A Night of Music – Event Decorating Ideas for Instrumental, Dance and Vocal Enthusiasts

Greatful Dead drummer Mikey Hart once said, “There’s nothing like music to relieve the soul and uplift it.” And while music is certainly a beautiful thing for the ears to hear, it can also be an outstanding visual for A Night of Music. 12PKC1906Impress the instrumental, dance and vocal enthusiasts at your next event with these decorating ideas.

General Music
If your event guests are lovers of all things music, go with a general music theme sticking to the black and whites of the piano and sheet music. The Music of the Night Kit is a quick, easy, and elegant way to decorate for this theme. It includes eight different standees and columns perfect for a music theme. For your tables, consider marking where guests will sit with music place card holders. They look classy and double as a decoration on each table. If your event isn’t too fancy, you can’t go wrong with musical note balloons. Tie them to chairs or use as a table centerpiece.

Music of the 50’s and 60’s
12PDNGNMNA Night of Music doesn’t have to be black and white. If you focus on a specific decade of music, you can really go crazy with the color, especially if the event isn’t formal. Dangle some colorful music notes from the ceiling to help provide a bright, fun atmosphere. Hit up the local thrift store to see if you can find some old albums to toss on the tables as centerpieces, or purchase some plastic records to use. You might also want to hang some of them from the ceiling. Since it’s all about the music, decorate with lots and lots of music note silhouettes. And don’t forget the staple of this era- a jukebox!

Jazz it Up
Jazz lovers will be blown away by the decorations in the All That Jazz Kit. 2p428aCapturing the essence of the Roaring 20’s, this kit includes a city skyline, dancing couple standee, jazz guy standee, bandstand and a flapper girl silhouette. Make sure your decorations are flashy and fun, just like the jazz era was. Decorate with saxophones and other jazz-related instruments. Invite guests to wear 20’s attire like flapper dresses and gangster suits and they’ll be a great decoration in themselves!

Piano Paradise
The black and white keys of a piano make for a super classy decoration idea. Start by lining a wall with this 19-feet long piano keyboard standee. Cover tables in a bold color like red or yellow and then cover each one with a keyboard table runner. If possible, use a real piano as part of your decorations, and take things to the next level by having someone play it throughout the night. It will truly be a Piano Paradise with all the elegant piano keyboards around the room!

Music is beautiful to the ears and the eyes. Make your next music event one to remember with one of these ideas for “A Night of Music.”

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