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Eight Contest Ideas for After Prom

All night at the prom students were dressed to the nines and hopefully on their 12pbagglibest behavior at such a formal event. After Prom is the time for students to let loose! It’s a great idea to have a number of contests for students to participate in at the After Prom. Make sure you have awesome prizes like gift certificates from local businesses, swag bags, or other prom favors.

Costume Contest

The dance is over and the dresses and tuxes have come off. But what will everyone wear to the After Prom? Make the decision easy for them and have a costume contest that fits with the After Prom theme. Most After Proms have a theme totally separate from the dance. It could be an 80’s theme where guests can wear their biggest hair and wildest makeup, or maybe a luau where guests show up in grass skirts and leis. Have a costume contest and award the best outfit that fits with the theme.

Dance Contest

Sure everyone has been dancing all night at the prom, but this is a contest that will see who the true dancers of the school really are. Since most people will be tired of dancing, see who can handle the pressure of dancing even more in some sort of dance-off. Either elect judges to determine who stays and who goes, or have cheers from the crowd determine the supreme dancing champion.

Guess the Teacher Contest

This is a fun contest for students and teachers. Have faculty and staff bring in pictures from their prom. Post them on the wall and number them. Throughout the night, allow students to look at the pictures and try and match each teacher to their photo. Close the contest down about 30 minutes before the end of After Prom to allow time to go through the entries. Whoever correctly matched the most wins! If there’s a tie, throw the names in a hat and pull out a winner.

Prom Dress Contest

Sure the girls spent hours and hours looking for the perfect dress, but what if they only had a few minutes… and toilet paper? Have a contest where groups of 3-4 are given a few rolls of toilet paper and they have to create a toilet paper prom dress on one of their group members. Have After Prom chaperones pick the winning dress.

Hula Hoop Contest

It might be right out of the 50’s, but sometimes there’s nothing more entertaining than a hula hoop contest! See who can last the longest, who can walk and hula hoop, who can hula hoop the fastest, etc. To make things even more entertaining, have teachers participate in this wacky contest.

Karaoke Contest

They’ve danced the night away, now let them sing! But don’t just have a regular karaoke contest, add some excitement to it! Consider having categories of music like rock, R&B, oldies, hip hop, and country. You might also want to award prizes based on other things like “Best Solo Male,” “Best Solo Female,” “Best Group,” and “Best Overall Performance.” The performances should have students and staff impressed with the talent or at least laughing at those who think they have it!

Contest for Change

This contest would involve some planning and advertising in the weeks leading up to prom. Have students collect change/coins from home and from people they know. Whoever brings the most change to After Prom is the winner. The great thing about this contest is that the money can go to a charity. Have a list of charitable organizations and let the winner decide where everyone’s change will go. (Note: make sure you deposit the change and give the charity a check.)

Pie Eating Contest

Everyone has looked so nice all night. It’s time to get messy! Pick up some pies from a local grocery store and see who can finish the quickest. You might want to divide the contest into girls and guys, or divide it by grade. Have a champion from each division and whoever finished in the quickest time overall is the ultimate pie-eating champion!

Top Three Themes for a 2013 After-Prom

Post-prom holds a different vibe than what comes before, and our three most popular after-prom themes for this spring hold the more relaxed atmosphere and activity fun you’re looking for.

1.Luau. A truly classic theme for an after party, luau and other tropical beach party themes land on popularity lists year after year because it is so easy to create a setting that feels worlds away.

Start with one of our beautiful beach-flavored photo background illustrations and add free-standing props such as palm trees, an entrance arch in a tiki design and surf board standees. Build your paradise by buying them separately or in a kit already designed for you. Tiki Island, shown above, is just one of several tropical beach and island kits to peruse whether you’re pursuing a traditional luau look or something more pirate-y or surf shack-y.

Keep in mind that with a luau theme, the people become decorations, too! Leis, beachcomber hats, sunglasses and even flip flops are wearable favors you can offer at the door and as prizes for hula and limbo contests.

2.Glow. Glow parties are relative newcomers to the after prom scene, but the demand for glow party products has fed their popularity and vice-versa. In short: Glow is here to stay!

For this theme, take a look at Glowing Blacklight Explosion Kit. This kit includes three blacklight fixtures plus a metal arch and columns that you’ll be able to use for many other parties in the coming years just by changing the slipcovers.

Check event lighting for strobes, laser projectors and LED options, too.

Ordinary jars, our highly-rated glow paint and a little patience are a perfect combination for creating glow-in-the-dark decorations for tables. We like Vivian Nguyen’s easy-to-follow demo:

There are several variations of the basic technique, which achieve different looks. For “fairy lights” paint the tiniest dots you can, as closely together as you can. For “rave jars” flick and spatter the paint from the brush.

Place your glow jars in bases of glow necklaces or coils of glow beads.

3.Casino. Another classic, a casino theme is a prom choice as often as an after-prom choice, no doubt due to the jackpot of props and decorations that can dress the venue up or down.

And get a load of the games! This event theme has lots of built-in entertainment value.

Get plenty of poker chips along with your games, and have winners redeem them for prizes. Choose unisex casino favors as prizes, such as photo cubes and key tags, and place them inside dice favor boxes for the surprise factor. Edible favors like mint and cookie tins will also ring the bell – they are easy to share and will help fuel late-night fun.

Are you ready to match an after-prom dream with reality? Visit the Themes store to see what’s out there!

Turn Your After Prom into a Zombie Theme

The night was surely filled with romance. Prom guests put on their formal dresses and tuxedos and danced the night away to their favorite love songs. There was probably handholding and maybe even a kiss here and there. The romance was surely impossible to ignore!

And then comes After Prom, and everything changes. Let’s face it, the teens who attend After Prom are there for a good time. The lovey-dovey stuff from the dance is over, and prom goers are ready to get comfortable and let loose. One sure-fire way to get them to show up is to pick a popular theme, and nothing is more popular right now than zombies. Turn your After Prom into a zombie theme, and you’ll have a packed house!

A Spooky Scene
The decorations for your zombie After Prom should be creepy, eerie, spooky, 6f087khowever you want to describe it, it should send chills down your spine. Zombie Silhouettes are a must-have, since you can’t have a zombie theme without zombies! Make life-size tombstones with the names of teachers and administrators and write funny epitaphs about each one. Consider having a fog machine continuously rolling out an eerie fog throughout the room.

Graveyard Games
One of the toughest parts of After Prom is keeping the students entertained. Have a good selection of game stations that will keep them satisfied. Some ideas of popular games are cornhole, throwing darts at balloons, charades, cards, tricycle races, and karaoke contests. Be sure to add a zombie twist to some of the games. Maybe your cornhole boards look like tombstones, or your balloons are filled with fake blood.

8f011Eerie Eats
After a night of dancing at the prom, students will be hungry. Be sure and have some zombie-specific snacks at the After Prom. Use a Gory Brain Mold to make some gelatin snacks that are also super creepy. Consider having a “Candy Bar” for those with a major sweet tooth. Cover a table in black and place plastic flutes filled with different types of candy all over the table. Add some severed fingers to the table to keep with your zombie theme.

Movie Madness
For those who just want to veg out at the After Prom, have a zombie movie projected on a wall for a “Zombie Theatre.” Some good zombie moves are “Night of the Living Dead”, “White Zombie”, and “Zombieland.” (Be sure you know your school’s policy on showing movies.) Go all out and serve popcorn and snacks at the movie.

A zombie After Prom is a great idea because it’s fun, doesn’t require fancy or expensive decorating, and is a really popular theme idea. So pull out your Halloween decorations and start planning!

Ideas for the Presentation of Snacks

Often prom-goers are too busy dancing and socializing to eat the dinner provided or they burn it off dancing.  Providing snacks at after-prom parties is a great way to give energy and keep people awake.  Continue the prom theme by using plastic table covers and skirting in the prom colors.   Then choose your napkins, plates, and plastic ware in a contrasting color.

Serving beverages is easy when you have a crystal cut punch bowl, a pitcher for water, or a tub for sodas.  Provide clear plastic cups, but make sure that people can identify their glass by using Etch-It tags!  There’s no need for pens; just mark on it with your finger!

Offer mini sub sandwiches, veggies, or fruits on a crystal cut tray.  Don’t forget the tongs or serving spoon and fork! Small sandwiches and finger foods allow people to grab a bite or two while they are still dancing, playing games, and socializing.

An imprinted stadium cup can be used for a variety of things.  Fill them with mini candy bars, nuts, or jellybeans. Make the candy bars even more special by having personalized wrappers.   Who doesn’t love sweets?  A sweet table with lollipops and mints (in a keepsake tin) will please everyone.

Late at night when people are getting sleepy is a good time to bring out some coffee or hot chocolate.  Serve it in a black café mug that you can have imprinted with your own design!

Be creative with what foods you serve and how you serve them.  Make your after-prom party a night to remember!

Why Students, Parents, and Schools Embrace Prom

We Invest In Lifetime Moments

With the sluggish economy and the cost of extra school activities on the rise, one would think that prom might suffer with a lack of participation and ticket sales.  Exactly why would teens (and more importantly, their parents) still be willing to accept the purportedly high price tag of this one-night event?  A survey of customers from Stumps Party, a national prom supplies and event supplies company, suggests that schools value prom traditions.

 Introduction to the Romanticism of Prom Begins at a Young Age

In today’s society, individuals become acclimated to the custom and tradition of prom and grand dances while still young.  From the moment a little girl sees Cinderella for the first time, she starts planning for the big ball.  Who doesn’t want to be a Disney princess for a day? Pop culture has kept that feeling alive for generations with films like Grease, Footloose, Pretty in Pink, Never Been Kissed and Twilight that remind us that prom was, and still is, a big deal.  By the time the real dance comes along, the anticipation of the event is at a crescendo-who can say no to that?

Planning for the Event Prompts a Sense of School Unity

Today’s proms aren’t thrown together at the last minute.  In many cases, planning begins as early as the beginning of the school year.  Faculty advisers organize student prom committees.  These committees spearhead tasks such as selecting prom themes, setting budgets and coming up with fundraising ideas.  Between planning the fundraisers, soliciting donations, and arranging groups of volunteers to pitch in with the activities, participating students learn skills such as effective communication and leadership, organization and delegation skills, and money management.  For the student body at large, those who lend a hand to these moneymaking efforts learn about teamwork and responsibility.

Kate Henderson, a prom adviser at Wendover High School, in Wendover, Utah says, “If our prom did not exist there would be a huge hole in our junior program.  They work concessions all year and clean the gym after all home games to raise enough money to afford a nice prom.  We also have an absentee and tardy policy that hinges on all extracurricular activities, which prom is part of.  If students have unexcused absences or tardies, they cannot attend prom. The students work very hard to be eligible to go.”  All in all, the planning and preparation of prom helps to promote a sense of accomplishment for all those involved.  These lessons alone may be well worth the time and money a school invests in prom.

Traditions are passed from one class to another.  In fact, the tradition of giving prom memory booklets to couples dates back to 1926, when Stumps first introduced these keepsake favors.  Trends may change (today swag bags are hot), but taking pictures at parents’ homes, crowning the king and queen, and decorating the dance remain.

Prom is Unlike Any Other School Dance Event

What sets prom apart from other dances and school events?  Prom’s role in American culture dates back to the debutante balls of the wealthy.  By 1894 middle-class parents wanted institutionalized settings to instill etiquette, so proms spread to elite colleges.  By the early 1900’s, proms were in high schools.  Since then, tens of millions of students have taken part in the prom tradition.  Today, most high schools only allow juniors and seniors to purchase tickets to the prom.  Students see prom as a privilege, a rite of passage, of having paid their dues.  It’s like a special induction into an exclusive club where they have now earned the right to attend this big night.  Dances take place in fully decorated, school gymnasiums, cafeterias, and banquet halls.  For many students, especially seniors, it is the last big occasion before graduation activities commence and so it represents a sort of end to adolescence.  Prom offers one last night to be together as a group, to sing and dance and celebrate collectively.

After Prom Activities Offer Safe Alternatives For Students

Many schools now offer an after-prom tradition that allows students the options of an all night, alcohol free event full of music, games and activities.  Students decorate these events in popular themes, just like they do with prom.  Today’s favorites include Paris, Mardi Gras, Under the Sea, Candy, Casino, or City prom themes.  Parents and teachers chaperone during the night.  Kayleigh Overmyer, a prom committee member and junior at Maumee High School says “After-prom is as popular, if not more so, than prom. It’s so much fun that we will sell as many tickets to that as we will to the actual prom, maybe a bit more!“  Deejays often play popular music at after-prom, too.

According to Mark Charvat, a prom deejay with over 31 years of experience at J & M Productions, this year’s popular musical artists include Usher and LMFAO.  Charvat explains, “Top slow songs are requested according to the prom’s theme.  For example, Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing is often requested at Hollywood theme proms because it was the leading song from the movie, Armageddon.” This year, Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On, the theme song from the movie, Titanic is a popular, prom song.

After prom events maintain a lock-in atmosphere in which students must remain inside the venue until the conclusion of the event and thus putting the fears of many parents to rest in regards to their safety after prom is over.

Prom Is A Finale Most Will Not Skip

When kids look to their years in high school, there are many milestones they will mark: their sweet 16, getting their driver’s license, graduation, and yes, prom.  Because the reality is, there isn’t any other event quite like prom, and there may not ever be.  It is steeped in nostalgia in a way that nothing else is.  It is the culmination of years of anticipation and whether it lives up to expectations or not, it will always be the apex of all high school dances, that by which all others are measured.  It marks the closing of a school year and often a school career, and it caps off an era of memories and experiences that can’t be replaced.  It still remains an event not to be missed.  Jacquie Downey, Director of Sales and Marketing for Stumps Party, adds, “Prom is a rite of passage and a memory that will last a life time.  Today’s teens will be telling their children about the fun they had at prom and so on.  Some experiences are just worth the investment.  Prom is one of those events.”






Personalized Favors Will Make Your Prom Memorable

Personalized favors are the hot item for 2012!  While there is a wide variety to choose from, the most popular are mint tins, candy jars, and photo frames.  All of these can be personalized for your event, whether it’s prom, after-prom, or a variety of others.

Mints tins, candy jars, and personalized photo frames from Stumps are the best choice because the printing goes directly on the product.  Other companies use stickers, which simply don’t last as long.  Personalized mints tins are great for prom– you’ll be able to carry your memory with you in your pocket or your purse for a long time after.  Another prom favor that will stick around is a personalized photo frame.  With many photographers going digital, you’ll be able to leave your prom with the best memory of all—a photo to capture the evening.  Great ideas that can double as a prom decoration are the personalized candy jars.  Everyone gets a little hungry at prom, so why not put personalized candy jars on your prom tables?  You can fill them with candy or you can choose to fill them with pretzels, peanuts, or a variety of other snacks to fend off the hunger bug while you dance the night away.

2012 After Prom Party Outfits

Selecting an outfit for the 2012 after prom party can be a challenge. You have already invested a lot of time on the perfect prom dress and now you want to look just as smashing after prom! The first thing you have to decide is whether you want another fancy dress, or something more casual, yet still dazzling. Here are a few things to consider:

You should pick your perfect after party outfit based on your after party venue. If your after party venue is being held somewhere elegant, then you might want to consider trading in your long prom dress for something short, fun, and flirty with bold, bright colors. Do no be afraid of bright colors, they are in and very fashionable. The key to the glam is making sure that your after party dress sparkles. Have fun, pick a dress that shimmers, and add some jewelry.

If you are not looking to change for the after party, then you might want to purchase a dress that is mid length with a nice strong high heel that will be appropriate for both venues.

Perhaps the after party venue is a bit more on the casual side. Keep in mind, it is still a glamorous night and you still want to be radiant, but comfortable. Try a dark pair of form fitting jeans, with a tall shimmering heel, and a sequenced tank. Think royal blues, bright yellows, sassy pink, sparkling silver, and classic black. Don’t stop there; add a bolero jacket, a cocktail ring, a string of jewels down your neck, and around your wrist.

Keep one thing in mind when you are putting your outfit together, you’re young. This is prom, have fun, it’s a celebration of your youth. No matter which outfit you decide to wear, have confidence and you will feel great!