Escape to Paris with these Prom & Wedding Decorating Ideas

Paris is already one of the premier party themes. The success of Les Misérables — including a Best Picture nomination for the Oscars™ on Sunday — will ensure the popularity of Paris event themes for some time to come. Let’s look at decorating ideas, including romantic Paris props new for proms and weddings, that will enchant Paris lovers of all stripes this spring.

Gossamer Wings
You’re the one with wings when you use gossamer for decorations. This light, sheer decorating fabric looks delicate but its versatility will allow your creativity to soar whether your desire is to braid, cascade, swag or tie bows with it.

Build a background worthy of magnificent Paris landmarks for a Paris party this spring. Suspend a wire across a whole wall and as close to the ceiling as you can get it (or, if you’re dealing with a gym, 8-12 feet high). Attach light strings, light curtains or other twinkle style event lights from the wire; then hang lengths of gossamer, softly pleated, in front of the lights for a “starry” night with a dreamlike quality.

Achieve a gauzy vintage or garden-like feel with a pastel. Alternatively, a metallic gossamer fabric in a dark color can suggest a sleek, sophisticated nightlife.

Paris, Prop-erly
For an assemblage of props to match a particular setting or era, you can’t go wrong with a Paris theme kit from the Paris Props catalog. Each contains free-standing, coordinating pieces such as buildings, arches, street lights and trees.

Don’t forget the landmarks! We have several different styles of Eiffel Tower. Also, the Arc de Triomphe Arch (as seen above in the Set the Stage kit) is magnificent not only due to its size but also the 3-dimensional effect achieved by its designer. Place a Paris landmark prop to be the center of attention – and get ready for the photo requests!

Also, consider exploring other themes for ideas. For example, you might look to Hollywood props for a “Paris Under the Stars” theme, while garden event theme supplies can help achieve a park-like Paris feel that’s perfect for spring events.

Sur La Table
Bring your gossamer and twinkle lights to Parisian tables, and use decorations that can double as tableware, favors, or both. For prom this spring, we especially favor (heh) a trio of unique Paris favors: Eiffel Tower stemware, one of our Paris or glitter key tags and a random twist of silver party beads for each place setting.

Get more ideas from our ever-expanding collection of table decoration packages. We’ve devoted four settings specifically to Parisian looks plus other sophisticated arrangements you can easily adapt for a Paris-themed wedding or prom.

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