Stumps Releases List of Best Prom Songs of All-Time

The decorations are perfect. The favors are so spot-on that prom guests will remember the night for the rest of their lives. And the prom king and queen are crowned in the moment that everyone was waiting for.

8p407kWhat else could make the prom any more spectacular? Obviously, the music. No one cares what the decorations looked like or the food tasted like if the music was lame. Some songs have stood the test of time, being played over the decades as a prom staple. The prom-pros at Stumps took a look back and made a list of the best prom songs of all-time.

Unchained Melody
This 1965 hit is still a popular song at both proms and weddings across the country. One of the oldest songs on the list, Unchained Melody was made popular by the Righteous Brothers. The song was even rereleased in 1990 and peaked in the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s romantic lyrics and sound have flooded dance floors for decades.

There are a lot of Journey songs that could make the list, but Faithfully is at the top. The 80’s love song is one of America’s favorites and captures the essence of a romantic prom.

I’ve Had the Time of My Life
The great thing about this song is that the 80’s version from the hit movie Dirty Dancing isn’t the only popular version of this dance anthem at proms. The Black Eyed Peas redid the song in 2010 as “The Time (Dirty Bit)” and it became a huge dance hit. Both are excellent songs for prom.

I Will Always Love You
Whitney Houston’s hit from the movie Bodyguard is one of the most romantic songs ever sung. It’s been a key prom song since the 1990’s.

Party Rock Anthem
LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” hit No. 1 all over the world for months and months. Although released only a few years ago, it has major staying power. Decades from now, teens will still be dancing to the popular dance song at proms around the world.

While the frat guys got down to it in the movie Animal House, it’s also become a timeless hit at proms. Although an oldie, the song has stood the test of time as a major dance hit at prom.

Wonderful Tonight
Couples everywhere slowdanced to Eric Clapton’s hit in the 70’s. Who knew it would still be a popular prom song more than 30 years later? It’s the perfect prom song, as each and every guy on the dancefloor should be thinking that his date looks “Wonderful Tonight.”

Whatever the prom theme is, the above songs are the best of all-time. New songs will make their way onto the list in the future, but these are here to stay, making proms unforgettable events across the globe. Don’t forget to put them on your playlist!

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