You’re Not in Kansas Anymore… Create a Great and Powerful Oz Prom

For Dorothy, it was all about the shoes. Her ruby red slippers were the key to 11pksbecsfinding her way home after her magical adventures with her new best friends. For you, planning a Great and Powerful Oz Prom is all about the decorations. Make prom guests realize they’re not in Kansas anymore – they’re in Oz, and their prom is a beautiful and magical place.

With the upcoming release of the movie “Oz”, there’s plenty of buzz going around about the Emerald City and all the Land of Oz has to offer. Check out the movie trailer for Oz for some added inspiration for your Great and Powerful Oz Prom.

Entrance to Oz

We all know there’s only one way to Oz – the Yellow Brick Road! So obviously that should be the way your prom guests find their way to the prom. If the weather permits, use the Yellow Brick Road Walkway not only on the inside of your prom venue, but on the outside as well. Consider having a promenade walk where couples can walk the Yellow Brick Road and have their pictures taken by family and friends.

The actual entrance to the room holding the prom should be spectacular, like Oz itself! Use the Emerald City Grand Entrance to wow prom guests. It’s more than seven feet tall, so it will tower over all prom guests dressed in their fanciest clothes to come to Oz.

Create Your Own Oz

Once inside, dazzle them with your Oz decorations. Make sure you have a grand centerpiece for the room that everyone’s eyes will be drawn to. Maybe it’s the Emerald City Stairway Background, or the Emerald City Background. Whatever it is, it should be the focal point of the prom and stunning enough that every prom guest will want a photo in front of it.

Post some Emerald City Columns around the room, perhaps around the dance floor so people can find it easily. If the room has columns built in, wrap them with green gossamer and maybe even some tiny white lights. The majority of the room should be a beautiful green color like the Emerald City.

11pkc1877If you want a true Oz prom, purchase an entire kit like the Wizard of Oz Kit, which includes an Oz Entrance, three Giant Poppies Standees, Two Blue Split Rail Fences, the Emerald City Background, Yellow Brick Road Walkway and a balloon Apple Tree. For those who want the elegance of the Emerald City, there’s the Emerald City Kit, which includes Emerald City decorations like the Stairway Background, Grand Entrance, Standee, Staircase Standee, Yellow Brick Road Walkway and two columns.

Tables Fit for the Great and Powerful

Table decorations are just as important as the rest of the venue. Since most of your decorations will be emerald, think about covering your tables in yellow, like the Yellow Brick Road. One way to create a centerpiece is to use your prom favors as a centerpiece, like personalized picture frames, candy jars, or candy bars.

Remember How Oz Makes You Feel

Whether it’s the original classic, Wizard of Oz, or the trailer for the new movie Oz, the land of Oz makes you feel something special. If you can take that feeling and make it come to life at your prom, you’ll have an event that prom guests will remember for a lifetime. Pull this off and you might feel like the Great and Powerful Oz yourself!

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