5 Places to Wear Your Tiara and Sash

Every Girl Loves a Tiara

Tiaras and sashes have always gone hand-in-hand, whether for a prom queen or a bachelorette. While many girls buy pretty tiaras to wear to prom, not many girls can wear the tiara and sash of a prom queen.

You may be thinking to yourself, “how many places can a person really wear a tiara (and get away with it)?” The answer: many more places than you think! Here are a few examples…

Where to Wear Your Tiara and Sash

  1. Dances: While homecoming is typically a much more casual affair than prom, you could still wear a small tiara to set off your dress.  A tiara is almost a staple for any girl going to prom. It’s a great way to add just a little bling to any dress. And if you’re crowned queen at either dance, you’ll have a beautiful sash to wear with your tiara!
  2. Birthdays: A Quinceañera, Sweet Sixteens, 18th and 21st birthdays all give you a great reason to don a tiara and sash for the day! It’s your day, why not wear a tiara? Typically, a Quinceañera and aMis Quince Tiara
    Sweet Sixteen both give you the perfect reason to plan a huge party and wear a “Birthday Girl” sash and a pretty tiara. You could also get matching tiaras for your best girlfriends to wear.
  3. Pageant Queen: If you’re into the beauty pageant circuit at all, you know pageant queens get crowns or tiaras to wear with their sashes for various public appearances. A few of those appearances will include county fairs, state fairs (in some cases), and maybe even parades! Whichever event you’re involved in, you’ll get to show off your tiara and your sash.
  4. Bachelorette Party or Wedding: Either at your bachelorette party or at your wedding, you will wear a tiara. If your bridesmaids are sweet, they’ll buy you two tiaras—a wild, fun bachelorette tiara and a pretty, elegant bridal comb tiara. That way, you’ll have a special way to remember each special event. You could also find small tiaras for your bridesmaids to wear for the bachelorette party.
  5. County Fair: Many county fairs have small beauty pageants or talent shows, too. If you’ve competed in a state pageant and won the title, you may be called upon to don your tiara and sash to crown a county queen or simply make an appearance at the fair.


These are just a few places to wear your tiara and sash. You may, if you’re crowned prom queen or a pageant queen, be required to wear them to a few other events. You could even reuse the tiara on your own and be a medieval princess for Halloween! You could wear the costume a few times—and it gives you the perfect reason to wear your tiara again and again. Always make sure to find a reason to wear your tiara and sash more than once! Every girl needs to feel extra pretty every now and then.

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