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Roll Out the Fun with a Casino-Themed Prom!

Roll out the fun with a casino themed prom!  Your location can be transformed into a classy high stakes casino with the right decorations.  Place a roulette arch or a slot machine walkthrough at the entrance to set the mood.

Casino-Themed Decorations

Make over the room by using decorations like the giant playing cards or the casino cutout assortment of cardboard cutouts.   The walls can be draped with casino gossamer to quickly and easily create ambience.   Casino ceiling danglers can hang from the ceiling, and Mylar balloons in a heart, spade, or playing card shape help continue the theme.

The prom court can be introduced and should walk along the roulette walkway mural. This easy-to-assemble walkway allows the court to be seen and to wave to the crowd.  Create your own sash to allow people to easily recognize the courtiers.

Casino Tables Set the Mood

 Your tables will be winners with a foam dice or high roller centerpiece.  Scatter some dice confetti around the base of the centerpiece to make a bigger splash. Metallic table skirting in your choice of colors continues the glitzy theme and adds class to the tables.

And everyone looks forward to the prom favors.  Remind people of the theme by providing a glitter frame for that special prom photo.   Other favors like a key tag or personalized roulette table playing cards can be placed at the table.

With a casino theme your prom will hit the jackpot!!

Make Your Event Unique With Cardboard Standees

Cardboard standees are great additions to many different event decorations.  They can be used as entryways to your prom, arches to take pictures under, or simply as a 3D backdrop to your event.  Not every prom committee uses cardboard standees—some use balloon arches or other things.  Cardboard standees, however, add dimension to your prom or event in a way that not many other things could.

Even if you’re having a themed prom or dance, there are a variety of options for cardboard standees that you can use.  There are standees for casino proms, Hollywood proms, and Mardi Gras proms, among many others.  Some cardboard standees allow you to paste your picture over the face of the standee.  That gives you one more way to create a fun memory of the night.

If you’re having a city-themed dance, there are a variety of backdrops you could decorate with.  You could choose London or New York, whether present-day or in the Roaring 20’s, with city-specific standees like Big Ben and the Brooklyn Bridge Archway, or you could create your own with towering skyscrapers.  Your options are wide open, but whatever you choose, remember that using a cardboard standee will help your event stand out.

Spring’s Top 10 Prom Themes

Stumps Party presents the list of spring’s top 10 prom themes.

Candy Land
If you want a combination of color and fun, this is the theme. The student body will love the lollipop-lined walkways, the sweet taffy waterfall, cupcake backdrops, and sweet candy arch. The success of this prom is easily described in one word – sweet.

Mardi Gras
Put the party into your prom with a Mardi Gras theme. Fill your space with vibrant purples, greens, and golds. Add beads, feathers, and masks. Based upon the style of your decorations, you can replicate the look of an embellished, New Orleans street or simply elicit a sense of mystical magic, or Afro-Caribbean mambo. What used to be for the French is now perfect for your school.

Everyone will sing “Hurray for Hollywood” when committee members see how easily this theme comes together and when the student body takes pleasure in the glitz of this hot theme. Give them the star treatment with a red carpet entrance, rows of paparazzi, lights, cameras, Hollywood Walk of Fame stars, and more. This theme can also lean to a more casual interpretation with an emphasis on film, popcorn, and lots of yellow, red, and white.

Bring the upscale, cosmopolitan atmosphere to your school with a city theme. Surround prom-goers with skyscrapers, billboards and lots of lights. Pull these items together to give the impression of a city, or make it a New York night with the addition of a Times Square theme kit or Central Park props.

The Parisian theme is always a hit with its romantic, European flair. Imagine the excitement of your student body as they get to walk past the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe arch, or a Parisian café. Play some Edith Piaf, serve baguettes with pate, and cover the walls with backdrops depicting scenes of Paris, such as the Champs-Elysees.

You won’t be rolling the dice when you choose this popular theme. Students love the high-energy décor of playing cards, poker chips, dice, and roulette wheels. Choose from a jackpot night, a high roller night, or a Vegas escape theme kit. Include some games, a buffet and some live entertainment for the full casino experience.

The Indian theme has really become a favorite because of its modern exoticism. The juxtaposition of rich greens, purples, golds, blues, and pinks create a breathtaking look that is unique to the Indian culture. This theme benefits from lots of draping chiffon, shimmera, and gossamer fabrics, trimmed with string lights. Prom-goers will be charmed with the beauty of this destination theme prom.

Dazzle everyone with a stars theme prom. The student body will be taken aback when they find themselves surrounded with gold, silver, and white stars of all sizes that reflect light throughout the space. Choose from star-studded arches, stairways, columns, and tunnels. Decorate the ceiling with hanging stars, string lights, and panels of star gossamer fabric.

Prom-goers love the chance to revisit the days of chivalry and courtly love. That is why the castle theme is always a success. This theme can capture the romantic look of a fairytale castle, the medieval look of the Knights of Camelot, or the fantasy look of an ice castle.

Everyone loves the 50’s. It was the time of the sock hop, the soda fountains, the poodle skirts, and the emergence of rock and roll. People knew how to have fun and student bodies all over the country still have fun with a fifties prom theme. Fill the space with 45’s, vintage car props, jukebox standees and drive-in decorations. This theme has lots of possibilities, so just run with it and have fun.

Choose your theme and fill all of your decorative, tableware, publicity and favors needs at Stumps Party. We love proms and we want to make sure that your school loves yours.

Roll With a Casino Prom Event

Viva Las Vegas! There’s no need to travel; Stumps Party can help you bring the excitement and glitter of Vegas to your prom.


The Viva Las Vegas kit contains everything you need to transform your venue into a sparkling casino. Begin with a Viva Las Vegas Arch, casino nights kitadd a set of Casino Nights signs, and a pair of Vegas Showgirls silhouettes. A Vegas roulette wheel rounds out the package and your guests will be ready to roll!


A giant Jackpot Background adds a casino feel to your venue. Rotating casino signs add glitter and glam – they are 4′ high and rotate from an included motor.

Cardboard slot machines are a must as you create your casino environment. Add interest to your floor or walls with giant playing cards. Scatter pairs of giant dice around the perimeter; roll with it!


A Las Vegas prom theme is easy to execute with Stumps Party. Spice up your entrance with a Roulette Arch, and accessorize with Lighted Dice Columns. No detail is too small, so Stumps also offers casino accessories such as playing card paper cutouts for table decor and slot machine centerpieces.

Exotic metallic palm trees add a touch of the outdoors to your Las Vegas atmosphere.

High Roller chips can be personalized to announce your prom in style; they look great alternated with casino ceiling danglers.

Enjoy your own unique Vegas prom, baby!

2011 Prom Themes Guys Like

Prom committees are typically female based, but even if this is true for your school’s prom committee, don’t forget about the guys. Ladies, we’re always wishing the guys would get more excited about parties and dancing, so let’s give them a reason to be excited.
Here are three prom themes that guys are SURE to love!  

Vegas or casino theme party: You’ve hit the jackpot here because guys love to gamble and play cards.  Ladies, get what you want from the Viva Las Vegas casino theme kit and give them a bit to do as well. Set up a plastic Roulette wheel and several card tables with giant playing cards. Have a willing chaperone wear a casino dealer’s vest and visor to oversee the games. Use fun flashing dice and personalized poker chips for the games.

Roaring ‘20s and gangster theme events: What guy doesn’t love gangsters, canes, and hats? No guy, that’s who! Set up your prom with a gangster theme kit complete with a gangster standee for the guys and flapper standee for the girls.

Retro event themes: Never underestimate powers that Austin Powers has over men. You’ll have them saying, “Groovy baby,” all night long with afro wigs and retro party wearables. Hand out retro beads as prom favors.

No matter what prom theme you choose, try your best to incorporate something fun that will get the guys as excited as you are about prom.

Host a Casino Theme Event for Vegas Style Fun

Vegas-Escape-KitA casino theme is a great way for creating a fun event that exudes the bright lights and anything-goes atmosphere of Vegas. With casino night decorations and favors from Stumps Party, your event will be a night to remember!

Our casino chip arch makes a fantastic entrance to your event or photo setting for commemorative pictures. The 8′ 10″ high x 6′ 4″ wide printed cardboard arch has a poker chip design with your custom wording printed at the top.

Create a fantastic scene at your casino-theme event with our Vegas Escape kit (shown above). The Vegas Escape kit includes tons of fantastic decorations for creating a stunning focal point for your event, such as a slot machine walkthrough, three casino chip columns, a jackpot slot standee and two sets of card suit backdrops – one with lights and one without lights.

Provide a backdrop to your Vegas Escape kit by covering the walls with blue flat paper and draping blue, silver, or red gossamer in columns from the ceiling to the floor. The Las Vegas Strip personalized photo mural also makes a stunning backdrop for your casino theme decorations.

To set up your Vegas Escape decorations, start with the slot machine walkthrough. The 10′ 9″ tall by 7′ wide corrugated cardboard walkthrough makes a fun focal point or entrance to your event.

Set up the casino chip columns around your room to break up your venue and carry your theme throughout the space. Casino chip columns are 8′ 10″ tall and 1′ 7″ wide and feature a really fun money and chip design.

Add the jackpot slot machine standee and the card suit backdrops to enhance the whole scene.

Custom favors are a great way to thank guests for attending your casino theme event. Favors are especially great if your event is a fundraiser. Our custom creation casino favors, such as the casino mint tin, can be personalized with your event info printed right on the front for an affordable, personalized party favor.

Check out all of Stumps Party’s casino event theme supplies and other tips for more ideas!

Let the Good Times Roll with a High Roller Casino Theme Prom

high-roller-theme-prom-kitAdd some vibrant colors and gaudy flair to your prom with a casino theme. Nothing says fun quite like Vegas. Stumps Party has several great kits to help you transport your prom to a high stakes casino. The High Roller decoration kit is just one great option.

The kit includes a High Roller arch, a pair of High Roller columns, three giant chip standees, a slot machine standee, two movie spotlights and two exotic metallic palm trees.

For a decorative base for your prom kit, cover the walls in drapes of red gossamer and the floors with black flat paper for walkways.

Create an entrance and a gorgeous focal point for your event using the High Roller arch. The arch stands 10′ tall and 12′ wide and is made from corrugated cardboard. Plus, it’s accented with twinkle string lights for a special touch. Students can take fun commemorative photos under the arch to remember the event.

Accent the arch using the High Roller columns. They stand 10′ 8″ tall and 2′ wide and are topped off with printed playing cards. They’re perfect for filling out your decorations and subtly dividing up space.

Add the High Roller chips for a fantastic themed accent. The chips are 3′ 10″ tall and are printed with your own personalized wording.

The Hit the Jackpot slot machine is another fun accent. It adds a realistic touch to your Vegas decorations. The slot machine stands 5′ 6″ tall and 3′ 3″ wide and is printed on cardboard.

Use the movie spotlights to add some flair to the Vegas scene. The 3′ tall and 30″ wide light does not illuminate but it adds a fun themed decoration to your kit.

Top it all off with the exotic metallic palm trees. The trees are constructed from mylar and tubing and green metallic fringe. They come in assorted heights, the tallest standing 8′ 4″ tall.

Check out our full assortment of prom theme decorations to select all the decorative accents you need for your event, from background materials to centerpieces.

Create memory booklets for students to use as keepsakes from their prom. For this theme the custom creation booklet is a great choice. Select the theme design and customized wording for the cover along with other personalized content for the inside. Check out our memory booklet tips for ideas on how to fill your memory booklets.

Stumps Party has tons of personalized prom favors for sending students home with lovely mementos from their prom night. For this theme we suggest the custom creation metal CD case which features a bright casino photo on the metal lid and can be personalized with your words on the front.

Check out all of our casino event theme prom decorations and let us help you make your prom a night to remember!