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Top Prom Themes of 2011

Here are Stumps’ top-rated themes for Prom 2011!

Arabian Event Theme
Prom-goers seemingly can’t resist the allure of spending Nights on the Nile or exploring an evening in an Arabian paradise – and why should they? These themes represent the perfect combination of adventure and romance in exotic locales. Check out Treasure the Night with an Arabian Themed Prom decorating ideas for a night to remember!

Castle Event Theme
Castle and Fairy Tale event themes are hot for 2011. Romance rules castle themes such as I Believe, Once Upon a Dream, and Evening in Camelot.

Hollywood Event Theme
The appeal of a Hollywood Red Carpet Event or Hollywood Nights prom never fades. Seems we’re always ready for our close-up and to see our names in lights!

Mardi Gras Event Theme
Mardi Gras means “party” in French, right? Year after year, prom-goers happily attend such French Quarter favorites as Mardi Gras Mambo and Rendezvous on Bourbon Street.

Masquerade Event Theme
Masquerades are popular Mardi Gras themes, but that’s not the whole story. Masquerades can have a mysterious Venetian flavor, or re-create the dramatic sumptuousness of the Phantom of the Opera masquerade setting – as many prom committees are discovering!

Time Event Theme
More proms are devoting a night to a Moment in Time, an Hour of Enchantment, or even a moment when Time Stands Still at their proms.

Underwater Event Theme
The other-worldly beauty of such themes as Depths of Forever and Deep Blue Destiny ensure the continued popularity of the under-the-sea event.

Mardi Gras Magic Masquerade Prom Theme

What prom theme could be more mysterious and magical than a fabulous Mardi Gras Magic Masquerade?! Transform your venue into a messmerizing setting splashed with purple, gold, black, and pink colors. The guests will walk under giant masks, then walk by three mysterious columns, and finally enter through a beautiful arch with the Mardi Gras Magic Theme Kit.

Start by sending out customized black foil Magic of Mardi Gras invitations with your choice of silver or gold imprint color.

A great way to jazz up your decorations is with bouquets of Mardi Gras mask latex balloons. Another unique decoration to check out is the giant Mardi Gras mask standee. To give your venue a feeling of movement and flow, hang or drape metallic gossamer, which comes in an array of colors to choose from.

Table Settings
Dress up your tables with the Mardi Gras Table Setting. The items are available individually, allowing you to choose the ones you really want to give your tables that masquerade style.

Party Favors
There are numerous party favors to choose from for your guests to take home from their magical night. Mardi Gras shimmer beads make a spectacular favor choice. Another really great favor is making available one the masquerade custom glitter frames for your memorable prom photo. Lastly, make sure to add some drama to your favors with the custom creation Mardi Gras celestial mint tins.

Add Some Mystery with a Masquerade Theme Prom

masquerade-prom-theme-kitIf you’re looking for a romantic and elegant themed prom, a masquerade theme may be the perfect choice. Our masquerade theme prom creates the look of an elegant ballroom and the mystery of a masquerade ball.

The Masquerade Decorations Kit includes a masquerade arch, a pair of masquerade columns and three three-tiered chandeliers.

Begin transforming your venue into an elegant ballroom by covering the floor with black and white checkered flat paper. Cover the walls with silver flat paper and drapes of metallic silver gossamer. Around the floor scatter purple and silver balloons for a light but lovely touch.

The Lighted Masquerade Arch makes a fantastic focal point for your event or a great entrance. Either way, students will love taking pictures under it. The arch is 11 feet tall and 6 feet wide and constructed from cardboard. It is decorated with silver masks and purple twistees.

Set up the Masquerade Columns around the room to create a full look. The columns are 7 feet 8 inches tall and 2 feet 6 inches wide. They have a beautiful curved base and silver and purple masks on top.

Suspend the Three Tiered Chandeliers around the room to catch lights and add a classic, shimmering look.

The Mask Mural Standee is another fantastic accent, perfect for photo settings. The mask is 2 ¼ feet tall and 6 feet wide and printed on freestanding cardboard. Accent it with lights and tinsel too.

Stumps Prom & Party has a vast array of prom party supplies for you to choose from to customize your prom with gossamer, custom vinyl banners, centerpieces and other finishing touches.

Once you’ve designed your prom, choose a Memory Booklet for students and guests to take home to cherish the night. The Magic of Mardi Gras Booklet is a perfect choice for a masquerade theme. The black matte cover features masks on a gold or silver metallic oval, plus your custom wording. The inside is printed with your content. Check out our Memory Booklet Tips for more ideas.

We have a huge selection of personalized prom favors for you to choose from. For this theme, we suggest sending students home with a Custom Creation Mardi Gras Metal CD Case. The case features an elegant white mask and your custom wording on a black background. Students can keep their favorite CDs in the case and remember prom for years to come.

A masquerade theme prom is sure to be sensational. Check out all of our prom supplies and let us help you create the prom of your dreams.