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Plan a Starry Grand March for a Gorgeous Entrance to Prom

starry-grand-march-decorationsStart off your prom with a Grand March! It’s a great way to get parents and other significant adults involved, plus it brings the fun and style of a red-carpet type event to your prom! Stumps Prom has plenty of decorations to help you design a gorgeous Grand March. You can even coordinate the Grand March decorations to your prom theme decorations.

A Starry Grand March is perfect for a star themed prom. Create a backdrop for the Starry Balloon Grand March decorations by covering the walls with metallic foil curtains in blue or silver. They add a shimmer that can’t be beat.

Create a walkway using our Star Aisle Runner. Accent the walkway with a Rope Railing Kit.

Hang a Personalized Grand March Banner to accent the backdrop or welcome guests to the Grand March. Our banners are printed with your custom wording on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and feature metal grommets for easy hanging.

Set up the Star Shaped Radiant Balloon Arch for an entrance that will be show-stopping. The arch is 9 feet long and 9 feet high and is decorated with balloons for an airy, romantic look. Students will make a fantastic entrance through the arch and it’s a perfect place to pause for Grand March photos.

Stumps Prom & Party also has prom invitations, Starry Grand March tickets and other decorations for planning your event. Be sure to check out our Star Themed Prom Tips too!

Kick Off Prom with a Romantic Grand March

romantic-grand-march-decorationsStarting off your prom events with a Grand March is a great way to add some pomp and circumstance to the whole affair, plus it’s the perfect opportunity for taking pictures and for parents to get together. Stumps Prom has plenty of decorations and other supplies for making your Grand March the perfect beginning for your prom.

Our Romantic Arch Grand March decorations are a beautiful choice! Use royal blue gossamer material to create a backdrop by hanging it from floor to ceiling and then set up the decorations for a stunning walkway.

Position the Custom Creation Circle Arch for students to walk under and pause for pictures. The arch is 8’6” high and 10’5 1/2” wide and is personalized with your wording across the top. It makes a great focal point or entrance piece.

Add a Personalized Aisle Runner for a sleek, red-carpet look. You can choose from blue, purple, white or red. And add three lines of your own wording.

Set up columns along the walkway to add some depth to your decorations. Our Lighted Metal Columns are 7’ tall and are lined with 200 lights for an elegant look. Luminescent Pedestal Columns are 4’ tall and are great accents.

Finish off the Romantic Grand March decorations with our Stylish Stretch Diamonds. The 4’7” long and 4’7” wide diamonds are made of a wooden frame covered with stretch fabric and add just the right touch of flair to your décor.

Stumps Prom also carries custom invitations, tickets, banners and other supplies to help you plan a Grand March to remember!

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Set the Mood for Prom with a Parisian Grand March

parisian-grand-march-decorations A Parisian Garden Grand March is a gorgeous way to involve family and other significant adults in the prom festivities. The Grand March tradition is not only a great opportunity for taking photos, it also adds a touch of elegance and class to your whole event. Stumps Prom has Parisian Grand March decorations perfect for coordinating with your theme without outshining the prom decorations themselves.

Set the backdrop for your grand march with a Paris Personalized Banner. Our banners are printed with your custom wording on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl. Add your prom or grand march details to the banner and hang it above the entrance to announce all the pertinent information or welcome guests.

Set up an Incandescent Eiffel Tower to set the scene. The tower is 7’ tall and 2’3” wide and is lit with 350 lights.

The Lion Head Water Fountain makes a beautiful focal point for your grand march. The polyresin water fountain is 4’8” tall and 2’ 9 ½” wide. Add the elegant wooden bridge for students to walk over and pause for perfect photos!

Use silver gossamer or blue gossamer draped from floor to ceiling to create a lovely backdrop for your grand march. Cover the floors with green tissue grass and flat paper to create the illusion that students are walking through a Parisian park.

Stumps Prom also has Grand March tickets and invitations for a meaningful way to invite parents and other significant guests.

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Make Your Grand March Sparkle!

Grand March Kit A Grand March is a traditional prom event in which the prom court and prom attendees put on a parade. One part coronation, one part fashion show, it’s a tradition parents really love. Some schools choose to use the Grand March as an opportunity to announce their Prom King and Queen too. Either way, the Grand March is a good way to show off all the work students put into planning the prom, their outfits, hair, and flowers. Plus, it’s a way to say thanks to the parents and faculty who made prom possible for both the prom committee and the students attending the prom.

Your Grand March can look just as elegant as your prom and with these tips, it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money or take a lot of time to plan.

Advertise for your Grand March with personalized Grand March Banners. The banners are printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and are available with or without metal grommets and in seven different sizes to meet your needs. You can add your own custom wording so everyone knows when and where the Grand March will be. If you’re charging admission, be sure to include ticket information too!

Order the matching Grand March Tickets. You can choose to give a pair of tickets to each student with the purchase of a prom ticket, so their parents can see them in the march, or restrict free tickets to the parents of those on the Prom Court. Either way, tickets are a good thing to have on hand so you can keep track of how many people attended for future reference and crowd control.

Decorate for your Grand March starting with a Grand March Kit featuring the Grand March Star Arch, which can be personalized with your school letters. Use Three-Color Balloon Arches in your school or prom colors for students to walk through on their way down the aisle. Top it all off with the Grand March Banners personalized with your school information. The complete package makes for a sophisticated and coordinated Grand March look!

Tips for Planning the Grand March:

Not all students will want to participate. For this reason, it may be better to have the Grand March before the dance starts. If you choose this option, have your Prom Court march down together and save the big announcement for during the dance.

Take names of students who want to participate in the Grand March when you sell tickets to the prom, but also include a deadline for signing up in case students change their minds.

You can hand out tickets to the Grand March with prom tickets or send them to the parents at their home address(es). If you hand them out with prom tickets, be sure to get the tickets back from students who back out of the Grand March so your expected number in attendance at the march is accurate.

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