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Twenty Roaring Tips for Your Great Gatsby Event

With The Great Gatsby promising to be the box office boom of the summer, why not plan a glamorous Gatsby-like event? The classic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a staple in many high school reading curriculums, so nearly everyone knows the story of the “Great American Novel.” Plan your upcoming event to reflect the flourishing prosperity of the Roaring Twenties with these helpful hints and tips.

Twenty Roaring Tips

  1. Set the scene for your Gatsby-like event with the proper decorations. Gold, black, and silver metallic gossamer will help you achieve the look of decadence that goes with the Roaring Twenties.
  2. Start on the right foot: send out Gatsby-themed invitations for your event!
  3. Take the invitations one step further: when your guests RSVP, ask for the number of guests that will be attending. Then send out personalized tickets for your Gatsby event—they’ll be able to keep the tickets as a fun souvenir!
  4. Always remember: No event is complete without balloons! To match your metallic gossamer and other metallic decorations, use metallic latex balloons.
  5. Make sure to have enough tableware and punch glasses on hand!
  6. Look for a punch bowl for your refreshment table that will fit in with your Roaring Twenties theme.
  7. Speakeasy signIf you have a refreshment table, hang a fun Speakeasy sign on it!
  8. Play music that fits the theme—big band jazz will be perfect for your Gatsby party!
  9. If your event is large enough to have a wait staff, have them dress like gangsters and flappers!
  10. Either request that your guests arrive in formal attire or in 20s fashion.
  11. It’s not a party without some dress-up time! Have black fedoras on hand for your gangster men and feather boas for your flapper ladies!
  12. Wearable party props are great, but what about props that your guests can take with them? Have funny money on hand, both for decorations and for souvenirs!
  13. When you put together your favor bags, don’t forget to choose favors that reflect the theme of the party—Art Deco compact mirrors are a great choice for your Gatsby event!Foil Gold Bar favor boxes
  14. If your event will involve kids, have a fun favor for them to play with—stacks of foil gold bars that double as favor boxes are a great way to keep kids occupied and entertained.
  15. Select other party favors that fit the theme of your event.
  16. As you put together favor bags, remember the personalized stickers, mint tins, and a variety of gold, silver, and black beads.
  17. If you hire a photographer, ask for them to dress in the attire of the era—it will get them involved in the fun and keep your theme going.
  18. Make sure your guests have fun—take a classic picture to remember the event and then also take a fun, 20s-themed picture.
  19. Make sure to include a personalized frame in the favor bags for your guests to display their memories.
  20. Finally, don’t forget to send out thank you notes!

Hot Theme Party Kits for the Musically Inclined

Certain prom event themes bring a special dimension to the party, and that dimension is a particular genre or style of music. Here are some of our favorite prom theme kits for the “musically-inclined” that would create good vibrations for a post-prom party, too.

Rock Star Theme Decorating Kit. This kit hits striking visual notes in purple, blue and red with neon touches and features giant guitar pedestal, pyrotechnic and speaker standees reaching 8-10’ tall! Hang plenty of metallic star curtains and float guitar- and star-shaped mylar balloons with this kit.

All That Jazz Kit. Create a 1920s sidewalk lined with city street lights that leads to a ballroom bandstand. Dance amid flapper and jazz guy silhouettes, then take a break at a table dressed in navy, black and silver tableware and musical votives.

Disco Theme Decorations. Can you ever have enough glass mirror balls? We didn’t think so. Pick up table top disco balls in addition to the big ones you’ll find with the Boogie Arch and sequined columns in this glittering collection.

Hip Hop Hustle Theme Kit. Place these decorations in front of a blue spotlight background illustration, install a graffiti wall with a two toned brick patterned flat paper opposite, pull out some thick markers and start the music.

Twist the Night Away Kit 1950s Decorations. Fifties parties have been popular for at least 30 years. They’ve developed a style all their own and this kit hits all the right notes for the atmosphere you’re seeking. The drive-in is here, the muscle cars are here, the juke box is installed. Add a great mix of music, some malteds and a Rockin’ personalized banner.