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Seven Super Fourth of July Parade Float Ideas

The town is painted red, white and blue and the fireworks are ready to go. It’s the Fourth of July and all of America is ready to celebrate Independence Day. The cookouts will be delicious and the fireworks spectacular, but the other American staple on this patriotic holiday is the childhood favorite Fourth of July Parade.

Here are seven super Fourth of July Parade float ideas:

1s004aTriumphant Truck
Instead of hauling your float behind the truck, use the truck itself as your parade float. The Patriotic Truck Parade Kit is the easiest way to get started. It includes two 25-foot-long vinyl twists, four 15-inch X 10-foot long pieces of vinyl fringe, and an instruction set. Add some star balloons, American flags, and blare some “God Bless the USA” in the truck speakers and you’ve got yourself a simple, yet patriotic parade float!

Firecracker of a Float
The fireworks might be later in the evening, but get things started with a Firecracker Float during the parade! The Patriotic Float Kit can get you started with its floral sheeting, festooning and fringe. What really makes this float grand is the addition of the cardboard firecrackers. The set of three comes with one that is four-feet high, another that is three-feet high and the third is two-feet, six inches high. They will really make your parade float burst!

Luau for Liberty
Hawaii is just as much a part of the U.S. as any other state, so consider having a luau theme to celebrate Lady Liberty and all she stands for. Naturally, decorate your float in red, white and blue float materials. What will make your float special, however, is the addition of props used at a luau. Have your parade guests wear Americana Leis and add a few palm trees to your float.

Flashback Float for the Fourth
In 1976 America celebrated its bicentennial. Take parade guests on a trip to the 11hcgsnt65brwpast and create your float as if it were 1976. Deck out your float in red, white and blue tie-dye gossamer, blast some classic Southern rock and make sure those on the float are in their favorite bellbottoms as you stroll the streets as a 70’s time machine.

God Bless America Float
This float idea is especially great for church groups. Personalize a banner with the words “God Bless America” and the name of your organization or church. Add some “God Bless America” columns to the float and be sure to play some patriotic, Christian music.  Consider having different people on the float dress up as famous American Christians from the pioneer days when America first became independent.

Celebrate American Cities
Instead of celebrating America as a whole, celebrate one of America’s favorite cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Seattle. Make that American city come to life on your float! For a city like New York, take some of its iconic buildings and use as a background. Don’t forget the Statue of Liberty, and use lots of patriotic decorations like garland and stars.

Float for Diversity
One of the great things about America is its diversity. Celebrate the wide range of ethnicities by having a Fourth of July parade float that honors people of all backgrounds. Stick with red, white and blue decorations, but have people on the float dressed in traditional clothes of many different cultures like Asian, African, Mexican and Middle-Eastern.

Sparkling Red, White and Blue Event Ideas

There are lots of ways to bring sparkle to your patriotic events this season – often literally! Glitter, glass, foil and rhinestones are just some of the ways we can summon such a thing. Let’s explore.

Fabric Decorations. Many of our decorating fabrics have metallic or glitter versions in the patriotic colors you’re looking for. A sampling: iridescent sparkle, metallic eyelash, liquid metallic, and metallic gossamer fabrics.

Use these fabrics for stage and podium backdrops, ceiling and wall coverings, and table decorations. Generally speaking, we like monochromatic domination in background materials for patriotic parties, mostly because you don’t want to overpower or clash with themed decorations, but there are other reasons, too:

  • to make patriotic patterns really pop via contrast
  • to avoid in general a visual that’s overly busy
  • to let textures and/or light effects “do the talking”

  • There are many choices, so here’s how to narrow them down. If you simply must have red as your dominant color, for example, shop by color first to see the available materials. Other considerations include translucence vs. opacity, a preference for no-sew/no-fray fabrics, a need for flame retardant options, and of course cost.

    Having at least a couple of your requirements worked out in advance means you’ll be able to zoom in on the most likely candidates in no time. Be sure to read other planners’ reviews to find out more about the qualities of fabrics that are new to you.

    Large decorations. The patriotic balloon arch and columns pictured at the top of this post get an extra vertical boost from clusters of our big mylar star balloons reaching up. Meanwhile, versatile swirl chandeliers frame it prettily and push it into the foreground. This creates interest at every eye level. You can also achieve the height you need in large spaces with a glittered arch and sequined columns in a solid color, greeted from the ceiling by hanging star decorations such as our 52” star in patriotic pattern and groovy fringe.

    For props that are larger than life we like to use parade float decorations such as the firecracker props shown above at right – yes, even indoors! Decorate a large table just as you would a parade float, covering it with shiny floral sheeting, festooning, a patriotic banner and the firecracker props. We bet others will wish they’d thought of it.

    Table decorations. Your tables should certainly duplicate the colors and perhaps some of the materials of the other decorations. For example, several of the fabric options discussed earlier would make chic table coverings, as would the floral sheeting. And if you’ve used the star mylar balloons elsewhere you could incorporate them into table centerpieces.

    Sparkle can also equal glassware. Shining glass plus a do-it-yourself adornment of Americana would be perfect as table decorations and as favors. Raid the DIY store for cylinder vases you can transform to suggest firecrackers, or simply embellish votive holders with glitter ribbon or stick-on star rhinestones. A glue gun and your creativity will do the rest.

    Ten Trivia Questions and Answers to Ask At Your Memorial Day Party

    This Americana Lei makes for great Memorial Day Party favors!

    Everyone gets together for Memorial Day – It’s what we do! We grill out, we set up the barbeque, we roll out cold drinks, we often go to the lake if we can… It’s a fun holiday where we get time off work, and there is usually a parade and a commemoration service to honor our veterans.  This Memorial Day, before or after prom this weekend, quiz your friends on how much they know about the Memorial Day holiday:

    1. What do bumblebees and the Air Force have in common?

    Answer: The Air Force used aerodynamics discovered during research on bumblebees on their F-117 fighter.

    2. Just because you “remember the Alamo,” doesn’t mean you know what the word means in Spanish. What does Alamo mean in Spanish?

    Answer: cottonwood

    3. Where was the first “official” observance of Memorial Day?

    Answer: Waterloo, NY

    4. While the first official Memorial Day celebrations began sometime in the 1860s, when was Memorial Day an “official” U.S. holiday?

    Answer: 1971 – yep, it’s fairly recent!

    5. Which U.S. State is closest to Bermuda?

    Answer: North Carolina

    6. Of all the “Founding Fathers” who signed the Declaration of Independence, how many of them went on to become U.S. Presidents? (Bonus if you can name them!)

    Answer: Two – Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

    7. We know the famous line, but what was the actual first word spoken on the moon?

    Answer: Houston.

    “Houston. Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has Landed.” – Neil Armstrong’s first words back to base when his shuttle landed on the moon.

    8. On Memorial Day, is the flag raised to the top of the pole or kept at half staff?

    Answer: This is a trick question! The U.S. flag is supposed to be at half mast until  noon, and then raised to the top of the pole. Whoever gets this one right definitely deserves a prize.

    9. What time is the “National Moment of Remembrance” on Memorial Day?

    Answer: 3pm


    10. What state boasts the longest running Memorial Day Parade? And bonus points if you can name the town, too!

    Answer: Ironton, Ohio – it has been holding a Memorial Day parade every year since 1869.

    Now, when you start throwing out trivia questions left and right, it would be fun to sweeten the pot by offering an incentive to winning at trivia. However you decide to celebrate this Memorial Day, be sure to keep it fun while remembering the reasons behind the holiday.

    Four Star Decorating Tips for Military Balls

    There are few events that are both as formal and as fun as the military ball. Once a year, each branch of the military holds a formal gala where military personnel attend, decked out in their Class A’s or Dress Blues, with their spouse dressed to the 9s. Without a doubt, there is a lot of pomp and circumstance, and proper etiquette to accompany the customs and traditions of each branch and military post, but it is also a chance to unwind and celebrate all the hard work each service member does all year round. Many college and even high school ROTC and jROTC outfits also maintain the practice of holding a military ball, and while they mimic the etiquette of the formal military ball, there is also a little more wiggle room.

     The Big Entrance

    A garland of American flags flapping in the breeze instills a sense of awe and respect amongst the gaiety

    With an event this formal, the entrance is as important as the setting once the guests are inside. Make sure everyone’s arrival is memorable and invokes the honor and prestige of attendance. A flag garland outside the event location paves the way for the transformation just inside, with a formal coatroom and reception area tastefully illuminated with tissue paper lanterns and patriotic-themed columns of red, white, and blue, leading the way into the main event area.

    Set the Tables for Talking

    Lots of conversation happens across the table once the formal dinner has begun, so this is a time to avoid large, showy centerpieces and instead opt for elegant yet understated pieces.  Try several silver reflection centerpieces at each table. You can fill them with elegant red roses, or red, white, and blue flowers, or even flowers with the military unit’s guidon or post colors. Surround them with an assortment of candles, as the reflective surface of the centerpiece will work with the candles to create an illuminating and stunning effect for graceful and practical table décor.

    Keep the Occasion in Mind

    It’s fun to decorate and plan events, albeit quite stressful at times. You can find easy inspiration by thinking of the event as a 4th of July themed affair, but always be sure to match the patriotic fervor with an inspired eye for muted elegance. You don’t want to outshine the guests, and etiquette dictates that their outfits are not too loud, so pair the requisite classic fashion with subtle effects to plan a decorating scheme that will look like it was professionally planned. Create areas around the ballroom for conversation and networking with pairs or trios of luminescent columns.

    Light up the Night

    Finally, mirror the flickering elegance of the table pieces with easy-to-arrange lighting effects that would make even the most intricate of fireworks themselves become lit up with jealousy. Curtains lit with LEDs, placed behind various layers of gossamer in shades of royal blue, brilliant red, and pure, confident white, transform even the most drab event location into a tasteful, stylish, and premiere celebration of the hard work and dedication of military personnel.

    Following these decorating tips (and adding bits and pieces of your own insightful flair) will earn you your 4 stars and top honors with your gala, for sure.

    Capture the patriotic fervor of the 4th of July within the magic of the military ball

    Go U.S.A.! Red, White, and Blue Event Rally Ideas

    Maybe a soldier is coming home. Maybe a soldier is leaving for war. Maybe the community just wants to celebrate America. Whatever the reason, there are lots of patriotic ways to show your red, white and blue with pride in a rally for the U.S.A..

    The Outside
    Wherever the event is, don’t neglect the outside. First impressions are everything. Get your guests pumped before they even enter the door with flags on staffs. They come in a package of 12, so buy a few packages and line the walkways with them. If that’s not enough, get an entire Patriotic Decorating Kit!

    The Entrance
    If the goal is to show American spirit, go all out with a Patriotic Balloon Arch. It’s decorated with latex and mylar balloons in red, white, blue and silver. For something more simple, stand two Patriotic Columns at the entrance that read, “God Bless America.”

    Nothing gets people more pumped up for their country than some patriotic music. Consider playing songs like “America the Beautiful,” “God Bless the USA,” and “Battle Hymn of the Republic” as people settle in for the rally. Naturally, you’ll want to kick the rally off with “The Star Spangled Banner.” Live music is best or at least someone local who will sing it.

    The Stage
    Someone has to lead the rally from behind a podium or microphone. Make sure the setting is dazzled in red, white, and blue decorations. Consider patriotic streamers, balloons, and hang some patriotic danglers from the ceiling.

    The Activities
    Have some speakers lined up for the rally. Choose the most energetic and motivating people you know to get the crowd excited about the event. It would be a great idea to have a veteran speak about his or her experiences in military and how important patriotism is to them.

    If you’ll be serving snacks, do it on red, white, and/or blue tableware. Keep things light with snacks like pretzels, chips, and cookies. Fruit punch and water are best for drinks.

    As long as your rally honors the U.S.A. and gets people pumped about supporting their country, your rally is successful. Some may find the music and speakers moving, and others might get misty-eyed at the vision of so many red, white and blue decorations.

    Show you support the U.S.A. and hold a rally to honor the country you love!

    Put On A Presidential Banquet

    Put on a banquet befitting a president with the help of Stumps Party. The key motifs for this patriotic banquet are stars and stripes exuding elegance, class and style. Just such an atmosphere assures that guests experience an enjoyable moment of regal and comfort as they enjoy great food and great conversation in an unforgettable setting. Create this atmosphere with the decorations and supplies suggested below to incorporate color, stars and stripes.

    The first task at hand is to effectively advertise the banquet in order to produce sales of tickets if there be any. Begin with a few banners. Stumps Party’s create-a-banner offers you the flexibility to choose your colors, border design and words. You can easily find the right size of banner and material as we offer banners that can be used outdoors and indoors. Reach the individual with the use of invitations to be delivered by hand or mail. We suggest the create-an-invite whose features can mirror the choices of color, wording and images of the banners. If you are selling tickets to the event then select the create-ticket which can match all of your choices for the banners and invitations.

    BANQUET ROOM – entrance
    Embellish the entrance with the hanging star with fringe set. The set of two hanging stars are adorned with 3-D shimmer star cutouts and metallic fringe. A bubble fountain in white can be placed near the entrance. Add stripes and the red and blue color to the fountain by winding patriotic streamers among the balloons.

    BANQUET ROOM – backdrop and floor
    Begin creating your presidential space by first addressing the floor and back wall. Set the stage with patriotic elegance. Cover the back wall with stars and stripes patterned flat paper. Soften the edges of the flag backdrop and add depth to the space by hanging decorative fabrics from the ceiling with the use of the metal gossamer hanger with lights. Drape the hanger with metallic white gossamer, red gossamer and metallic blue gossamer. Cover the floor with red seamless paper decorating material.

    BANQUET ROOM – tables
    The banquet is all about the food, its presentation and the tables. Stumps Party offers the supplies to enhance the possible offerings of gourmet hot dogs, exquisite cole slaw, apple pies and dry-ice root beer. Cover all of the tables with red and or blue vinyl covers. Choose the right size and shape by browsing all of Stumps Party tablecover offerings. Cover the vinyl with a sheer silver iridescent chiffon. Use the gossamer used around the backdrop to secure the chiffon to the table by tying the gossamer around the edge of the table top. For tabletop decorations make bouquets of red metallic latex balloons, blue metallic latex balloons and white pearl latex ballons anchored with the help of red and royal blue foil balloon weights. Add glow to some of the balloons with radiant LED balloon lights. Continue the color theme by sprinkling red and royal blue star confetti table decorations.

    Prepare the space for the serving tables by placing eight or more premier columns linked together by draped gossamer used around the backdrop from column to column in front of the backdrop. Choose to have all of your columns 8′ tall or create interest by mixing column heights by including some of the 4′ columns. Place additional columns with gossamer draping around the room to add fullness to the space. The drapes will add the motif of stripes to the room. Continue the look of elegance around the serving tables by hanging a magnificent iridescent chandelier over the center. At the eating tables, incorporate a party favor into the table decor with the create-a-mint tin star. Place star floating candles in red or blue inside of each of the tins.

    Celebrate our country in a patriotic, elegant and classy way with the wide array of products that can be combined in such a way as to create the look that fits your event. Let us know how you celebrate President’s Day or any other occasion where the greatness of our country is the main focus.