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Travel to the Far East with a One World Theme Prom

one-world-asian-theme-prom-kitAn Asian-inspired theme is an exotic destination-based theme prom that incorporates vibrant colors and romantic flourishes. Stumps Party has plenty of Asian theme decorations for an all-out oriental influenced prom. Create a complete Asian setting for an unforgettable evening.

The One World kit includes an imperial dragon, two oriental parasols, a stylish parasol, two classical oriental black fans, two oriental romance red fans, two twilight lamps, two 36” lanterns, two 24” lanterns, an elegant wooden bridge, and two modern luminescent columns. The whole kit coordinates for a gorgeous effect.

To set the stage for the Asian look try this easy backdrop. Cover the floors and walls with black flat paper and then drape red gossamer and black gossamer from floor to ceiling in different swags or in red columns. For an even more oriental look choose our Chinese symbols gossamer. Better yet, combine the two for added interest.

Start designing your space with the One World Theme kit’s Imperial Dragon. The 18’ long dragon makes a dramatic focal point for your event. Hang it from the ceiling or from a wall. It could also be wound around a column or along a stair rail. Buy an extra Imperial dragon in order to make it a pair and give you more options. The head is made of mylar and the body is made of red balloons lighted with twinkle lights.

Next, incorporate the parasols for an elegant touch. The giant Oriental Elegance parasols and Stylish Oriental parasol can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted elsewhere around the room for an airy, gorgeous touch. These Oriental Elegance parasols come in white and red and measure 3’ 10” in diameter. In addition, Japanese characters are added to make them more authentic. The Stylish Oriental parasol is made of delicate white tissue and also measures 3’ 10” in diameter.

Fans provide the next layer to your oriental oasis. The One World kit’s four different fans can be used in several different ways. They can be placed immediately next to the giant parasols in order to give them a fuller look. The fans can be placed on the floor in order to add interest. The fans can also be positioned around the entrance in order to mark one’s entrance into an authentic Asian world. The Oriental Romance fans and the Classic Oriental fans are beautiful for adding a fuller effect to the giant parasols. The Oriental Romance fans are black with white characters and measure 3’ 4” long. The Classical Oriental fans are red with black characters and measure 1/10” long.

Soften the atmosphere with the addition of the two lamps and four lanterns included in the kit. Lamps can illuminate hallways or mark the path to the picture area. If there are snack tables, the lamps can frame them in order to add style while gently lighting the food. Twilight lamps are 5’ 3” tall and are made of either red or black tissue wrapped around a steel frame. The Elegance lanterns, although they don’t light up, add their own kind of glow due to the glistening golden fabric. They add interest to the décor with a mix of two 24” in diameter and two 36” in diameter lanterns.

Light up the dance floor with the two modern luminescent columns included in your kit. Each of these columns measures 8′ high x 24″ diameter and is constructed of an elastic fabric that covers an aluminum frame. If you would like to stage the dance floor with more of these columns, Stumps Party gives you that opportunity to order additional quantities on the same page where you will add the Old World kit to your cart.

The Elegant Wooden bridge makes for an impressive and beautiful entrance to your event. The bridge is 6’ 1” long , 4’ 4” wide and 4’ 3 ½” high. Its sturdy build means it can hold up to 400 pounds! It can also serve as the ideal prop for prom pictures. Better yet, you can have the bridge perform the double duty of entrance and picture décor by having the students pose for pictures as they enter the event.

In addition to the items in the kit, consider these additional products. For example, if you have different areas set up for snacks, pictures, dancing, etc. then use our oriental corrugated border to accent the pathways leading to those different areas. In addition, use the border to further frame customizable asian banners used to to designate the different areas of the prom location. Another option is to incorporate oriental mini party boxes at the snack bar. In order to build up excitement for the prom you can do contests such as putting up posters with a different Chinese character on each one. The students can make guesses as to what each of any of those characters mean. The winners can receive a pre-prom prize presented in an oriental mini party box. Prizes can consist of a pair of prom tickets, a coupon for a restaurant, a coupon to a florist, a coupon toward limousine services, a coupon for a tuxedo rental or a discount on prom pictures.

If you are decorating a really large space, the kit can easily be supplemented with many of our other Asian event theme supplies. Consult this area of the store to identify products that can extend the students’ Asian-themed prom experience with unique and fun prom favors. The following are just some examples.

Create a memory booklet with which students can treasure their prom moments. For this theme, we suggest the Shanghai Moon booklet. The red foil-brite cover is accented with gold foil and your custom imprint. The inside is imprinted with your content as well. The booklet is held together with black cord and tassels. Check out our tips on how to fill your memory booklet with just the right information.

Provide the students with another opportunity to remember prom with our lustrous photo travel mug. These mugs are designed to display a 2 x 1 ½” photo and are personalized with your prom’s theme. The mugs hold 12 oz. and are available in clear, red, blue and black. This is a favor students will use and love for years to come!

Browse our full selection of personalized prom party favors for even more ideas about all of the accessories that are available to you!

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Travel to the Far East for an Oriental Theme Prom

Evening in the Orient Theme KitExotic locations are a growing trend in prom themes. Traditionally these locales are places like Paris or Italy, but there are tons of other “destination prom” themes. For your exotic inspired prom stage an “Evening in the Orient” theme.

Completely transform your prom venue into an Asian paradise with the Evening in the Orient Decoration kit. The kit includes tons of huge decorations perfect for creating a stunning setting for your prom such as a pagoda, a pair of columns, a pair of pedestals and two inflatable Chinese lanterns. Arrange the pagoda and accessories to create a an Asian courtyard and accent the scene with gossamer and other decorations.

Create a backdrop for your decorations using dark blue flat paper or seamless paper decorating material. Covering walls with the paper creates the perfect pallet for adding a golden moon or a secluded garden skyline background. The effect is a dark night sky with a skyline of a serene Asian garden. Add a bold finish with red gossamer cascading from the ceiling.

Further set the scene by adding more decorations such as a Shanghai moon pagoda, gleaming brilliance parasols, a red giant dragon fan and a black giant dragon fan. Create areas for students to sit and talk using bamboo benches, gossamer, some red spherical string lanterns and some white spherical string lanterns.

Don’t forget about balloons! Asian character latex balloons are a fun but subtle touch. Use them to accent your tables, chairs or walkways. Tie them in bunches of odd numbers.

Decorate for commemorative photos with a secluded garden photo setting. Combine the secluded garden skyline bacground with the evening in the orient arch accented with multiple evening in the orient lanterns. Creating a beautiful photo setting is one way to make your prom memorable. The photos will last for years!

Stumps Party also carries a great supply of stunning centerpieces. For your Asian themed prom we would suggest the lovely Shanghai moon centerpiece or the glimmering elegance umbrella centerpiece which echos the beautiful parasols which accessorize the kit.

Memory booklets are a great way of keeping your prom memories. The night in the orient booklet is perfect for this theme. It features a golden pagoda on a red cover with a gold cord and tassel. You can have the cover imprinted with your own wording and customize the inside pages with your own content and layout.

Don’t forget prom favors. Great favors for an Asian theme include a gold Asian glitter key tag, a Shanghai votive candle with lid or paper fans. There are hundreds of favor ideas that can be personalized with an Asian logo and your prom details.

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