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DIY Glassware Favor Ideas

Do-it-yourselfers and party guests alike will love these favor ideas. They combine the qualities of glassware that we love, with materials from our DIY favor store and special touches from our own hands.

Fill it. There are probably as many, if not more, “filling” ideas as there are themes and special events. The only firm rule is to make sure that your guests will be able to tell immediately whether the filler is edible or not!

Consider the theme and what you want to put inside it when selecting a vessel. Generally speaking, you should go with a simpler container if you want the contents to “steal the show.” A lovingly layered cookie mix usually calls for an old-fashioned Ball jar, for example, while our sturdy Quadra 9-ounce corked bottle is perfect for a homemade flavored vinegar or liqueur.

This “rule of the simple” has exceptions, though. If you want to build a mini terrarium for a jungle or garden theme, or a tiny beach of sand and shells for an underwater event, a shapely flat-bottomed snifter is probably the best glass for the job.

Speaking of things nautical: for any sort of water theme, look for glassware favors from the Bursting Bubbles line for that extra bit of wit!

Wrap it. We love the DIY centerpieces made from large jars, burlap and ribbon we’re finding on Web craft pages, and we now offer the raw materials at terrific DIY prices. Why not translate this decorating technique into favors?

Wrapping is a wonderful way to add texture, pull a look together and reinforce the theme. Use burlap and thin twine around the bottoms of our new barrel-style tumblers for a Wild West party or create bows of slim gossamer strips or ribbon for vase favors that coordinate with chair bows or covers.

Depending on the individual project, most of these ideas should work well with both imprinted and un-imprinted glassware, though a wrap-and-imprint combo might call for a bit more care in the planning.

Embellish it. Find gems, stickers and labels for all themes and occasions for hand-customization of your jars, vases and votive candles such as the elegant specimen shown above at right.

Stumps Party offers more do-it-yourself options all the time, so do visit the DIY supply pages soon.

Decorate a Dance Venue with Cool Outdoor Effects

Dancing under the stars, cruising to an island paradise, walking in a winter wonderland — how we love to bring the outdoors to our indoor events! Here are a few ideas from Stumps Party for pulling it off.

Stars, Stars & More Stars

Whether a nautical, garden, city or destination theme, nothing is more romantic than a star-lit night. We love the look of combining a star gossamer with twinkle string lights, or try our glow star gossamer on its own! Add holographic shimmer die cut stars or mirror-brite die-cut shimmer stars to the décor to amplify the eye-pleasing effects.

Rock Out
This would be great for a Western or desert theme, and more. Try our seamless paper or other heavy background paper to create rocks and boulders of just about any size! The secret: a pillow of air! Cut two pieces of paper of the same irregular shape but with one sheet larger than the other. Match and staple the edges together so the larger sheet bulges out for some 3D action. The technique can take some practice, so if you haven’t done it before, be sure to experiment with scrap paper first. If you’re going to group them together, remember that odd numbers and staggered sizes look best.

Gaze into Distant Horizons
Use dark green corrugated paper and black corrugated paper to cut rolling hills, silhouettes of trees and/or rocks of different sizes. Place the shapes against a wall to create a landscape in the “distance.”

Take a Walk in the Clouds
Need some light, airy clouds in your outdoor setting? Get a bundle of our white tulle netting! Bunch it up into a cloud and secure your cloud formation with a quick baste stitch or staple. Use mono-filament (fishing) line to suspend your clouds from the ceiling, and/or place them on the floor to suit your event theme.

Do you have your own tricks for outdoor effects? Please share them in the Comments section!

Savor the Moment with A Walk to Remember Theme Prom

a-walk-to-remember-prom-decorating-kitA garden theme prom is a beautiful, classic choice. Stumps Prom has several great prom theme kits to create a fantastic garden setting for your big event.

Our A Walk to Remember Kit includes a beautiful Garden Walk window scene, door scene and stair scene, an elegant wooden bridge, a shaded elegance umbrella and base combo, an enchanted garden gate, and a summer romance garden bench. Paired with tons of plants, this kit will totally transform your prom venue!

Start decorating with your A Walk to Remember Kit using the window, door, and stair scenes. Each scene is mounted on free-standing cardboard and stands 9’4” high. The window scene is 4’10” wide and the door and stair scene are each 14’6” wide. Together they create a stunning backdrop for your event, creating the look of a real enchanted garden.

Add the Elegant Wooden Bridge to your decorations for a perfect entrance to your prom. Students can have their pictures taken crossing the bridge for a fabulous keepsake. The bridge is 6’ long and 4’4” wide and is decorated with gossamer and ivy for an elegant touch. It holds up to 400 pounds too!

Off to one side, add the Shaded Elegance Umbrella to set a romantic mood. The 6ft in diameter umbrella sits atop a 7’4” wooden pole and is available in black, red or white.

Create a photo setting using the Enchanted Garden Gate. The gate is 5’3” long and 10’2” wide and is accented with twinkle lights. Add some silk ivy, flowers or gossamer to spruce things up. Students will love taking pictures under the soft glow of the gate.

Accent this setting with the romantic garden bench! Check out all of our prom supplies for more ideas.

Send students home with a memory booklet to treasure their prom night. Memory booklets were created right here at Stumps Prom & Party and we’ll print your memory booklet with your own custom content. For this theme we suggest the Rose Foil Booklet. Imprinted with a single rose, the cover comes in your choice of silver or gold and your personalized wording.

Finish the evening off with a beautiful personalized favor for students to take home with them. Our Custom Creation Romantic Forever Tonight Frame is a perfect choice for this theme. The frame features a photo rose background and your custom wording. Students can add their favorite 5×7 prom photo! We have a huge selection of prom favors for more options.

We have plenty of other Garden Theme Proms and tips for making your prom the event you’ve been dreaming of!

Create a Romantic Event with a Before Night Falls Prom Theme

before-night-falls-waterfall-prom-kitFor your prom, combine the beauty of a garden with the natural romance of a waterfall using the Before Night Falls Decorating Kit. The kit includes beautiful decorations that can totally transform your prom venue into a stunning scene.

The Before Night Falls Garden Kit includes two waterfalls, one lamppost, one pair of fir trees, one curved fence section and one straight fence section plus one bench.

Create a backdrop for your decorations using dark blue flat paper or royal blue gossamer to cover the walls. Use cobblestone flat or corrugated paper to cover the floor, creating the illusion of a garden walkway.

Next, set up your waterfalls. The Before Night Falls waterfalls are made of blue water gossamer and twinkle lights draped over cardboard tubes. They stand 10’ high and 10’ wide. Iridescent shred completes the look adding a light-catching shine.

Set up the Before Night Lamppost to add a charming accent. The fir trees add a natural touch.

The Before Night fence set separates the waterfalls from the floor. The fence is a great addition to photo settings.

Finish it all off with a Before Night bench. The bench is the perfect place for students to take pictures. It stands 19” high and 3’ wide. It makes the whole set-up look more like a park.

Fill out the theme kit with a variety of fake or real plants and flowers. Greenery such as silk ivy garland is an excellent choice.

Have tickets and memory booklets custom printed to match your theme. The Garden Silhouette Booklet is a great pick. It features a silver ivy pattern and your custom wording. The book is held together with a silver cord’n’tassel. Check out our Memory Booklet Tips for more idea.

Send guests home with favors to remember their special prom by. We suggest the Picard Flute with Banded Glitter Gel Candle. You can have your own logo and slogan printed on the glassware and choose whether you want a wax or gel candle. These favors can be totally customized to fit your event and they make beautiful keepsakes!

Check out all of our garden theme prom tips and tell us about your event.

Combine Garden Beauty and City Sophistication for your Prom

Combine the natural elegance of a garden theme prom with the metropolitan romance of a city theme prom with pieces from the Send Me to the Moon decorating kit. It transforms your prom space into a romantic night in a city park.

This decorating theme includes the secret garden gate, two cuckoo trees, two spherical street lamps, and the before-the-night straight or curved fence. Begin by setting up the secret garden gate as a focal point and dress it up with ivy garland. It makes a great setting for commemorative photos. Add the-before-night straight or curved fence set to finish the look.

Next, fill things out with cuckoo trees and other potted plants. To add a romantic glow to the decor, consider the old world lamppost from the Forever Twilight theme decorating kit. For a big finish, add a lion head water fountain.

Create a backdrop for your garden using the starry horizon background illustration. The vinyl mural is available for order measuring 6’ high by 20’ wide and looks fantastic behind the city skyline with its twinkle light border.

The whole decor comes together when you use gray flat paper and grass mats to create the paths and lawn of the park.

Ensure that students will be able to treasure their prom memories well after the event with memory booklets. This prom tradition started right here at Stumps Party. For this theme we suggest the rose booklet, which features a rose and your personalized text on the black and gold or silver cover. Customize the inside with your own layout and content. Check out our memory booklet tips for ideas.

Hit the Big Apple for a Twilight in Central Park Theme Prom

Twilight in Central Park Theme KitCombine two great prom themes—New York and gardens—for one beautiful prom with the Twilight in Central Park decorating kit. Your prom will look fantastic beneath twinkle lights, floral garland and the NYC skyline with this kit.

Start your decorations with the Twilight in Central Park gate. It creates a great focal point and a fun entrance to your prom. Further the look with the Central Park buildings. The set of three building standees made of corrugated cardboard is a great way to add a fantastic setting to your prom. Combined with a lighted skyscraper column or two, they create the New York stage for your event.

Create the park using cobblestone patterned flat paper or cobblestone corrugated paper to make the walkways and edging of the scene. Green tissue grass with a classic fountain, plus city street lights, and one or more lighted trees accomplish the total look.

Finish off the scene with the beauty of the City Background lighted skyline, which is included in the kit. The black cardboard structure measures 8′ high x 32′ wide. Enhance the background with the use of solid color flat paper decorating material in black or orange. Set the background in front of the flat paper to make it really pop. Setting up spot lights behind the skyline will create the impression of distant city lights.

Check out our other city theme prom tips for more decorating ideas.

Memory booklets are a great way to help students keep their prom memories. The skyline booklet is a perfect pick for this theme. You can customize the cover with your own wording and fill the pages with your own content and layout. Check out our booklet ideas page for more tips.

Don’t forget prom favors! There are tons of prom favors you can customize for your prom. Try the hand-painted City Dreams Renoir glassware for an elegant option, or personalize tons of favors—keytags, frames, picture frames, high-tech favors, and more—to send your students off with a keepsake they’ll treasure.

Tell us about your Central Park themed prom or send us your questions. Planning proms is what Stumps Party loves to do!

Create a Magical Prom with the Enchanted Garden Kit

Enchanted Garden Theme KitTake your garden theme prom to a place of enchantment with the Enchanted Garden Kit! This kit will make your prom locale a gorgeous night in the garden.

The Enchanted Garden Kit includes a gazebo, garden wall, two rose trees, two ivy trees, two street lights, four mini street lights and two potted ivy plants.

Start your decorating by setting up the Gazebo. It creates a fantastic photo setting and focal point for your event. The gazebo measures 13’ high and 10’ wide and is accented by ivy rose garland.

Next, add the trees in assortment around the room. Place the street lights around the pathway, tables and gazebo. Don’t forget the potted plants for a pleasing touch.

Create the backdrop by using a star patterned flat paper to cover the walls. It creates the perfect starry setting for your enchanted garden. Use cobblestone flat paper to create a walkway and tissue grass mats to accent the path.

Create memory booklets for students to treasure their prom memories in. For this theme, we suggest the Botanical Beauty Rose Foil Booklet. It’ll include your school name or prom theme on the black and gold or silver cover featuring a single rose. You can customize the inside of the booklet with your own layout and contents too.

Finish the prom off with fantastic favors. There are hundreds of different favors you can have customized with your prom logo and slogan. Students will love classic favors such as glassware candles, photo albums, frames, or charm photo key tags for this prom theme.

Check out our other garden theme proms for more ideas!