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Top Prom Themes of 2011

Here are Stumps’ top-rated themes for Prom 2011!

Arabian Event Theme
Prom-goers seemingly can’t resist the allure of spending Nights on the Nile or exploring an evening in an Arabian paradise – and why should they? These themes represent the perfect combination of adventure and romance in exotic locales. Check out Treasure the Night with an Arabian Themed Prom decorating ideas for a night to remember!

Castle Event Theme
Castle and Fairy Tale event themes are hot for 2011. Romance rules castle themes such as I Believe, Once Upon a Dream, and Evening in Camelot.

Hollywood Event Theme
The appeal of a Hollywood Red Carpet Event or Hollywood Nights prom never fades. Seems we’re always ready for our close-up and to see our names in lights!

Mardi Gras Event Theme
Mardi Gras means “party” in French, right? Year after year, prom-goers happily attend such French Quarter favorites as Mardi Gras Mambo and Rendezvous on Bourbon Street.

Masquerade Event Theme
Masquerades are popular Mardi Gras themes, but that’s not the whole story. Masquerades can have a mysterious Venetian flavor, or re-create the dramatic sumptuousness of the Phantom of the Opera masquerade setting – as many prom committees are discovering!

Time Event Theme
More proms are devoting a night to a Moment in Time, an Hour of Enchantment, or even a moment when Time Stands Still at their proms.

Underwater Event Theme
The other-worldly beauty of such themes as Depths of Forever and Deep Blue Destiny ensure the continued popularity of the under-the-sea event.

Treasure the Night with an Arabian Themed Prom

treasure-the-night-arabian-theme-prom-kitTransport your prom to the romance of 1001 Nights with an Arabian theme! This theme is a fun new twist on the destination prom and is perfect for lush colors and beautiful accents. Stumps Party has lots of Arabian themed prom supplies to get your event underway.

Our Treasure the Night kit is a fantastic choice. This kit includes an arch, a treasure the night tent, a tree, a metal lamp, and a world of enchantment backdrop.

Immediately set the mood for the evening’s Arabian experience by placing the treasure the night arch right at the entrance. This exotic arch glitters with its shimmera fabric, twinkle stars and gold-toned moon cutouts. It measures 13 ½ feet high and 5 feet 8 inches wide. It’s perfect for creating the kind of entrance that will let the students know they are in for a memorable evening.

Next, create a focal point using the treasure the night tent. This tent’s 10 foot high and 6 foot in diameter metal frame is draped with red and gold chiffon adorned with twinkle lights. These rich colors and soft lights continue the sense of enchantment established at the entrance.

Position the treasure the night tree for a scenic accent. This 7 foot 6 inches tall and 2 feet wide wire tree is embellished with twistee for the trunk and richly colored fringe gossamer for the leaves. It’s size makes it easy to accent another item from the Treasure the Night kit or set apart to make sure every part of the location reflects the Arabian theme.

Continue the evening’s theme with the help of the enchanted metal lamp. This enchanting lamp of metal and glass beautifully reflects the Arabian theme. The post is painted black and curves to hold a beautiful black and glass lamp. It measures 1 foot 6 ½ inches long and 1 foot 2 inches wide by 4 feet 10 inches tall.

Easily decorate a large portion of your prom site with the world of enchantment backdrop. This impressive backdrop measures 8 feet high and 32 feet long. It can be used to disguise an unattractive wall or can be used as a room divider because of its ability to be self-standing.

For additional accessorizing of your Treasure the Night kit include one or two genie standees. These genie standees come in either a purple or a teal color accentuated with adorned gold bands. Each standee measures an impressive 7 feet 3 inches high and serves as the perfect prop for pictures.

Continue the creation of a gorgeous setting for your Treasure the Night prom by adding jeweled tone gossamer in a variety of colors. Cover the walls or make swags with gold gossamer. For a stunning ceiling treatment, attach multiple shades of gossamer such as metallic gold gossamer, indigo gossamer, forest green gossamer, plum gossamer and/or red gossamer to a wooden hoop and suspend the hoop from the ceiling. Then, swag the gossamer from the hoop in the center of the room to the walls. This creates an impressive tent that will look like an exotic Arabian sunset.

Check out all of our Arabian event theme products for ideas about embellishing your events decor as well as addressing the proms publicity and post-prom party favors.

Maximize the students anticipation for the Arabian themed prom with a personalized version of the Arabian banner. Stumps Party carries banners in a variety of sizes so you are sure to find the size the fits your needs.

Go beyond your prom decorations with the creation of a memory booklet. Our island dreams booklet is perfect for this theme! The booklet features a black palm tree printed on a silver or gold oval on the black cover, which is personalized with your wording. The vellum pages are printed with your custom content too!

Take this prom to the next level by sending students home with a lovely favor from the evening. Our fond memories combo is an awesome choice. Each combo comes with an acrylic photo cube personalized with your prom details, a 2×3 acrylic key tag and and a 8 inch x 7 ½ inch tote bag. The cube and key tag provide the perfect place to display copies of the official prom photo.

Envision your perfect Arabian themed prom and Stumps Party will make it happen with our huge selection of decorations, party favors and banners.

Travel to Romance with an Arabian Themed Prom

Arabian Paradise Kit Take your prom to the land of 1001 Nights! Magical Arabia is a popular theme with a mystical flair. You can easily have the whole look free of stress with Stumps Party products and tips!

To create your Arabian themed décor, start with the Arabian Paradise kit. The kit includes an Arabian Paradise gazebo which stands almost 10” tall and has beautiful twinkle lights and gossamer for accents, two metal Arabian lanterns, a Genie Bottle standee, two Arabian Paradise columns, one exotic metal palm tree and one Peacock standee. Together these decorations create a beautiful Arabian landscape.

Accent your Arabian Paradise kit with the gorgeous Arabian Paradise pool. This pool measures 4′ 10″ high by 12′ wide and 4′ 3″ deep. Students will be drawn to admire this pool by its glowing lights, shred and mylar. With the pool’s decoration printed on all three sides you can put it anywhere you need it. The elements of this romantic prop come together to create a look that would appeal to even the most demanding sultan!

Create an awesome background for your decorations with the World of Enchantment backdrop featuring the silhouette of domes and minarets perfect for setting the scene. It offers a lot of flexibility as it is self-standing. Add an even more dramatic effect to the backdrop with metallic gold gossamer, plum gossamer, and/or red gossamer added in swags draping from the ceiling to the floor. Check out our valuable tips for decorating with gossamer fabric.

Add just the right kind of palm trees to enhance your Arabian décor! Exotic metallic palm trees continue the richness of this exotic theme. Each set comes with three trees constructed of mylar, tubing, and fringe all sharing the same wooden base. The tallest tree stands 8′ 4″ high. Stumps Party gives you many other options of tree styles from which you can choose ranging from inflatable palm trees, foil palm trees, lighted palm trees, felt palm trees, or palm tree murals. Just enter the keywords “palm trees” and every option available will come up on one easy-to-navigate page. You can even use palm trees to create areas of the prom designated for chatting and taking photos rather than dancing. Add soft lighting to these areas with twinkle light strings, arabian metal lanterns and/or lighted round lanterns in red, purple or black. The effect will be stunning.


Carry the regal look of the Arabian Paradise kit and the freshness of palm trees over to your table decorations. For starters, cover your tables with the metallic gold gossamer, plum gossamer, and/or red gossamer used to accentuate the backdrop. Accent the edge of the table with a twinkle border scene setter. The border’s gold and silver stars will pick up the stars found on the kit decorations. For the table top, decorate each table with an elegant arabian nights centerpiece. The silver of this centerpiece will complement the silver stars in the table border. If you want to heighten the magical and mystical side of this theme then select the magic lamp centerpiece. This lamp centerpiece echoes the gold tones found on the kit’s decorations and even has a spot for a votive or tealight candle which can add that soft glow to every table.

Photo Setting

Create a photo setting to match your theme that will remind the students of how spectacular the whole event was! Try setting up a miniature version of the Arabian Paradise kit for a photo setting. Select certain elements of the kit such as the Peacock standee or the Genie Bottle standee and set them next to an Arabian Paradise column or two. Add an arabian metal lantern or two with some LED tealights and you have a beautiful and romantic photo op!

Party Favors

Memory booklets can be a treasure trove of information about your prom night. Check out our booklet ideas page for tips on content and layout. The Tropical Night booklet is a great option for this theme. It features a pair of palm trees and a smattering of stars in silver foil on a black booklet. The booklet features your custom wording and is held together by a silver cord and tassel. Students will treasure it for years to come!


Finish the night right with favors fit for the sultan himself. Great favors for an Arabian theme include imprinted prom CDS loaded with images, pictures and music of the night. Imprint these blank, rewritable CD’s with your wording for a unique after-prom favor! Each CD includes a 5″ paper window sleeve for storage and protection. If you want to offer an even fancier, customized CD holder check out Stumps Party’s prom photo CD holder that even has a spot for a prom picture. If CD-related party favors don’t interest you then browse all of Stumps Party key tags, photo frames, mint tins, candles or drink glasses. All of these items can be customized with your prom slogan and logo!

Be sure to check out our Prom Planning Tips for more ideas to make your planning process less stressful and more fun!