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A Night of Escape

Host a Sorority or Fraternity Dance

Typically, when students enter college, they are excited to leave the world of high school behind and continue with their lives, perhaps by joining fraternities or sororities.  However, once the stress of college sets in, those same students long for the days of high school, with less homework and more semi-formal dances.  As college life grows more intense, students look for a way to relax, almost exactly as they did during high school.  Because fraternities and sororities are famous for hosting mixers and parties, organizing a semi-formal dance can present a new challenge.  It’s also a good way to initiate those new members, allowing them to step up and organize a semi-formal dance while the older members observe and help, if needed. 

College Formal Themes

Start by thinking of a place to which you would want to escape.  You want the chance to be someone else, someone who has no worries, in a time when life is easy and fun.  You’re on your way to choosing a semi-formal dance theme.  Much akin to high school semi-formals, fraternities and sororities have themed dances, not only for Homecoming, but for various other reasons throughout the year. 

Masquerade College Formal Theme

Masquerade is a popular semi-formal dance theme, because it allows students to escape their collegiate identities and become entirely different people for an evening.  An air of mystery surrounds a Masquerade-themed semi-formal dance, and there are many different themes of the Masquerade itself—everything from a candle-lit Music of the Night (for the music and theater department dances) to a bright and colorful Peacock-themed masquerade.

Fifties College Formal Theme

Another semi-formal dance theme that is sure to help students relax is a Fifties theme.  While fraternity dances don’t always use life-sized props, this dance theme could give the fraternities on campus a chance to let their men show off cars that they’ve worked to restore.  If they don’t have many cars, there are always hot rod standees that could be used!  A Fifties semi-formal dance theme is a great way for students to let loose and let their hair down, but still have fun.  Girls can take it to the next step and find poodle skirts to wear, while guys could wear their leather jackets and slacks.  For this dance theme, formal attire is not required.  It’s all about having fun, dancing, and going back to the ease of the Fifties.

Casino Fraternity Dance Theme Ideas

A popular semi-formal dance theme among fraternities is Casino Night.  A Las Vegas casino backdrop will help students trade their stressful college life for a night of fun, dancing, and cards.  This dance theme also gives girls a chance to slip into that little black dress and get all dolled up for a night on the town— even if it’s simply on campus!  After a few high-energy dances, students will be ready to relax with a game or two of blackjack—or maybe a spin on the roulette wheel.  After their night away from homework, students will be relaxed, refreshed, and ready to tackle their homework again.  When planning a semi-formal dance, fraternities and sororities need only remember: relax, have fun, and don’t think about school for a night!  A semi-formal dance, especially in college, is meant to allow an escape, a time for you to relax.  It’s exactly what hard-working students deserve!