Ten Trivia Questions and Answers to Ask At Your Memorial Day Party

This Americana Lei makes for great Memorial Day Party favors!

Everyone gets together for Memorial Day – It’s what we do! We grill out, we set up the barbeque, we roll out cold drinks, we often go to the lake if we can… It’s a fun holiday where we get time off work, and there is usually a parade and a commemoration service to honor our veterans.  This Memorial Day, before or after prom this weekend, quiz your friends on how much they know about the Memorial Day holiday:

1. What do bumblebees and the Air Force have in common?

Answer: The Air Force used aerodynamics discovered during research on bumblebees on their F-117 fighter.

2. Just because you “remember the Alamo,” doesn’t mean you know what the word means in Spanish. What does Alamo mean in Spanish?

Answer: cottonwood

3. Where was the first “official” observance of Memorial Day?

Answer: Waterloo, NY

4. While the first official Memorial Day celebrations began sometime in the 1860s, when was Memorial Day an “official” U.S. holiday?

Answer: 1971 – yep, it’s fairly recent!

5. Which U.S. State is closest to Bermuda?

Answer: North Carolina

6. Of all the “Founding Fathers” who signed the Declaration of Independence, how many of them went on to become U.S. Presidents? (Bonus if you can name them!)

Answer: Two – Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

7. We know the famous line, but what was the actual first word spoken on the moon?

Answer: Houston.

“Houston. Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has Landed.” – Neil Armstrong’s first words back to base when his shuttle landed on the moon.

8. On Memorial Day, is the flag raised to the top of the pole or kept at half staff?

Answer: This is a trick question! The U.S. flag is supposed to be at half mast until  noon, and then raised to the top of the pole. Whoever gets this one right definitely deserves a prize.

9. What time is the “National Moment of Remembrance” on Memorial Day?

Answer: 3pm


10. What state boasts the longest running Memorial Day Parade? And bonus points if you can name the town, too!

Answer: Ironton, Ohio – it has been holding a Memorial Day parade every year since 1869.

Now, when you start throwing out trivia questions left and right, it would be fun to sweeten the pot by offering an incentive to winning at trivia. However you decide to celebrate this Memorial Day, be sure to keep it fun while remembering the reasons behind the holiday.

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