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How to Choose a Prom Dress

White Evening Gown for 2012 - Prom Girl

Fashionistas beware! Prom season, with all its glitz and glitter will quickly be on us! High schools across the country spend months planning the festivities. Nothing is left to chance, as juniors and seniors prepare to paint the town red, dazzling in formal and semi-formal attire.

It goes without saying that the prom kings and queens, along with their magnificent courts, will be given the utmost royal treatment complete with crowns and tiaras, as well as prom sashes displaying their augmented titles. It’s only fitting that such notable dignitaries enter a most charming scene, stepping into a grand ball that is the highlight of the season.

Proper attire for the ladies at such occasions is a must; everyone must look and feel their best.  Check out these 2012 prom dresses. After all, this is a night that will be shared in scrapbooks for years to come, a night when something as charming as an elegant prom dress, will be the talk of everyone at school during those last few weeks of class. Prom dress ideas are readily available, especially when you know the basics of how to choose a prom dress before going out to shop for one.

Comfort before Style:  Reality check, girls! This is your big night out, and you don’t want to ruin it by wearing something that absolutely drives you crazy. Choose a prom dress that fits comfortably, while being made from fabric that doesn’t itch and stays in place easily. Make sure it flows and moves with you when you dance the night away, preferably in shoes that don’t permanently damage your tender, pretty painted toes.

Plan and Shop Early:  Stress doesn’t wear well on anyone, particularly on ladies in glorious prom dresses. It’s never too early to start preparing for prom season, especially when you can find all the information you need for prom at

Be Yourself:  Luckily, the days of “prom dress codes” have come to pass. These days, ladies can wear prom dresses that allow them to express their personality. Everything from long flowing elegance, to short, sassy playful dresses make for an unforgettable evening of the best dressed girls in town.

Gorgeous New Prom 2011 Dresses

D14Prom is an important right of passage in any girl’s life and it’s been said that once you find the perfect dress, it is all down hill from there. Most proms are based around a special theme or they have been designed to create a particular atmosphere. When you go shopping for your prom dress, keep that theme or atmosphere in mind. Take a look at some of these gorgeous new prom dresses for 2011!

Casino Event Theme
For example, maybe your prom theme is casino night; you want to stick with reds, blacks, and whites. A short knee high cocktail type dress with spaghetti straps is totally appropriate. Have fun with shimmering polka dots and a subtle bow in the front pulls the look together. A dress that is longer in the back and shorter in the front is also a popular look. Add moderate heels, a clutch purse, and anything that sparkles.

Mystical Theme: Mardi Gras Event Theme/City
On the other hand, your prom theme might have a mystical feel, then you want to focus on colors like purple, greens, silver, gold, white, and classic black. The gown you choose should flow with ease; look soft yet bold, and shimmer. Go for a strapless dress with a tight bodice and a long flowing skirt. Chiffon and tulle are great flowing types of material. Once you have found your dress, you can compliment this look with a string of short or long pearls, or diamonds. Antique costume jewelry is always gorgeous with a classic beaded clutch or small purse.

If your prom has no theme, then you can just pick anything that is fun and that makes you feel gorgeous. Remember, when you are looking for your dress, don’t focus on what your friends are trying on. Everyone has a different body type and you should buy a dress that fits you well, that you will feel comfortable in, and feel confident in when you are dancing. Choose colors that look good with your skin tone. Select a dress length based on your height. Most importantly, always remember to get smashing, but sensible shoes. Do not be afraid to try a new look. Bold, bright colors are in fashion for 2011 and you can never sparkle too much!