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Escape to Paris with these Prom & Wedding Decorating Ideas

Paris is already one of the premier party themes. The success of Les Misérables — including a Best Picture nomination for the Oscars™ on Sunday — will ensure the popularity of Paris event themes for some time to come. Let’s look at decorating ideas, including romantic Paris props new for proms and weddings, that will enchant Paris lovers of all stripes this spring.

Gossamer Wings
You’re the one with wings when you use gossamer for decorations. This light, sheer decorating fabric looks delicate but its versatility will allow your creativity to soar whether your desire is to braid, cascade, swag or tie bows with it.

Build a background worthy of magnificent Paris landmarks for a Paris party this spring. Suspend a wire across a whole wall and as close to the ceiling as you can get it (or, if you’re dealing with a gym, 8-12 feet high). Attach light strings, light curtains or other twinkle style event lights from the wire; then hang lengths of gossamer, softly pleated, in front of the lights for a “starry” night with a dreamlike quality.

Achieve a gauzy vintage or garden-like feel with a pastel. Alternatively, a metallic gossamer fabric in a dark color can suggest a sleek, sophisticated nightlife.

Paris, Prop-erly
For an assemblage of props to match a particular setting or era, you can’t go wrong with a Paris theme kit from the Paris Props catalog. Each contains free-standing, coordinating pieces such as buildings, arches, street lights and trees.

Don’t forget the landmarks! We have several different styles of Eiffel Tower. Also, the Arc de Triomphe Arch (as seen above in the Set the Stage kit) is magnificent not only due to its size but also the 3-dimensional effect achieved by its designer. Place a Paris landmark prop to be the center of attention – and get ready for the photo requests!

Also, consider exploring other themes for ideas. For example, you might look to Hollywood props for a “Paris Under the Stars” theme, while garden event theme supplies can help achieve a park-like Paris feel that’s perfect for spring events.

Sur La Table
Bring your gossamer and twinkle lights to Parisian tables, and use decorations that can double as tableware, favors, or both. For prom this spring, we especially favor (heh) a trio of unique Paris favors: Eiffel Tower stemware, one of our Paris or glitter key tags and a random twist of silver party beads for each place setting.

Get more ideas from our ever-expanding collection of table decoration packages. We’ve devoted four settings specifically to Parisian looks plus other sophisticated arrangements you can easily adapt for a Paris-themed wedding or prom.

How to Decorate for Prom

The big night might be a year away or just a few months down the road. Whenever it is, there is a lot that goes into decorating a venue for prom night.

Pick a Theme

Before you can begin decorating, you must decide on a theme. Prom themes are practically endless, and new themes show up every year. Your theme isn’t for teenagers across America, it’s for teenagers at one specific high school. Make sure the theme will appeal to the majority of the students attending. The prom theme is a huge deal to attendees. Put a lot of thought into picking a theme.

Buy Decorations

Don’t put this off. If you’ve selected a popular theme for the year, there’s always the chance that companies will be out of the decorations you desire. Plan early, and order early.

One of the best ways to save money is to purchase a kit filled with most of the decorations you need. For example, say you have decided on a Paris theme. This Toujours Paris Decorating Kit includes nearly  everything you would need for a Romance in Paris theme. It includes an awning, café stand, sign, Eiffel Tower mural, Arc De Triomphe mural, Notre Dame mural, European skyline, a street light and a paradise fountain. There are many kits like this that include practically everything you need to decorate.

Make sure the bases are covered

A great prom will have an exciting entryway, eye-catching focal point, elegant tables with themed centerpieces, and perfect mood lighting. Be prepared with all of these things in advance. Have a plan before you dig in and start decorating. Make sure you have all your bases covered before you start assigning people to help get the job done.

It’s crucial that you know the rules of the venue where you are having your prom. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on decorations that aren’t allowed. Go over the rules with the owner of the venue, or if it is at your high school, get in touch with the principal and custodial staff to make sure your decorations are acceptable.

Round up the helpers

Make sure you have an ample amount of students who will be helping decorate. It is, after all, their prom. Send notices home so parents are aware that students are staying to decorate. It’s also a good idea to recruit parents to help.

The most important decoration of all

All of the beautiful decorations at prom will eventually be torn down, many of them thrown away. The one decoration that prom attendees get to take home with them is the prom favor. Put a lot of thought into this, as it will be kept for years to come. It should reflect the mood and theme of the night and have a lasting impression.

Having trouble deciding on the perfect prom favor? Try using the Favor Finder to figure out the perfect gift for your prom guests.

Spring’s Top 10 Prom Themes

Stumps Party presents the list of spring’s top 10 prom themes.

Candy Land
If you want a combination of color and fun, this is the theme. The student body will love the lollipop-lined walkways, the sweet taffy waterfall, cupcake backdrops, and sweet candy arch. The success of this prom is easily described in one word – sweet.

Mardi Gras
Put the party into your prom with a Mardi Gras theme. Fill your space with vibrant purples, greens, and golds. Add beads, feathers, and masks. Based upon the style of your decorations, you can replicate the look of an embellished, New Orleans street or simply elicit a sense of mystical magic, or Afro-Caribbean mambo. What used to be for the French is now perfect for your school.

Everyone will sing “Hurray for Hollywood” when committee members see how easily this theme comes together and when the student body takes pleasure in the glitz of this hot theme. Give them the star treatment with a red carpet entrance, rows of paparazzi, lights, cameras, Hollywood Walk of Fame stars, and more. This theme can also lean to a more casual interpretation with an emphasis on film, popcorn, and lots of yellow, red, and white.

Bring the upscale, cosmopolitan atmosphere to your school with a city theme. Surround prom-goers with skyscrapers, billboards and lots of lights. Pull these items together to give the impression of a city, or make it a New York night with the addition of a Times Square theme kit or Central Park props.

The Parisian theme is always a hit with its romantic, European flair. Imagine the excitement of your student body as they get to walk past the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe arch, or a Parisian café. Play some Edith Piaf, serve baguettes with pate, and cover the walls with backdrops depicting scenes of Paris, such as the Champs-Elysees.

You won’t be rolling the dice when you choose this popular theme. Students love the high-energy décor of playing cards, poker chips, dice, and roulette wheels. Choose from a jackpot night, a high roller night, or a Vegas escape theme kit. Include some games, a buffet and some live entertainment for the full casino experience.

The Indian theme has really become a favorite because of its modern exoticism. The juxtaposition of rich greens, purples, golds, blues, and pinks create a breathtaking look that is unique to the Indian culture. This theme benefits from lots of draping chiffon, shimmera, and gossamer fabrics, trimmed with string lights. Prom-goers will be charmed with the beauty of this destination theme prom.

Dazzle everyone with a stars theme prom. The student body will be taken aback when they find themselves surrounded with gold, silver, and white stars of all sizes that reflect light throughout the space. Choose from star-studded arches, stairways, columns, and tunnels. Decorate the ceiling with hanging stars, string lights, and panels of star gossamer fabric.

Prom-goers love the chance to revisit the days of chivalry and courtly love. That is why the castle theme is always a success. This theme can capture the romantic look of a fairytale castle, the medieval look of the Knights of Camelot, or the fantasy look of an ice castle.

Everyone loves the 50’s. It was the time of the sock hop, the soda fountains, the poodle skirts, and the emergence of rock and roll. People knew how to have fun and student bodies all over the country still have fun with a fifties prom theme. Fill the space with 45’s, vintage car props, jukebox standees and drive-in decorations. This theme has lots of possibilities, so just run with it and have fun.

Choose your theme and fill all of your decorative, tableware, publicity and favors needs at Stumps Party. We love proms and we want to make sure that your school loves yours.

Paris Table Settings Add a Chic Touch

Gold-Paris-Table-SettingFor a dinner party or a Paris themed event, Paris table decorations are a great way to add a chic look to the whole affair. Stumps Prom & Party has several Paris table setting options to create the romantic elegance of Paris for your guests.

The Gold Paris Table Setting (pictured above) is created by covering the table with a silver plastic table cover and edging it with a dark blue plastic table skirt. Take gold tulle and create swags around the table and place a gold shimmer star over top of the peak where the swags attached. Place an Eiffel Tower Tealight Holder in the center of the table for a lovely centerpiece. A scattering of Eiffel Tower Confetti adds some shimmer. Cover your chairs in white gossamer and drape some gold petal garland around the chair for a great finish.

Creating your own stylish Parisian table setting is another option. Cover the table in a black or slate grey plastic table cover. Edge the table in grey or silver gossamer with a red rose garland around the top of the table where the gossamer attaches. At each place setting, set a Parisian picture frame as a place card holder, an Eiffel Tower goblet, and an Eiffel Tower Candle. These favors work into your table setting as a decoration. Place a Mini City Streetlight in the middle as a centerpiece on top of a runner of gossamer decorating material in our Parisian pattern. Drape the chairs in the same gossamer and secure it in the middle with red rose garland.

For subtle sophistication try our Souvenirs of Paris Table Setting. Cover the table with a black plastic tablecover. Over top, edge the table with white tulle. Around the top, attach a silver metallic streamer. Create coordinating chair decorations by wrapping the top of the chair in white tulle and add a silver gossamer streamer. In the center of the table, set a Midnight in Paris Centerpiece, which shines with a candle through transparent paper. Add a Paris Picture Frame at each place setting for a lovely place card holder. Set the table with silver tableware and top it all off with Eiffel Tower Confetti.

Check out all of our Paris Event Theme decorations for more ideas to host a spectacular party.

Make Prom Magnifique with a Perfect Night in Paris Theme

a-perfect-night-in-paris-decorating-kit Paris is the original prom theme and Stumps Party has been working on perfecting it for decades! We have several prom kits for transforming your venue into a Parisian getaway. The A Perfect Night in Paris decoration kit is simple and elegant for a prom venue that is beautiful but not overdone.

The kit includes two white modern luminescent columns, two black modern luminescent columns, a fabuleux Eiffel Tower and two perfect night in Paris stars.

Create a gorgeous backdrop for your prom using metallic blue gossamer draped in curtains and swags along the walls. (Check out our gossamer tips for how-tos!) Cover the floor in dark blue flat paper or silver metallic background material. The material will reflect lights for a beautiful, shimmering dance floor.

Set up the modern luminescent columns around the room to create a full, elegant look. The columns are also great for simply dividing up space. The columns stand 8′ tall and 2′ in diameter and are lighted for a soft glow. They’re constructed from stretch fabric over a metal frame. Accent the columns with black mirror bright stars and dark blue shimmera sashes around the middle.

In the center, add the fabuleux Eiffel Tower for a beautiful focal point. The lighted black Eiffel Tower is 10 feet tall and stands on a 2′ 8″ square base. Drape some metallic silver gossamer around the tower for an elegant accent.

Accent the scene with perfect night in Paris stars. You can accent the 3′ 10″ by 3′ 7″ stars with your personalized wording!

Set up 3D wire stars to light up your dance floor. You can easily add these stars to your kit as they are found on the kit’s order page. They stand 2′ by 2′ and are perfect for a simple accent and a romantic glow. Check out all of our Paris event theme decorations for a full assortment.

Once your prom is designed, choose a memory booklet to send students home with for a keepsake. The memory booklet was created right here at Stumps Party! For this theme the dreams of Paris booklet is a fantastic choice. The black matte cover is adorned with a silver Eiffel Tower and your custom wording. The inside is printed with your custom content. Check out our memory booklet tips for ideas on how to fill the booklet.

Stumps Party has hundreds of personalized prom favors for you to choose from. Select a prom favor to finish your event. Our custom creation Paris pure romance frame is a great choice! The background is printed with a gorgeous Eiffel Tower photo and your custom wording. Students can add their favorite 5×7 prom photos!

Check out all of our Paris-themed proms and let us help you plan a prom to remember!

Make Prom Picture Perfect with a Pictures from Paris Theme

pictures-from-paris-prom-decorationsParis is the original prom theme and it’s as popular as ever. Stumps Prom has many wonderful Paris-themed prom kits to help you create a beautiful event. Our Pictures From Paris Kit creates a gorgeous scene under the romantic lights of the Eiffel Tower.

The Pictures From Paris Kit includes one Eiffel Tower, one Summer Romance Garden Bench, two city street lamps, two enchanted garden trees, one elegant garden arch, two tree silhouettes, and two cuckoo trees.

Create a backdrop for your decorations using gold tulle draped from floor to ceiling in slight angles. Add black flat paper or gossamer behind the tulle to make the fabric really pop. Cover the floor with forest green gossamer, poly vinyl and cobblestone to create the courtyard. Add sections of blue metallic background material and premium white tulle to create the water and put in some twinkle string lights for a romantic glow.

The focal point for this theme kit is the Pictures from Paris Eiffel Tower. The cardboard tower is 12 feet high and 5 feet 5 inches wide and is lined with twinkle lights. It will be a gorgeous way to set the mood for your event and students will love to take photos under it.

Create the scene of a garden using the Elegant Garden Arch as an entrance. The arch is 8 ft high and 1 ft 3 inches wide and is made of metal accented with 200 lights. Add some rose and ivy garland to create a lush, garden look.

Pair the arch with the Summer Romance Garden Bench. The bench is made of wood and metal and is a romantic touch perfect for taking commemorative photos on.

Add the tree silhouettes to the background and around the rest of the scene, scatter the Enchanted Garden Trees and the Cuckoo Trees. Finish the whole scene off with the city street lamps for a soft glow and a classic accent. Check out all of our prom theme decorations for ideas on how to further accent your theme decor.

Once you’ve chosen your decorations, create a memory booklet for students to take home and treasure their prom night with. Memory Booklets are a prom tradition created at Stumps Prom and are a classic item to give away at the door. Our City of Lights Paris Booklet is a great choice for this theme. The cover features your custom imprint. Fill the inside, recycled paper pages with your custom content and bind it with the included cord and tassel.

The Romance in Paris Combo is a great favor idea for this theme. Each Romance in Paris favor combo includes a 4×6 photo album and a 2 ½ x 3 ½” acrylic key tag. You can personalize the combo with your custom logo and slogan. We have a large line of personalized prom party favors for more options.

Check out all of our Parisian Prom Themes and tell us about your event.

Set the Mood for Prom with a Parisian Grand March

parisian-grand-march-decorations A Parisian Garden Grand March is a gorgeous way to involve family and other significant adults in the prom festivities. The Grand March tradition is not only a great opportunity for taking photos, it also adds a touch of elegance and class to your whole event. Stumps Prom has Parisian Grand March decorations perfect for coordinating with your theme without outshining the prom decorations themselves.

Set the backdrop for your grand march with a Paris Personalized Banner. Our banners are printed with your custom wording on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl. Add your prom or grand march details to the banner and hang it above the entrance to announce all the pertinent information or welcome guests.

Set up an Incandescent Eiffel Tower to set the scene. The tower is 7’ tall and 2’3” wide and is lit with 350 lights.

The Lion Head Water Fountain makes a beautiful focal point for your grand march. The polyresin water fountain is 4’8” tall and 2’ 9 ½” wide. Add the elegant wooden bridge for students to walk over and pause for perfect photos!

Use silver gossamer or blue gossamer draped from floor to ceiling to create a lovely backdrop for your grand march. Cover the floors with green tissue grass and flat paper to create the illusion that students are walking through a Parisian park.

Stumps Prom also has Grand March tickets and invitations for a meaningful way to invite parents and other significant guests.

Check out all of our Grand March Tips and Paris Event Theme supplies. Plus, we’d love to hear about your event!