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Live in the Middle of Nowhere? Host a City Themed Event

Select a New York or Paris theme this spring as you plan a prom, wedding or formal fundraising ball. City event themes are perfect for events involving large groups – with the bonus of a big ooh-ah factor if this is a significant change of pace for you and your guests.

For decorating city parties our mantra is, “Height, lights and luster.”

By “height,” we mean to re-create the unique feeling of walking the “canyons” between rows of skyscrapers. Look for city decorations as tall as your ceiling will allow. Landmark buildings, silhouette backgrounds and other skyscraper props range from 7 to 9-feet-plus and should form the basis of the focal point along one wall (or perhaps the middle of the room if you have 3D decorations).

Place additional good-sized, free-standing props in ways that functionally divide a cavernous space, support the focal point and tie the room together. Most of our columns — including our popular stretch columns that are reusable and have replaceable fabric slips — start at 8 feet tall. The cute, mod subway entrance is also 8 feet, and skyscraper columns are 8-1/2.

You can also draw the eye upward with ceiling decorations such as hanging lanterns and chandeliers — our Exquisite Beaded Chandelier would be just the ticket here.

When it comes to lights, nothing feels as romantic as low or indirect lighting or as festive as twinkles. Backlight your major decorations or add light strings to them – some city props come with lights so keep your eye out for that feature. Black city street lights, Old World lampposts and LED lighted trees bring charm as well as light to sidewalk cityscapes such as Parisian style outdoor cafés and Central Park locales.

Black or white, silver or gold, we like bringing luster with the objects guests will touch. Provide radiance and gleam to tables and pedestals with shimmering fabrics, metallic fringed table skirts and super-shiny vinyl floral sheeting.

Look for luster, too, in personalized city favors for table top or swag bag. The right design in candy jars, travel mugs or other city favors can echo your cityscape for an everyday reminder of a special evening.

Imagine the complexity of your own unique combination of city height, light and luster and the completeness of the picture as guests arrive and drink it all in. Then, make it happen with the help of the City Event Party store.

Spring’s Top 10 Prom Themes

Stumps Party presents the list of spring’s top 10 prom themes.

Candy Land
If you want a combination of color and fun, this is the theme. The student body will love the lollipop-lined walkways, the sweet taffy waterfall, cupcake backdrops, and sweet candy arch. The success of this prom is easily described in one word – sweet.

Mardi Gras
Put the party into your prom with a Mardi Gras theme. Fill your space with vibrant purples, greens, and golds. Add beads, feathers, and masks. Based upon the style of your decorations, you can replicate the look of an embellished, New Orleans street or simply elicit a sense of mystical magic, or Afro-Caribbean mambo. What used to be for the French is now perfect for your school.

Everyone will sing “Hurray for Hollywood” when committee members see how easily this theme comes together and when the student body takes pleasure in the glitz of this hot theme. Give them the star treatment with a red carpet entrance, rows of paparazzi, lights, cameras, Hollywood Walk of Fame stars, and more. This theme can also lean to a more casual interpretation with an emphasis on film, popcorn, and lots of yellow, red, and white.

Bring the upscale, cosmopolitan atmosphere to your school with a city theme. Surround prom-goers with skyscrapers, billboards and lots of lights. Pull these items together to give the impression of a city, or make it a New York night with the addition of a Times Square theme kit or Central Park props.

The Parisian theme is always a hit with its romantic, European flair. Imagine the excitement of your student body as they get to walk past the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe arch, or a Parisian café. Play some Edith Piaf, serve baguettes with pate, and cover the walls with backdrops depicting scenes of Paris, such as the Champs-Elysees.

You won’t be rolling the dice when you choose this popular theme. Students love the high-energy décor of playing cards, poker chips, dice, and roulette wheels. Choose from a jackpot night, a high roller night, or a Vegas escape theme kit. Include some games, a buffet and some live entertainment for the full casino experience.

The Indian theme has really become a favorite because of its modern exoticism. The juxtaposition of rich greens, purples, golds, blues, and pinks create a breathtaking look that is unique to the Indian culture. This theme benefits from lots of draping chiffon, shimmera, and gossamer fabrics, trimmed with string lights. Prom-goers will be charmed with the beauty of this destination theme prom.

Dazzle everyone with a stars theme prom. The student body will be taken aback when they find themselves surrounded with gold, silver, and white stars of all sizes that reflect light throughout the space. Choose from star-studded arches, stairways, columns, and tunnels. Decorate the ceiling with hanging stars, string lights, and panels of star gossamer fabric.

Prom-goers love the chance to revisit the days of chivalry and courtly love. That is why the castle theme is always a success. This theme can capture the romantic look of a fairytale castle, the medieval look of the Knights of Camelot, or the fantasy look of an ice castle.

Everyone loves the 50’s. It was the time of the sock hop, the soda fountains, the poodle skirts, and the emergence of rock and roll. People knew how to have fun and student bodies all over the country still have fun with a fifties prom theme. Fill the space with 45’s, vintage car props, jukebox standees and drive-in decorations. This theme has lots of possibilities, so just run with it and have fun.

Choose your theme and fill all of your decorative, tableware, publicity and favors needs at Stumps Party. We love proms and we want to make sure that your school loves yours.

Black Tie Events

Twilight Memories Kit

Envision an evening of fun, elegant sophistication and you have envisioned a black tie themed event. Bring in black for the sophistication and gold for the elegance. Bring in all of your group’s personalities for the fun. Bring in Stumps Party’s huge selection of prom decorations and you will have all that you need to make the perfect space in which it all happens. This look can easily be created with the Twilight Memories kit customized with additional accessories.

Entrance is everything! Start the wow factor for the evening’s offerings with a Moonlit Whirl Dancing Couple mural or two. Put one on each side of the entrance embellished with bunches of gold metallic latex balloons and metallic black latex balloons. Add a bit of whimsy to communicate that this is the place to be by placing a metallic gold left paparazzi near this entrance as well.

Depict the class of a black tie event with a set of dancing couple silhouettes. Build on the beauty of the dancing couple silhouettes by surrounding them with the gold and the black modern luminescent columns, and the two exquisite lamps found in the kit. Create an opulent look to the center of the dance floor by draping metallic gold gossamer and black gossamer from the ceiling to the floor. Fill out the dance floor with the decorative stretch screen. This assymetrical screen is ideal for bringing your event’s logo and/or theme to life. It’s simple to do. Just shine the logo onto the screen’s white stretch fabric for a great added touch. Accent the screen with the kit’s two gleaming brilliance parasols.

Provide the perfect space for food items and conversation with attractive tables and inviting lighting. Begin by setting off these spaces with luminescent columns. These eye-catching columns measure 8′ high by 2′ in diameter and are available in twelve different colors of which black, white and or gold would be the best match. Incorporate more gold and black balloons as well as some more gossamer. Accentuate the 8′ luminescent columns with some 4′ high lighted fabric pedestal columns available in black, white or silver. These columns can even double as a table where food can be eaten. For the table, consider the black bow tie centerpiece atop a gold glitter taffeta fabric garnished with top hat & bow tie confetti. Complete your table needs by choosing your plates, cups and cutlery items by browsing all of Stumps Party’s event tableware.

Begin the photo scene with sophistication! Repeat the beauty of the tablecover fabric on the wall of your photo decor’s backdrop accented with draping black gossamer. Frame the photo with the use of the kit’s sophisticated stretch arch available in black, white or silver. Add some twinkle to the arch with the kit’s 8′ lighted wire star. Place one of the three dancing couple silhouettes in the background to echo the elegance of the dance floor in the photograph.

Stumps Party’s selection of favors is astounding. The perfect prom favor is just a click away. For this black tie event consider the tuxedo favor boxes for treats and momentos. If the black tie event is to usher in the New Year, select the Jacquie alarm clock and 2″ by 2 1/4″ photo holder imprinted with your event’s theme. Send everyone home with a smooth black stem flute reflective of the black tie theme in its black stem and elegant shape that can also be used at the snack table.

Make this night of fun, elegance and sophistication memorable for years to come. Stumps Party gives you it all for prom supplies – kits, formal dance decorations, tableware, favors, invitations, prom tips, ideas and more. Share your comments with us about your black tie event.

Hit the Town with a City Theme Prom

Going to Town City Props

Going to Town City Props

A city theme prom is a fantastic, classy choice for your or event. Stumps Party has many city-themed decoration kits to set your event with metropolitan style. The Going to Town kit brings a cool, futuristic look to your evening! City props includes tons of beautiful decorations for your event: an arch, a tower, a skyscraper, a building, and a bridge.

Create a background for your theme by covering the back walls with purple gossamer. Create white gossamer “spotlights” by draping white gossamer from the ceiling to a diagonal down to the floor. Cover the floor with metallic black corrugated paper and add blue metallic floral sheeting for water.

Begin using your Going to Town kit by setting up the train arch. It makes a fantastic entrance to your event and it fits seamlessly into the look of the whole decorating kit. The arch is personalized and stands 11’ 2” high and 10’ 11” wide. Made from sturdy cardboard, the arch features a railway train sitting on two pillars and is accented with twinkle lights. Guests will love taking commemorative photos under this arch!

Next add the building (14’ 2” x 7’ 2”), the tower (14’ 3” x 9’ 5”) and the skyscraper (13’ x 3’ 10”) to create your city skyline. Each building is decorated with twinkle lights and adds dimension to the look and feel of your decorations.

Finish the kit off by adding the Going to Town bridge over the metallic background material river going through the center of your room. The bridge adds a great touch to the setting. It stands 14’ tall, 9’ 4” wide, and 5’ 8” deep. Accent the bridge with twinkle lights and vinyl twistees to form the cables. It makes a great focal point for your event!

After designing your prom decorations, choose invitations. Stumps Party invites come custom printed with your content and are a classic keepsake. For this theme, we suggest the city skyline custom invitation.

Send guests home with a beautiful photo album party favor to remember their prom with!

Hit the Big Apple with a Time Square Prom

Create a vibrant city scene for your New York theme prom. The colors and fun silhouettes of the Time Square theme decorating kit are perfect for creating a hip city scene.

Stump Party’s Time Square theme decorating kit includes one subway entrance, one personalized skyscraper, one Lady Liberty, one city skyscraper tower, one city stoplight, one broadway sign, one square street sign and one black city street light.

To make a backdrop for your city theme decorations, drape white gossamer from floor to ceiling in front of a wall covered with red flat paper. String twinkle light strings from floor to ceiling to add a magical glow to your décor. Cover the floor with dark blue flat paper and sprinkle sparkle powder decorating accessory over top of it. This creates a base for your decorations and makes the venue look more metropolitan.

Start decorating with the Time Square kit by setting up the personalized skyscraper, Lady Liberty and skyscraper tower in front of the backdrop. The combination creates a fantastic, full effect with great depth. Next, add the subway entrance! The 8′ 2″ high by 5′ wide by 12″ deep two-sided entrance is printed on metallic silver cardboard. Personalize the top with your own wording. This also makes a great prop for your commemorative pictures.

Add to the look by enhancing it with additions such as the city stoplight, broadway sign, square street sign and black city street light. There are tons of ways that you can accent this theme kit! Add more twinkle lights, some benches, trees, or extra lampposts to fill out your city look.

Create a memory booklet for students to treasure their prom moments with. For this theme, we suggest the city skyline booklet, which features a silver or gold skyline and shooting stars on a black cover and is held together with a silver or gold cord and tassel. Plus, we’ll print your custom wording on the cover and on the inside pages. Check out our memory booklet tips for ideas on how to fill this classic prom item.

Finally, send students home with a favor to remember their prom night by. For this theme, we suggest a silver twist-top custom mint tin. We’ll print your slogan and logo on this attractive silver mint tin. It’s a perfect keepsake from the special event.

Check out all of Stump Party’s city event theme ideas and tips!

Host a Romantic Stars on Broadway Theme Prom

stars-on-broadway-prom-themeA Broadway-themed prom is a wonderful, classy way to enhance decorations for your event. The Stars on Broadway kit has decorations to transform your party space into the entrance to a grand broadway theater.

Set up the Stars on Broadway kit and your event will dazzle. The kit includes a marquee entrance, a pair of debut accents, a pair of stars on broadway columns, and a pair of accent stars.

Create a beautiful backdrop for your event using metallic silver gossamer and metallic blue gossamer to cover the walls. Hang the gossamer from floor to ceiling to create a stunning effect. Try tenting the gossamer on the ceiling for an even more romantic look. Check out our gossamer tips for instructions. Cover the venue floors with seamless paper decorating material in thunder gray for a base to your decorations that will bring the whole room together.

Start using the Stars on Broadway kit by setting up the marquee entrance. You can personalize the sign to show your prom slogan or school name. It makes a great welcome to the event and a fabulous setting for photos. The entrance stands 12’ tall and 8’ wide and the marquee sign is illuminated for a beautiful glow.

Accent the marquee entrance with the silver star adorned debut pair. Each debut stands 11’ tall and 7’ wide. They really fill out the whole look with the impressive silver star accentuated black column and base that fans out to the sides with a silver and black fan-like spread.

The Stars on Broadway columns are the next step. The columns are 10’ tall and are made of a stunning combo of black and silver corrugate, topped with a star.

Finish the whole look off with accent stars, which measure 3’ tall and 5’ wide. You can suspend them from the ceiling or use them to add a final touch to your wall decorations.

Memory booklets are a wonderful prom tradition that Stumps Party has been a part of for over 80 years. For this prom theme we suggest the romantic night royal booklet, which features a classic cover with your custom foil stamp on it. Check out our memory booklet tips for ideas on how to fill the booklet with information students will treasure.

Top the whole night off with a beautiful favor for students to remember their prom by. The embassy royale glass confetti top candle is a beautiful choice for this prom theme. You can choose the color of gel candle and the type of confetti that fills the beautiful, classic champagne glassware. This is a great favor to replace the traditional glassware favor and discourage drinking on prom night.

Check out all of our prom tips and tell us about your Stars on Broadway-themed prom!

Combine Garden Beauty and City Sophistication for your Prom

Combine the natural elegance of a garden theme prom with the metropolitan romance of a city theme prom with pieces from the Send Me to the Moon decorating kit. It transforms your prom space into a romantic night in a city park.

This decorating theme includes the secret garden gate, two cuckoo trees, two spherical street lamps, and the before-the-night straight or curved fence. Begin by setting up the secret garden gate as a focal point and dress it up with ivy garland. It makes a great setting for commemorative photos. Add the-before-night straight or curved fence set to finish the look.

Next, fill things out with cuckoo trees and other potted plants. To add a romantic glow to the decor, consider the old world lamppost from the Forever Twilight theme decorating kit. For a big finish, add a lion head water fountain.

Create a backdrop for your garden using the starry horizon background illustration. The vinyl mural is available for order measuring 6’ high by 20’ wide and looks fantastic behind the city skyline with its twinkle light border.

The whole decor comes together when you use gray flat paper and grass mats to create the paths and lawn of the park.

Ensure that students will be able to treasure their prom memories well after the event with memory booklets. This prom tradition started right here at Stumps Party. For this theme we suggest the rose booklet, which features a rose and your personalized text on the black and gold or silver cover. Customize the inside with your own layout and content. Check out our memory booklet tips for ideas.