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DIY Glassware Favor Ideas

Do-it-yourselfers and party guests alike will love these favor ideas. They combine the qualities of glassware that we love, with materials from our DIY favor store and special touches from our own hands.

Fill it. There are probably as many, if not more, “filling” ideas as there are themes and special events. The only firm rule is to make sure that your guests will be able to tell immediately whether the filler is edible or not!

Consider the theme and what you want to put inside it when selecting a vessel. Generally speaking, you should go with a simpler container if you want the contents to “steal the show.” A lovingly layered cookie mix usually calls for an old-fashioned Ball jar, for example, while our sturdy Quadra 9-ounce corked bottle is perfect for a homemade flavored vinegar or liqueur.

This “rule of the simple” has exceptions, though. If you want to build a mini terrarium for a jungle or garden theme, or a tiny beach of sand and shells for an underwater event, a shapely flat-bottomed snifter is probably the best glass for the job.

Speaking of things nautical: for any sort of water theme, look for glassware favors from the Bursting Bubbles line for that extra bit of wit!

Wrap it. We love the DIY centerpieces made from large jars, burlap and ribbon we’re finding on Web craft pages, and we now offer the raw materials at terrific DIY prices. Why not translate this decorating technique into favors?

Wrapping is a wonderful way to add texture, pull a look together and reinforce the theme. Use burlap and thin twine around the bottoms of our new barrel-style tumblers for a Wild West party or create bows of slim gossamer strips or ribbon for vase favors that coordinate with chair bows or covers.

Depending on the individual project, most of these ideas should work well with both imprinted and un-imprinted glassware, though a wrap-and-imprint combo might call for a bit more care in the planning.

Embellish it. Find gems, stickers and labels for all themes and occasions for hand-customization of your jars, vases and votive candles such as the elegant specimen shown above at right.

Stumps Party offers more do-it-yourself options all the time, so do visit the DIY supply pages soon.

Find Jungle Love at Your African Safari Sweetheart Dance

p0244aAmidst the jungle air, the palm trees and the wild animals, even the coldest heart can find jungle love at an African Safari Sweetheart Dance. Create the perfect atmosphere for a dance that attendees will remember for years to come.

Bring on the Trees, Please!

The key to any successful African Safari Sweetheart Dance is the trees. They do, after all, make up the most important part of the jungle backdrop. Make sure your venue is decked out with palm trees of all shapes and sizes.  If the room is tall enough, consider some Tropical Palms that tower six to nine feet into the air. While three-dimensional trees are best, if the budget is super tight, paint palm trees on murals using banner paint.

Party Animals Galore

A jungle safari isn’t complete without animals. Venture deep into the jungle with photo image cutouts of a lion, a tiger and a gorilla. But don’t stop there, every jungle needs some monkeys. A Monkey Arch and Tree is a good fit for the entrance to your event. For fun at every table, consider putting children’s toys like stuffed animals as centerpieces or in chairs.

Light up the Night

If jungle love is what you truly desire at your African Safari Sweetheart Dance, the lighting is very important. What could be more romantic than a sparkling waterfall? Stunning blue water gossamer and twinkle lights are draped down from more than nine feet in the air to make this jungle waterfall, which also works well as a photo backdrop. Since the atmosphere is romantic and lighting will be low, use tube lights to light the walkways from the entrance to the tables, and from the tables to the dance floor. They also work great around three-dimensional palm trees.

Music Makes the Memories

There’s no shortage of songs about the jungle or Africa. Some of our favorites are Steve Miller Band’s “Jungle Love” and Toto’s “Africa.” Play some of Kool and the Gang’s “Jungle Boogie” for a fun tune that will get everyone on the dance floor. Music is key to making any dance a success, and having a handful of songs to go with the dance theme help make it that much more memorable.

Go All Out with a Jungle Kit

The name speaks for itself: the Jungle Allure Kit. There’s no easier way to prepare for an evening of romance in the jungle. Animal standees, grass, palm trees, and more create this must-have set for the dance sponsor who wants to go all out.

An African Safari Sweetheart Dance is a fun and romantic way to set the scene for an unforgettable night. With the right decorations and music, it can be the most popular dance of the year. What will you do to make sure your attendees find jungle love at the dance?

Transform the Gym into a Rainforest After Party

It’s a jungle out there – in your gym!

Transforming your gym into a rainforest is easier than catching monkeys with bananas, thanks to the resources at Stumps Party.

Enchanted Amazon Kit
For an easy transformation, try the Enchanted Amazon Kit. rainforest animal decorationsIt contains everything you need to create a jungle feel in your gym, including a 9′ Amazon Arch with butterfly, a set of 7.5′ Gossamer Palm Trees, a 9.5′ Gossamer Blue Lighted Waterfall, and large cardboard cutouts of a toucan, pair of jungle frogs, and a butterfly.

Animal Standees
What’s a rainforest without animals? Stumps Party offers animal standees for purchase individually; you can choose from zebra, giraffe, and chimp. These are printed on one side and are easy to set up for an instant jungle feel.

Jungle Allure Kit
The Jungle Allure Theme Kit is another option for transforming your gym into a tropical paradise, with an emphasis on animals. This kit features standees of a lion, baby elephant, gorilla, and tiger. It also includes two 50′ balloon strands featuring rainforest animals and three sets of giant curved grass.That’s not all: you’ll also get a large jungle palm tree, a set of 3 monkeys and 2 butterflies,
and a deep forest tree.

Lighted Rainforest Column
Create a memorable photo spot with a lighted rainforest column. This 8′ column is made of metal and gossamer. Garland, palm leaves and string lights create a mysterious jungle look for your after party.


Take Your Destination Prom to the Jungle for an Enchanted Amazon

Enchanted Amazon KitTake your prom to the heart of the jungle with the Enchanted Amazon Kit. This kit includes decorations for creating a whole new world for your prom setting.

Start it all off with the Enchanted Amazon arch with butterfly. The wire arch is accented with twinkle lights and green gossamer with a cardboard butterfly attached. It makes a perfect focal point or entrance to your jungle themed prom. Pair it with a set of gossamer palm trees.

The next step is the waterfall. The waterfall is made of light blue water gossamer and twinkle lights and is draped over a cardboard structure making it stand 9 ½’ high and 9 1/2’ wide. It’s finished off with iridescent shred to add a sparkling finish.

You can’t have a jungle without animals! Add in the jungle frogs, toucan and butterfly for the last touch to the kit.

Add a canopy of green over your jungle kit using gossamer fabric in multiple shades of green. Use a staple gun to attach gossamer to a wooden ring. Make sure you measure the gossamer to check that it reaches the edges of your party space. Suspend the wooden ring from the ceiling and stretch the ends of the gossamer streamers to the sides of your venue and attach them there. This ceiling treatment creates a wild, fuller look.

Create a river leading away from the waterfall with blue metallic decorating material. Plenty of tissue grass mats create the jungle floor.

The Enchanted Amazon Arch makes a perfect setting for keepsake photos and you can take your prom memories to the next level with memory booklets. The memory booklet tradition started right here at Stumps Prom. For this theme, we suggest the Starburst Booklet . It’s available in black, blue or purple and features a silver starburst and your personalized wording on the cover. You can customize the inside with your own wording and layout.

Finish it all off with personalized prom favors. Keepsakes are a perfect way for students to treasure their prom memories. We suggest glassware, candles, or picture frames personalized with your prom slogan and logo.

Check out other jungle event themes or send us your questions.