Sparkling Red, White and Blue Event Ideas

There are lots of ways to bring sparkle to your patriotic events this season – often literally! Glitter, glass, foil and rhinestones are just some of the ways we can summon such a thing. Let’s explore.

Fabric Decorations. Many of our decorating fabrics have metallic or glitter versions in the patriotic colors you’re looking for. A sampling: iridescent sparkle, metallic eyelash, liquid metallic, and metallic gossamer fabrics.

Use these fabrics for stage and podium backdrops, ceiling and wall coverings, and table decorations. Generally speaking, we like monochromatic domination in background materials for patriotic parties, mostly because you don’t want to overpower or clash with themed decorations, but there are other reasons, too:

  • to make patriotic patterns really pop via contrast
  • to avoid in general a visual that’s overly busy
  • to let textures and/or light effects “do the talking”

  • There are many choices, so here’s how to narrow them down. If you simply must have red as your dominant color, for example, shop by color first to see the available materials. Other considerations include translucence vs. opacity, a preference for no-sew/no-fray fabrics, a need for flame retardant options, and of course cost.

    Having at least a couple of your requirements worked out in advance means you’ll be able to zoom in on the most likely candidates in no time. Be sure to read other planners’ reviews to find out more about the qualities of fabrics that are new to you.

    Large decorations. The patriotic balloon arch and columns pictured at the top of this post get an extra vertical boost from clusters of our big mylar star balloons reaching up. Meanwhile, versatile swirl chandeliers frame it prettily and push it into the foreground. This creates interest at every eye level. You can also achieve the height you need in large spaces with a glittered arch and sequined columns in a solid color, greeted from the ceiling by hanging star decorations such as our 52” star in patriotic pattern and groovy fringe.

    For props that are larger than life we like to use parade float decorations such as the firecracker props shown above at right – yes, even indoors! Decorate a large table just as you would a parade float, covering it with shiny floral sheeting, festooning, a patriotic banner and the firecracker props. We bet others will wish they’d thought of it.

    Table decorations. Your tables should certainly duplicate the colors and perhaps some of the materials of the other decorations. For example, several of the fabric options discussed earlier would make chic table coverings, as would the floral sheeting. And if you’ve used the star mylar balloons elsewhere you could incorporate them into table centerpieces.

    Sparkle can also equal glassware. Shining glass plus a do-it-yourself adornment of Americana would be perfect as table decorations and as favors. Raid the DIY store for cylinder vases you can transform to suggest firecrackers, or simply embellish votive holders with glitter ribbon or stick-on star rhinestones. A glue gun and your creativity will do the rest.

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