How to Use Gossamer for Prom Decorating

Picture a drab, grey conference hall transformed into a star-light, mid-summer night’s dream prom. Beautiful, white, Doric columns alongside a crumbling flagstone wall mark the path into a softly sparkling twilight hall. It is easy to build anticipation for the glamor of your prom with Fantasia Fairy Lights 40 LED Multi-Strandfairy lights peeking through underneath a gorgeous patterned floor runner. This transformation can be achieved with any number of creative applications of gossamer, complimented with spectacular LED light ropes and curtains.

To achieve a unique “under the stars” look, create a tent ceiling with gossamer strung from a metal hanger, with fabric flowing out to all sides.  Employ rolls of cloud fabric sweeping across the ceiling, adding layers of color for added depth and enhanced wow-factor. Loop more star gossamer across the clouds to mimic the appearance of stars shining through on a summer evening, or just crisscross with star streamers. Make the look really pop with some backlighting from colored lights, or hang beautifully lit bulbs below.

Recreate the fabulous Palazzo Hotel and Casino waterfall with different shades of water gossamer fabric, given motion thanks to strings of lights or a unique light curtain, bringing an ephemeral ambiance to the watery appearance.  Use LED cube lights at the base of the waterfall to recreate water splashing with gossamer swag draped across and among them.Metallic Silver Gossamer

Cover up ugly, plain chairs with gossamer swag in a beautiful metallic shade. Use streamers as table runners and use complementary streamers to tie lovely iridescent ribbons around the backs of the swag-bedecked chairs.  Gossamer is a beautiful semi-sheer fabric product, and no matter what look you hope you achieve with your prom this year, the many shades and options available with a variety of gossamer is guaranteed to make your prom a night to remember.

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