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Organize a Zombie Event

This Halloween, host a Zombie dance for your school, club, reunion, or charity event to bring out the ghastly spirit in all of your guests.  They’ll laugh late into the night at this freaky, costumed event filled with eerie surprises, delicious food, and creative favors.  Find the white make up and bug eyes.  This is your Halloween to be a creative, one-of-a-kind zombie!

Entrance to the Dead

Before your guests can fully enjoy their new zombie statuses, they have to enter the zombie cemetery.  Every undead cemetery needs a spooky entrance.  Fashion a graveyard entrance that allows your guests to enter the party in a scary way.

Zombie Music

Wake up the dead with some chamber music, Micheal Jackson, Dead Heads, or The Nearly Deads:

Ask your school’s dance team to perform a zombie dance for your guests’ entertainment.

Afterward, the squad can grab various zombies from the crowd to initiate a group dance.  A hot 2012, favorite is the horse dance. Do the zombie version.

Waking the Dead

Once inside the graveyard of the undead, visit your guests’ plots.  Before the party,  research each guest’s life motto or favorite quote.  Then, custom create tombstones with their names and sayings to add to the zombie fun.  You can give away the tombstones as favors after the event.

Dead Heads

The time has come to strike fear in your guests by letting them see some zombies! Hang vampire bats and hairy spiders in real or fake trees. When they look down there will be fellow zombies, graveyard ghouls, and severed fingers at their feet to welcome them to the undead.  In the distance, zombie silhouettes can be seen coming to join the fun with their kin!

Having a cemetery, tombstones, and zombies surrounding your guests will have them feeling a genuine sense of intrigue and, perhaps, being dead!

Zombie Food

Besides brains and candy, serve blood red drinks to your hungry guests.  Whip up a batch of Mummy Dearest Cupcakes made with your favorite cake mix, chocolate frosting, chocolate cookies, soft lady fingers, vanilla frosting, and mini M & M’s.  For a healthy side, try making a few eyeballs.

Zombie Makeup and Costumes

Encourage guests to dress up for your zombie event.  They can simply paint their faces and wear wigs.  Add full length zombie costumes made with bed sheets, rags, or toilet paper.  For inspiration, watch how this zombie make up was applied.

Enjoy your zombie event!  In the comment section below, share some of your favorite zombie dance party ideas.

Last-Minute Tips for Halloween Formal Fun

We know that the arrangements for your Halloween formal dance are already in place. Here we offer a few late-breaking ideas to ensure your Halloween formal bash is a graveyard smash!

Halloween Formal Decoration Details
Make sure you have enough cobwebs and black streamers to hang and drape ominously throughout the party place.

Replace some light bulbs with black bulbs, or add a few LED light candles to the décor.

Pick up a fog machine and fog fluid for entrance or dance-floor effects.

Halloween Formal Fun Activities
Be sure your DJ or band plans to mix Halloween music into the dance lineup. How about including selections from the Twilight soundtrack? Be sure to include “Thriller” if there’s a group involved in the “Thrill the World” mass dance on the 23rd so the participants have another opportunity to show their stuff.

Incorporate a karaoke contest or a prize for best zombie walk.

Halloween Formal You
Even if your Halloween party is not a costume party, you can change it up for the special event by going a little Gothic with a temporary hair color or wig, pale make-up and black nail polish.

Halloween Formal Favors
Pick up a few packages of inexpensive, colorful metallic masks to add to the evening’s festivity.

Order Black Raven personalized mint tins or Full Moon personalized mint tins because the one Halloween-y thing you don’t want is for anybody to have monster breath – the horror!