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Make Lasting Memories at your Prom or Homecoming!

Plan the Perfect Dance!

Choosing the Theme is the First Step.

What are the hottest themes this year? Poll your student body and find out what is HOT at your school, or search online for ideas! Will this be a formal or casual dance? Once you pick a theme, you can begin gathering your prom supplies and decorations to create those lasting memories!
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Keep the Royalty, but Make New Prom Court Traditions

red aisleProm season is in full swing.  Unfortunately, the glitz and glamour of this special night frequently comes with drama and fighting among students.  The quest to become prom royalty often leads to poor behavior from teens in an effort to win a popularity contest.  This is one area where the beginning of new traditions could be a valuable tool in making your school’s prom more successful than ever.

This could be a great opportunity to help students learn real life skills that could help them when applying for colleges or jobs.  Instead of a popularity contest, select candidates based on pre-determined criteria and a series of interviews. Create challenges to encourage students to conduct themselves in a professional manner and develop marketable skills.  Get creative and think outside of the box!  There are a ton of fun and educational ways to make the quest for prom royalty a growing experience for young professionals.   This would be an especially great way to add practical skills to the resume of young people who often have a difficult time gaining experience. Encourage students to focus on education by setting a minimum GPA requirement for the candidates.  By mimicking the college application process you can start students thinking about the steps sooner rather than later.

Community service is a great way to build the resume of young people.  Set a minimum requirement for volunteer hours and have the candidates present an essay or multimedia project on their experiences.  This will help to build public speaking skills as well as help students learn how to put together a professional project.  Get the A/V department involved by taping speeches and interviews.  They can edit them and broadcast to the school.  Students can also learn great skills by creating quality video projects. Have students make practical, applicable plans on how they can solve a prominent social problem within the school.  Schedule debates during which candidates can present their plans and discuss social issues and potential resolutions in a constructive way.  By guiding the conversation and making it a positive discourse students will learn to be tolerant of opinions different than their own and to work through problems in a constructive way instead of arguing.

Social Media is more than just a way for teens to communicate with one another.  The development of this branch of marketing has opened vast opportunities for networking.  This is also an area where teens struggle with what information is appropriate to share.  Have them create accounts to spread their ideas and further their campaign using social media.  A short compilation of the data gained from their social media experience could be a great tool in college applications as well as applying for jobs and internships. This video is a great example of using technology to promote your candidates.  If you would like your prom’s campaign to take on a more professional feel, encourage students to be more serious.

Let’s re-write the meaning of prom and use this as a jumping off opportunity for a more positive and productive prom experience.  Our high quality prom court items will offer a fantastic reward for the winners of these coveted prizes.  Students will truly appreciate the meaning behind their crowns when they have tiara1had such a positive experience and put such hard work into earning them.  Reward their hard work by welcoming them with a walk down our luxurious red carpet.  Make them feel really special by going all out with our robes and royal scepters.  Our wide selection of tiaras and crowns will allow you to choose the perfect finish to your royal ceremony!

Top Event Planning Trends — Hot in 2012

2012 Event Trends Revealed

What’s hot and what’s not this year in the event planning industry?  We asked top planners to share which event supplies and party supplies they feel are on fire in 2012.

Old World Vintage Events

As for popular decorations, Ana Skidmore of Two Foot Creative thinks, “the vintage look will still be around, but with a twist.”  Skidmore predicts a more elegant vintage look.  Rather than rustic, with “farms and old books and luggage,” events will probably show a more “old-world vintage.” 

This is a trend mostly seen in weddings, but what weddings start, proms soon follow.  Just think: your prom theme could be An Evening Under the Stars, but then you could give it a Victorian twist, with more antique colors, such as gray, ivory, and gold.

Favors that Promise to be Popular in 2012

Another popular trend is offering party favors that are edible.  Candy bars that are personalized with fun messages and names and personalized candy jars, lollipops, and mint tins are vogue in 2012.

Edible favors are sure to be popular at proms, dances, after-proms, and all sorts of other events this year.  Personalized candy jars are not only a fun way to add a creative decoration to your event, but are also great for keeping your attendees or guests from getting too hungry.  These personalized candy jars are sure to last a long time—the image you choose is printed directly onto the lids of the candy jar.  This could be a favor that is planning-committee-specific—only members of the event planning committee can take these as favors.

Another great idea for favors is personalized photo frames.  You could either choose frames with a personalized message on them or you could choose frames that your friends could sign and leave little notes on, thus adding to the memories from the evening.



More Hot Decorations for 2012

Choose a variety of backdrops for your prom that will work beautifully with the “old-world vintage” idea.  Rather than simply sticking with a starry backdrop, you could also use a backdrop covered in red roses or a backdrop of Victorian feathered masks.  Any of these, as well as many others, will work with grey, ivory, and gold for decorations.

After you’ve chosen the backdrop around which you’ll decorate, you can move on to colors.  As Skidmore said, grey, ivory, and gold will be popular during the “old-world vintage” trend.  This evokes a more elegant type of event, perfect for prom.  You could use gold fabric for table covers and then focus on ivory and grey as your accent colors. If you run into problems finding grey accents, try focusing on ivory and gold as your two main colors and adding small amounts of black to set off the elegance of the event.  Now, put your newly-learned skills to work and plan an elegant event to remember!

New For Prom 2011

It may seem like forever from now, but prom 2011 will be here before you know it. It’s never too early to start visualizing themes, budgets, and the overall finished event. To start your committee’s planning with a bang, we’ve compiled what’s new for Prom 2011.

Fresh, 2011 Prom Themes
As you eye Stumps online catalog and our prom 2011 theme ideas notice the colors, styles, themes, and tips. We’ve left a few decorating ideas on each page for you.

Prom 2011 Event Themes Highlights

  • Stumps introduces trendy new decorations for prom 2011.
  • Buy hot, 2011 personalized, new invitations.
  • Give guests something to talk about at their tables. Buy prom 2011 new table decorations and centerpieces for do-it-yourself, budget-beating, decorating success.

Jazzy 2011 Event Theme Favors
Make your prom 2011 new party favors memorable. Stumps prom 2011 candle favors are poured in your school’s colors. We also like personalized pillows, and photo cubes.

Enjoy your upper classmen days this year, as you start to plan prom 2011. Share your hot, new, ideas with us!

Hit the Town with a City Theme Prom

Going to Town City Props

Going to Town City Props

A city theme prom is a fantastic, classy choice for your or event. Stumps Party has many city-themed decoration kits to set your event with metropolitan style. The Going to Town kit brings a cool, futuristic look to your evening! City props includes tons of beautiful decorations for your event: an arch, a tower, a skyscraper, a building, and a bridge.

Create a background for your theme by covering the back walls with purple gossamer. Create white gossamer “spotlights” by draping white gossamer from the ceiling to a diagonal down to the floor. Cover the floor with metallic black corrugated paper and add blue metallic floral sheeting for water.

Begin using your Going to Town kit by setting up the train arch. It makes a fantastic entrance to your event and it fits seamlessly into the look of the whole decorating kit. The arch is personalized and stands 11’ 2” high and 10’ 11” wide. Made from sturdy cardboard, the arch features a railway train sitting on two pillars and is accented with twinkle lights. Guests will love taking commemorative photos under this arch!

Next add the building (14’ 2” x 7’ 2”), the tower (14’ 3” x 9’ 5”) and the skyscraper (13’ x 3’ 10”) to create your city skyline. Each building is decorated with twinkle lights and adds dimension to the look and feel of your decorations.

Finish the kit off by adding the Going to Town bridge over the metallic background material river going through the center of your room. The bridge adds a great touch to the setting. It stands 14’ tall, 9’ 4” wide, and 5’ 8” deep. Accent the bridge with twinkle lights and vinyl twistees to form the cables. It makes a great focal point for your event!

After designing your prom decorations, choose invitations. Stumps Party invites come custom printed with your content and are a classic keepsake. For this theme, we suggest the city skyline custom invitation.

Send guests home with a beautiful photo album party favor to remember their prom with!

Dance the Night Away with a Twilight Memories Prom

twilight-memories-prom-decorating-kitBeautiful color combinations make for stunning proms. Black and gold is a perfect color scheme for an elegant prom and Stumps Prom & Party’s Twilight Memories Kit includes wonderful black and gold prom decorations to create a venue perfect for lasting memories.

The Twilight Memories Kit includes a sophisticated stretch arch, a decorative stretch screen, two modern luminescent columns (gold and black), an 8 ft lighted wire star, two gleaming brilliance parasols (gold) and two exquisite lamps (black).

We created a base for the decorating kit with gray and white checkered flat paper to make a ballroom floor, accented with black and gold metallic balloons. We draped white gossamer in sheaths from the ceiling and added drops of twinkle light strings and a die cut star curtain to create a breathtaking background.

Use the sophisticated stretch arch to create a beautiful entrance to your event. The arch is made of stretch fabric covering a metal frame and stands 7 feet 7 inches long and 8 feet 2 inches high. Students will love entering your event through the arch and taking commemorative photos.

Create a fuller look and break up space using the modern luminescent column set. The columns stand 8 feet tall and 2 feet in diameter and are constructed of stretch fabric covering a sturdy frame. Accent the columns with glow necklaces linked together and wrapped around the column for a simple, fun effect. These columns can be reused for tons of events too!

Divide space elegantly with the decorative stretch screen. The angled screen is 8 feet wide and 7 feet tall on the tallest end and 5 feet 11 inches high on the shorter end. The decorative screen stretch venue decor is wonderful paired with a spotlight projecting your prom slogan and logo.

Use the silver lighted star to illuminate the entrance to your dance floor. The star is 8 feet tall and 2 feet wide and is accented with 350 lights.

The gleaming brilliance parasols and exquisite floor lamps are a great finishing touch. The parasols look wonderful suspended from the ceiling. They measure 3 feet 8 inches in diameter and add an elegant touch. The exquisite floor lamp adds a romantic glow to the dance floor. The lamp stands 5 feet 3 inches tall and is made from a steel frame accented with paper.

Top the whole scene off with decorations like stylish stretch diamonds and elegance lanterns!

As soon as you’ve designed your prom decorations, design a memory booklet for students to treasure prom night with. The Memory Booklet is a prom tradition created right here at Stumps Prom! For this theme, we recommend the Translucent Prom Night Booklets. The cover includes a print with various prom-themed words and the inside includes your custom content! Check out our Memory Booklet Tips for ideas on how to design your memory booklet.

Finally, send students home with a gorgeous favor such as our Etched Elegance Banded Glitter Gel Candle. The beautiful glassware item is customized with an etching of your prom information and filled with purple gel at the bottom, clear gel on the top and gold glitter. All of our glassware items and candles are fully customizable!

Check out all of our current prom themes and let us help you plan the prom of your dreams!

Create a Star-Crossed Prom with the When Stars Collide Kit

when-stars-collide-prom-theme-kitYour prom will be heavenly when you choose a star theme! This is a wonderful standard prom theme that can take so many twists to become the event you’ve been dreaming of. Our When Stars Collide Theme Prom is a beautiful choice!

The When Stars Collide Kit includes a celestial balloon arch, a celestial luminescent column, two modern luminescent columns (silver and blue), an 8’ lighted wire star, a celestial wonder star, a 3D wire silver star, a blue exquisite lamp and a silver hexagon stand.

Create a base for your star decorations by covering the floor in black and adding a pathway of silver star cutouts. For a backdrop drape silver or white gossamer from floor to ceiling in elegant columns or swags and lace some strands of twinkle lights in for a romantic glow.

For an entrance and focal point to your event, set up the Celestial Balloon Arch. The arch is 10 feet 3 inches long and 9 feet 4 inches high. Decorate the balloon arch with your choice of balloon colors.

Fill out the decorations with the Celestial Luminescent and the Modern Luminescent Columns. Columns are marvelous for creating a fuller look and for dividing up space effortlessly. The Celestial Luminescent Column is 8 feet tall and 2 feet wide and made from metal accented with celestial fabric. Add some twinkle lights for a starrier look. The Modern Luminescent Columns are also 8×2 and are constructed of elastic fabric over a sturdy aluminum frame. Add some star confetti and die cut stars to add a themed touch to these columns.

Next, add the lighted silver star to illuminate the entrance to your dance floor. The 8 foot high and 2 foot wide wire star is covered with 350 lights. It makes a stunning focal point or place for commemorative photos.

Pair it with the Celestial Wonders Lighted Star, which stands 4 feet tall and 4 feet 8 inches long and the 3D Wire Star which is 2 feet by 2 feet.

Add a romantic glow using the Exquisite Floor Lamp and the Elegance Lanterns. The Exquisite Floor Lamp is 5 feet 3 inches tall and made from a steel frame accented with tissue. The Elegance Lantern are made of wire and fabric and are gorgeous suspended from the ceiling. Check out all of our prom supplies for more ideas on how to accent this beautiful prom kit!

Send students home with a memory booklet to savor the night. The memory booklet is a wonderful, simple favor created right here at Stumps Prom. For this theme, we suggest Heavenly Night Booklets, which feature cascading stars embossed in foil-brite on the cover and your own wording. Fill the inside with your custom content and be sure to check out our Memory Booklet Tips for ideas!

Finish the evening with a favor students will love for years to come. The Custom Creation Romantic Celestial Mint Tin is a great choice. The aluminum mint tin is shaped like a star and the label features your choices of design and wording. The tins are full of a ½ oz of peppermints. Check out our full selection of personalized prom favors for more options.

The When Stars Collide Prom is just one take on the classic star themed prom. Check out all of our star themed prom supplies to create your perfect event!