10 Uses for Candy Jars at Your Next Event

Imagine your guests entering your home, being greeted by an adorable cupcake wheel decorated with tiny candy jars, filled with colors of candy matching colored streamers on the wall. Candy jars are a cute product that you can use to add some flair to any party, while tying together a theme in an inexpensive and personal fashion.  Here are ten different ways to use candy jars at your next gathering:

Candy Jars for Children’s Parties

  1. Have a cupcake themed party, turning little candy jars into quick and creative cupcakes, using a little bit of caulk to imitate the look of frosting on the lid. Add some beads or glitter for sprinkles, then tie a ribbon or tag around the base of the lid.  Fill these unique cupcake candy jars with different types of candy  to match the color theme of your party.
  2. Do you have a little ballerina in the house who is celebrating a birthday? Turn a personalized candy jar into a ballerina candy jar into a mini ballerina decoration using some pink tulle and ribbon around the lid. For an added touch, tie a ballerina necklace around the outside or hide it inside the jar amid tissue paper or candies for a bonus surprise!

Candy Jar Luminaries and Decorations

3. Do you have something a little more formal and whimsical in mind? Set the mood by putting floating candles into little candy jars or small mason jars.  You could even complement your color scheme by adding food coloring to the water to create a dynamic and subtle colored atmosphere.4. For something a little safer around children, try LED submersible candles for practical and dynamic table decorations.

5. Consider adding a sparkling decal to candy jar candles to bring together a twinkling theme while providing useful favors guests can take home to forever commemorate the occasion.

6. You could also fill candy jars with beautiful baubles, such as different colors of beads , ornaments, or confetti, and even anchor a balloon into the center, for a clever and tasteful way to decorate from floor to ceiling.

7. Create the look of glittering snow around these luminaries, either on tables, a pathway, or use any of these suggestions to frame a photo station with a patterned paper backdrop to further commemorate a wonderful evening.

8. You can also use custom, personalized candy jars to create beautiful and unique candles to decorate with or give as favors.

Candy jars as spa favors

9. Invite your guests over for a spa party! Have your guests create custom bath salts using personalized candy jar favors filled with inexpensive Epsom salts. Create an ingredient bar using matching decorative candy jars filled with bath salts (or coarsely ground sea salt), baking soda, an optional botanical additive (such as chamomile buds) and some droppers filled with essential oils. Litter the table with soothing rose petals to complete the spa look, and then let your guests create their own bath salts to relax with after the party.

10. Make your own bath salts and put them in candy jars with personalized labels and instructions to use as favors to give to your guests already made.

There are so many different fun and creative ways to use candy jars as favors or decorations for your next event. Use some of these ideas, mix and match, and create your own unique event—your guests won’t forget it!




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