out of having their picture taken in the jail cell. Scatter a few houses around, and you’ll be ready to party!

Make New Year’s memories

As your guests enter into the life-size game (under the archway of riches) a member of your holiday party committee will provide each life-size player with their start up money. Let each real-life player represent themselves in the game and have fun! You can tailor the game rules to fit your party’s needs also.

Ride the Railway to the Buffet

Since the game of Monopoly can be a lengthy game, have a selection of food and drinks available for your party-goers. You can go as simple to extravagant as your budget will allow. You can offer a simple appetizer buffet to a full meal buffet – but either way, your guests will appreciate it. Have your company’s party planners look into places that cater meals to take the extra work off of them. Often times, places will stick around to restock items and take away or add items as they empty. It might be worth the few extra dollars it will cost. It will allow your company’s party planners to enjoy the party without having to tend to the food line all evening.

Now go out and have fun planning! Your guests will have a blast enjoying a friendly competition of entrepreneurial greed.

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