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Personalized Banners: Useful for Everything!

While most people hear “personalized banner” and think “graduation party,” personalized banners can be used for much more.  Just think: you can hang a banner on your garage door if you’re hosting a graduation, welcome home, bon voyage, or birthday party.  You can hang a banner at the outside entrance to a prom or a dance so attendees know which door to enter through.  You could also use a personalized banner if you have a pep rally at your school—or if you have a booth selling prom tickets!  There are many, many uses for personalized banners—and now you can create your own.

You can pick from a variety of backgrounds, choose whether or not your want pictures, and pick what message you want your banner to show.  There are also seven different sizes of banners, so you really can pick one to fit your event or project—the biggest banner is roughly the size of a double garage door!  The banners include grommets, so you’re able to easily hang your banner indoor or outdoors, and they’re printed on vinyl.  Not only will you have a durable banner ready to hang anywhere, but it’s one that you created.  Once your friends see your creative stamp, they’ll be eager to help plan the next event so they can create a banner, too!

Make Your Event Unique With Cardboard Standees

Cardboard standees are great additions to many different event decorations.  They can be used as entryways to your prom, arches to take pictures under, or simply as a 3D backdrop to your event.  Not every prom committee uses cardboard standees—some use balloon arches or other things.  Cardboard standees, however, add dimension to your prom or event in a way that not many other things could.

Even if you’re having a themed prom or dance, there are a variety of options for cardboard standees that you can use.  There are standees for casino proms, Hollywood proms, and Mardi Gras proms, among many others.  Some cardboard standees allow you to paste your picture over the face of the standee.  That gives you one more way to create a fun memory of the night.

If you’re having a city-themed dance, there are a variety of backdrops you could decorate with.  You could choose London or New York, whether present-day or in the Roaring 20’s, with city-specific standees like Big Ben and the Brooklyn Bridge Archway, or you could create your own with towering skyscrapers.  Your options are wide open, but whatever you choose, remember that using a cardboard standee will help your event stand out.

After-Prom Activity Ideas

Post- or after-prom parties have become quite popular as a way to keep prom fun going under supervision. They are casual events and activity-based. Just for fun we’ve also tied some after-party ideas to related prom themes.

Movie night. Arrange a movie theater showing just for your post-prom crowd. Narrow down movie selections to relate somehow to the Prom theme: Pirates of the Caribbean to follow a Treasure Bay theme, Some Like it Hot for a 1920s gangster theme, etc. Serve up lots of hot popcorn and bulk candies.

Dance party. Rent club space if you can. If you had a Hollywood theme, make the post-prom about Rock Stars. You might even re-use some of the decorations if logistics permit it: glitzy metallic curtains, spotlight cutouts, even the red carpet aisle runner!

House party. Some prom-goers’ families love to host post-prom house parties, especially if they have special features like pool tables, swimming pools, or space for a bonfire. Select a few decorations related to the prom theme but a more casual version, for example a beach party post-prom event following an underwater theme prom using surf shack decor.

Bowling party. A black tie event and a bowling party might not be polar opposites, but they’re close! Participants often don’t even change clothes first, finding it a hilarious tradition to bowl in their prom duds.

Carnival party. Hold this in an arcade, amusement park or a school gym. This is a very popular option and often run by PTAs and other parents’ groups no matter what the theme, but would be a nice complement to a casino theme prom.

Hot Theme Party Kits for the Musically Inclined

Certain prom event themes bring a special dimension to the party, and that dimension is a particular genre or style of music. Here are some of our favorite prom theme kits for the “musically-inclined” that would create good vibrations for a post-prom party, too.

Rock Star Theme Decorating Kit. This kit hits striking visual notes in purple, blue and red with neon touches and features giant guitar pedestal, pyrotechnic and speaker standees reaching 8-10’ tall! Hang plenty of metallic star curtains and float guitar- and star-shaped mylar balloons with this kit.

All That Jazz Kit. Create a 1920s sidewalk lined with city street lights that leads to a ballroom bandstand. Dance amid flapper and jazz guy silhouettes, then take a break at a table dressed in navy, black and silver tableware and musical votives.

Disco Theme Decorations. Can you ever have enough glass mirror balls? We didn’t think so. Pick up table top disco balls in addition to the big ones you’ll find with the Boogie Arch and sequined columns in this glittering collection.

Hip Hop Hustle Theme Kit. Place these decorations in front of a blue spotlight background illustration, install a graffiti wall with a two toned brick patterned flat paper opposite, pull out some thick markers and start the music.

Twist the Night Away Kit 1950s Decorations. Fifties parties have been popular for at least 30 years. They’ve developed a style all their own and this kit hits all the right notes for the atmosphere you’re seeking. The drive-in is here, the muscle cars are here, the juke box is installed. Add a great mix of music, some malteds and a Rockin’ personalized banner.

Elegant Inflatables and Columns

Add elegance, visual appeal, and a touch of class to your venue with elegant inflatables and columns from Stumps Party.  These decorations add height, depth, and excitement to the look of your prom.


New at Stumps Party are inflatables to add a distinctive flair to your event.  Choose arc columns to frame a photo location, or straight columns to add drama. Inflatable columns are 8′ high and feature 5-minute easy set-up.

For a new and fresh look, try an inflatable arch. The arch can be customized to match your theme with a colored slip or colored lights. Inflatable arches are 9′ high and 10′ wide for a dramatic look. Stability straps are included so that the arch is equally useful indoors or out.


Stumps Party helps you create a memorable look with a huge variety of column choices. 8′ varieties are the most popular, with choices ranging from luminescent columns and swirl columns to the more geometrical square columns. All columns can be tailored to your needs with a variety of slips and lights. You can create even more depth and variety with the  10′ variety of swirling columns.

10' Swirling Inflatable Column adds Depth and Interest to your Party Venue

Looking for decorative columns for your event? Stumps Party has you covered with every shape and style you can imagine, from fluted columns to metallic columns.

Shine on your special night with octagonal star columns, which allow light to shine through the star cutouts.

Columns are available in 4′, 8, and 12′ varieties to suit all your needs.

A Fifties Themed Post-Prom Rocks All Hours

1950’s Car StandeeTwist and shout with a Fifties theme for Post-Prom! Our rock’n’roll decorations and choice of five complete kits will have your school rockin’ around the clock. Start your planning by visiting our Fifties section and by checking out our fun and festive tips below.

Fifties Invitations

Give students a sneak preview of the fun and let them know that this is a “not to be missed” Post-Prom event by sending out unique invitations.
• Visit second-hand record stores and buy old 45s. Cover the label with the details of the event – where, when, RSVP, etc. Use these as invitations.
• If you can’t find the real thing, cut records from black poster board and add your own label, or try our Vinyl 45 custom invitation!

Fifties Decorations

There are lots of great props, centerpieces, tableware, favors and more in the Fifties section. Here are a few extra tips for pulling your Fifties look together for the biggest impact.
• A soda shop or drive-in are great settings for your Post-Prom! The Rock Around the Clock decorations kit brings the soda shop atmosphere together in a snap. Stumps Party At the Hop Drive-In kit has everything you need to bring the drive-in setting inside.
• A jukebox and Fifties music are a vital part of any Fifties party. Rent a jukebox for its contribution to the decoration’s authenticity to the 50’s theme as well as for its functionality in being able to play your music. If you are unable to rent a jukebox then Stumps Party has that need covered. Some of the 50’s theme kits come with a free-standing cardboard jukebox. If you are not buying a kit or if you want to add one to your kit then order the Wurlitzer Jukebox stand-up for looks and spin the records on a stereo.
• Create balloon arches with white and pink balloons or puchase the soda shop arch.
• Some great cars were introduced in the Fifties such as the 57′ Chevy. Try to bring in the real thing or make one to serve as a focal point for your evening’s festivities. If you are looking for pre-made cardboard 50’s automobile replicas then make your search for that perfect Fifties car really easy by choosing between any of Stumps Party’s cardboard standees. We have the 50’s drive-in convertible standee, the sports car standee, the low rider standee, and/or the 1950 Roadster car standee. You can even throw in a motorcycle standee!
Whether real, constructed or cardboard you’ll need a great background for that car. Check out the Fifties diner background that will serve that very purpose.
• Hang 9″ or 19″ plastic records from the ceiling or entryways.
• Create pretend soda shop billboards and place your actual menu for the party on it. Make a statement that your soda shop is a happening place by including Stumps Party’s 1950 billboards.
• Create your own impressive Fifties table setting with red and white gingham checkered tablecloths, Rock ‘n’ Roll confetti and centerpieces made from old 45’s. If you want an easy-to-put-together complete look for your tables then check out our suggestions for an undeniably fun Fifties table setting. It has suggestions for everything from table coverings, to place settings, to centerpieces.

Fifties Favors

Give students small favors they can use during the party … this will add color and fun!
• Place a pair of sunglasses at each setting – tuck a napkin in the fold of the glasses and have them act as a napkin ring. Stumps Party helps you get as many sunglasses as you need with our own affordably-priced sunglasses.
• Imprint Rock Around the Clock napkins and Cola glasses. Use them throughout the Post-Prom party and send a glass home with each guest.
• Inflatable or fake instruments like plastic guitars are also great favors and fun to play with during the party. You can even let students take the stage with inflatable musical instruments from a Stumps Party set that includes one 9 ½” microphone, one 22″ saxophone, and two 40″ guitars.


For some authentic fifties-style activities try some of these suggestions:
• A dance contest is always good for lots of laughs. Start with easy dance steps and encourage everyone to try. Purchase a pair of our truly fifties sunglasses that can be used as prices to recognize the winners of a dance-off. Everyone will dance really hard for the chance to leave with a pair of Guitar Fanci frames!
• Play “Name That Tune” using old fifties songs – extra points are given to the team that can name the title and the artist/group. Look for 1950’s music CD’s from a local resale business that can be awarded to the winning team. Make the prize more memorable by giving the winning students a custom creations Fifties metal CD case in which to store that CD.
• Rent a karaoke machine and give out prizes for the best authentic Fifties performance. You can even award the ultimate karaoke singer with a rock the night centerpiece that works great as a trophy!

Fifties Food

Below are some great snack ideas that have a fifties flair!
• Use Soda Shop-inspired food like hotdogs, a basket of fries and onion rings.
• You will also want to have floats, shakes, and malts of some kind. Don’t forget the cherries!

Decorate Prom Tables for Dinner or a Banquet

Themed TablewareA beautiful, thematic dance venue isn’t just about the big decorations. It includes your tables. Don’t neglect them! Theme harmony and special touches delight party guests. Here are a few tips to ensure your tables will turn out as wonderful as the rest of the room!

Go with Gossamer
Gossamer is not just for large-area coverage like ceilings and walls. It makes great table decorations too. If you are using gossamer for other decorations, match your tables to it. Start by covering the table with one color of gossamer. Then, choose a different color from your theme palette – or a patterned gossamer — to make a table runner out of the 19” wide material.

Alternatively, you can use the 60” gossamer for table skirting. A “flat” skirt is fine, or you can bunch it a bit around the top. Secure the skirt with double-sided tape and trim the skirt to fit. To finish the look, create bows and swags around the edge of the table with 19” gossamer in the same or an accent color. Secure the swag with double-sided tape approximately every 12” and tape or pin a gossamer bow at the top of each swag.

Another idea is to save the swags and bows for dressing up the chairs! For bows, drape pieces of gossamer lengthwise over chair backs, pull both sides to the back of the chair and tie your bow. The length is up to you: go short, or let the ends touch (or pool on) the floor.

Break Out the Spray Paint
The array of spray paint faux finish options has become truly amazing and they do not cost a lot. Choose metallic, marble, stone and sand finishes in a variety of colors. Try them on balloons, menu cards, dollar-store vases and frames, and other objects you wish to turn into unique centerpieces and favors. Faux can be fabulous!

Add an Easy Elegance
Adding an elegant flavor to centerpieces and place settings does not have to be expensive or difficult to execute. Here are a few easy tips for adding a touch of elegance to your tables.

  • Include imprinted, personalized napkins in plans for place settings.
  • Cut a garland to form napkin rings. Our Milky Way Garland, one of our ivy garlands with metallic stars, or even the barbed wire garland are great candidates for this project. A 1″ diameter is about right.

  • Bring back the romance of flickering candle light to your table settings without the worry. Stumps Party now has 4 styles of LED Light Candles!

  • Place gemstones in vases and bowls to anchor flowers and candles.

  • Check out Stumps Party’s event tableware pages for more options and inspiration!