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Escape to Cuba with a Havana New Year’s Event

Transport your New Year’s Eve guests to a hot Caribbean style party with a Havana, Cuba event theme.

Work a Havana Theme
Havana is known as The City of Columns, and that’s just the tip of the palm tree. There are ports, beaches and historic landmarks that a party planner can “build,” such as Morro Castle.

  • Nautical theme supplies can help you evoke the Cuba and the sea that Hemingway loved.

  • Luau event theme products, including tropical banners, are appropriate for a Cuban theme if you choose decorations that accurately represent flora and fauna that can be found on the tropical island, including palms, parrots, orchids and flamingoes.

  • Event backgrounds can instantly transform party room walls into tropical beaches or buildings in Old Havana’s Cathedral Plaza, where a Tropicana-style show is still staged on New Year’s Eve.

Pull Together a Showplace
Speaking of the Tropicana, an Evening at the Tropicana event theme is perfect for a New Year’s gala with its combination of tropical splendor and sophisticated nightclub glamour.

The Tropicana has stages indoors and out. To get the feel of the outdoors one, drape a star patterned gossamer overhead and hang patterned flat paper, such as a flagstone pattern along with a tropical foliage pattern, along the walls.

Need an impromptu stage or DJ area? Use a pink or blue spotlight background illustration as shown below. Mix palm trees with bright primary or neon colors and actual spotlights with candlelight. Echo the dark green of the palms in other decorations, then accent with yellow, red (or hot pink) and bright blue.

Set a Havana Table
Use your palm green in table covers and solid color tableware in a monochromatic way, and then create contrast with centerpiece groupings of tropical fruits or flowers.

A vase or candle holder from Glassware Favors, such as our Bursting Bubbles vase, can hold an LED candle or flowers. Wrap it in a “fence” of sugar cane sticks (find them here).

It’s OK if the cane sticks are uneven in height, and even better if plenty of the beautiful bubbled glass shows above the cane “fence.” You can glue the cane sticks to the vase but even so, tie it all up with a twisted strip of gossamer streamer to complete the look.

Enchanted Forest Prom

It’s where Snow White met her prince. It’s where Edward and Bella fell in love. It makes for the perfect theme for your prom- an enchanted forest. When done with the right decorations, an enchanted forest theme can be romantic and fun when done with elegance and grace.

Light the Way

Perfect lighting is key with a theme like Enchanted Forest, and there are multitudes of lighting options available. If candles are allowed, set up Black Forest Candle Stands around your venue. The metal leaves and clear beads are great for accentuating a walkway or illuminating an entrance. The candles give off a nice, softened glow.

What’s a forest without trees? These white lighted trees are seven feet high and will add dimension and beauty to your prom. They can serve not only as lighting, but as incredible scenery in the Enchanted Forest.

Table Decorations

After draping the tables in the gossamer color(s) of your choice, top half of them with the Ivory Decorative Birdcage Centerpiece. It has the look of a real birdcage and can hold either a tealight, votive or LED candle. Dress up the birdcage for your Enchanted Forest theme by adding greenery, flowers or miniature faux birds.

With the other half of the tables, top them in gossamer and then add the Black Forest Centerpiece. This metal candle holder is nearly 10 inches high and can be accessorized with moss or twig garland.

Photo Opportunities

While your Enchanted Forest prom is going to be breathtaking no matter where you look, it’s a good idea to have a focal point where people will want to take pictures. Use four chocolate luminescent square columns as the base for a gazebo. Top it with the gazebo metal topper and decorate with gossamer, ivy, garland and lights. Add color to the gazebo with elegant tissue butterflies, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful meeting place for prom goers who want the perfect backdrop for their pictures.

A Bit of Magic

No Enchanted Forest is complete without a touch of magic. These Fairy Berries will add sparkle to the event by flashing on and off, giving off the light of fireflies. They can be hung by the included hook or used in water.

Memories to Last a Lifetime

Don’t send your guests home empty handed! Since they will be so impressed with the Enchanted Forest theme, they will surely be taking lots of pictures. As a parting gift, give attendees this Enchanted Forest Mod Frame. Have it personalized so they will remember the night for a lifetime!

Black Tie Events

Twilight Memories Kit

Envision an evening of fun, elegant sophistication and you have envisioned a black tie themed event. Bring in black for the sophistication and gold for the elegance. Bring in all of your group’s personalities for the fun. Bring in Stumps Party’s huge selection of prom decorations and you will have all that you need to make the perfect space in which it all happens. This look can easily be created with the Twilight Memories kit customized with additional accessories.

Entrance is everything! Start the wow factor for the evening’s offerings with a Moonlit Whirl Dancing Couple mural or two. Put one on each side of the entrance embellished with bunches of gold metallic latex balloons and metallic black latex balloons. Add a bit of whimsy to communicate that this is the place to be by placing a metallic gold left paparazzi near this entrance as well.

Depict the class of a black tie event with a set of dancing couple silhouettes. Build on the beauty of the dancing couple silhouettes by surrounding them with the gold and the black modern luminescent columns, and the two exquisite lamps found in the kit. Create an opulent look to the center of the dance floor by draping metallic gold gossamer and black gossamer from the ceiling to the floor. Fill out the dance floor with the decorative stretch screen. This assymetrical screen is ideal for bringing your event’s logo and/or theme to life. It’s simple to do. Just shine the logo onto the screen’s white stretch fabric for a great added touch. Accent the screen with the kit’s two gleaming brilliance parasols.

Provide the perfect space for food items and conversation with attractive tables and inviting lighting. Begin by setting off these spaces with luminescent columns. These eye-catching columns measure 8′ high by 2′ in diameter and are available in twelve different colors of which black, white and or gold would be the best match. Incorporate more gold and black balloons as well as some more gossamer. Accentuate the 8′ luminescent columns with some 4′ high lighted fabric pedestal columns available in black, white or silver. These columns can even double as a table where food can be eaten. For the table, consider the black bow tie centerpiece atop a gold glitter taffeta fabric garnished with top hat & bow tie confetti. Complete your table needs by choosing your plates, cups and cutlery items by browsing all of Stumps Party’s event tableware.

Begin the photo scene with sophistication! Repeat the beauty of the tablecover fabric on the wall of your photo decor’s backdrop accented with draping black gossamer. Frame the photo with the use of the kit’s sophisticated stretch arch available in black, white or silver. Add some twinkle to the arch with the kit’s 8′ lighted wire star. Place one of the three dancing couple silhouettes in the background to echo the elegance of the dance floor in the photograph.

Stumps Party’s selection of favors is astounding. The perfect prom favor is just a click away. For this black tie event consider the tuxedo favor boxes for treats and momentos. If the black tie event is to usher in the New Year, select the Jacquie alarm clock and 2″ by 2 1/4″ photo holder imprinted with your event’s theme. Send everyone home with a smooth black stem flute reflective of the black tie theme in its black stem and elegant shape that can also be used at the snack table.

Make this night of fun, elegance and sophistication memorable for years to come. Stumps Party gives you it all for prom supplies – kits, formal dance decorations, tableware, favors, invitations, prom tips, ideas and more. Share your comments with us about your black tie event.

Top New Year’s 2011 Event Themes

Ta-da! Here’s our listing of top New Year’s 2011 event themes. (Drum roll, please…)

Time Event Themes

  • Memories of 2011
  • A Moment in Time
  • Time Stands Still
  • Retro themes, where the event takes memories further back to the 70s, 60s or 50s, are also popular New Year’s themes.

    Black Tie Event Themes

  • Dancing in the Moonlight
  • A Night to Remember
  • Masquerade
  • Black tie theme events can be old-fashioned or ultra modern, and can easily be combined with a time theme or city event theme to bring fresh anticipation and excitement to a New Year’s party.

    Destination Theme Events

  • London
  • Paris
  • New Year’s Eve partygoers love to count down the minutes with Big Ben, or cultivate the timeless appeal of the Left Bank and Mr. Eiffel’s masterpiece.

    Other Top New Years 2011 Event Themes

  • Casino
  • Mardi Gras
  • Jazz
  • Spending New Year’s Eve in Monte Carlo, Chicago or the Big Easy is always in style!