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Make Lasting Memories at your Prom or Homecoming!

Plan the Perfect Dance!

Choosing the Theme is the First Step.

What are the hottest themes this year? Poll your student body and find out what is HOT at your school, or search online for ideas! Will this be a formal or casual dance? Once you pick a theme, you can begin gathering your prom supplies and decorations to create those lasting memories!
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Keep the Royalty, but Make New Prom Court Traditions

red aisleProm season is in full swing.  Unfortunately, the glitz and glamour of this special night frequently comes with drama and fighting among students.  The quest to become prom royalty often leads to poor behavior from teens in an effort to win a popularity contest.  This is one area where the beginning of new traditions could be a valuable tool in making your school’s prom more successful than ever.

This could be a great opportunity to help students learn real life skills that could help them when applying for colleges or jobs.  Instead of a popularity contest, select candidates based on pre-determined criteria and a series of interviews. Create challenges to encourage students to conduct themselves in a professional manner and develop marketable skills.  Get creative and think outside of the box!  There are a ton of fun and educational ways to make the quest for prom royalty a growing experience for young professionals.   This would be an especially great way to add practical skills to the resume of young people who often have a difficult time gaining experience. Encourage students to focus on education by setting a minimum GPA requirement for the candidates.  By mimicking the college application process you can start students thinking about the steps sooner rather than later.

Community service is a great way to build the resume of young people.  Set a minimum requirement for volunteer hours and have the candidates present an essay or multimedia project on their experiences.  This will help to build public speaking skills as well as help students learn how to put together a professional project.  Get the A/V department involved by taping speeches and interviews.  They can edit them and broadcast to the school.  Students can also learn great skills by creating quality video projects. Have students make practical, applicable plans on how they can solve a prominent social problem within the school.  Schedule debates during which candidates can present their plans and discuss social issues and potential resolutions in a constructive way.  By guiding the conversation and making it a positive discourse students will learn to be tolerant of opinions different than their own and to work through problems in a constructive way instead of arguing.

Social Media is more than just a way for teens to communicate with one another.  The development of this branch of marketing has opened vast opportunities for networking.  This is also an area where teens struggle with what information is appropriate to share.  Have them create accounts to spread their ideas and further their campaign using social media.  A short compilation of the data gained from their social media experience could be a great tool in college applications as well as applying for jobs and internships. This video is a great example of using technology to promote your candidates.  If you would like your prom’s campaign to take on a more professional feel, encourage students to be more serious.

Let’s re-write the meaning of prom and use this as a jumping off opportunity for a more positive and productive prom experience.  Our high quality prom court items will offer a fantastic reward for the winners of these coveted prizes.  Students will truly appreciate the meaning behind their crowns when they have tiara1had such a positive experience and put such hard work into earning them.  Reward their hard work by welcoming them with a walk down our luxurious red carpet.  Make them feel really special by going all out with our robes and royal scepters.  Our wide selection of tiaras and crowns will allow you to choose the perfect finish to your royal ceremony!

High End Favors in Demand for 2013 Proms

11SZBAGSPLWhile a simple, plastic picture frame may have once sufficed for a prom favor, Stumps, a national prom and party supplier since 1926, has discovered that high-end favors are back in demand for 2013 proms.

From swag bags to personalized glassware, high schools are choosing high-end favors. Most want their prom guests to go home with more than just memories. These personalized, high-end favors are kept for lifetimes.

The most popular high-end prom favors for 2013 include:

Personalized Glassware

Vases and mugs donning the prom’s theme and year are common favors in 2013. Not only do they make for great centerpieces at the prom, but because they are glass, they have staying power long after the event is over.


Candles are also popular personalized favors. Like vases and mugs, candles work double-duty by providing a decoration at the prom and at home for months after the dance.  Both wax and gel candles are a very popular favor for 2013. Whether or not they are lit, they still make for an eye-catching favor.

Travel Mugs

Students love bringing their favorite lattes to class the week after the prom in their personalized travel mugs. They will remember the special night in the future each time they pull out their travel mug from prom. This high-end favor is popular because it’s made of plastic or stainless steel and less likely to break.

Swag Bags

Bags filled with different themed favors are some of the most popular in the country.  Swag Bags typically contain anywhere from three to ten favors. While some are simply candy and a picture frame, others are loaded with keepsakes like candles, sunglasses, mint tins, and key chains.  Many are personalized with the prom theme name or school picture.


About Stumps Party:

Since 1926, Stumps Party’s prom catalogs have been welcomed by teachers and prom committees in schools throughout the United States. Those catalogs are now online at With more than 35,000 products, Stumps offers every item that schools need for this year’s prom. For prom decorations and favors, visit

Decorate for a Fabulous Red Carpet Opener

Imagine the headlines, “Seniors Go Public on Red Carpet,” “Juniors Outshine Seniors on Red Carpet,” or “Divas: 2013 Who Wore it Best” after the paparazzi get word that your high school is hosting a fabulous Red Carpet Prom this year…. Well, maybe the local papers won’t cover your event, but your school’s journalism department will find countless headlines and endless material for their 2012-2013 yearbook.

A Dream Come True

If only for one night, your school’s prom attendees will feel the overwhelming elation of a celebrity lifestyle. Walking the red carpet is one of the most prominent events in a celebrity’s life marking their distinguished honor and celebrating their accomplishments. And just as significant as it is for a celebrity to walk the red carpet, it is just as notable to recognize all of the hard work and accomplishments high school students have come to experience throughout their educational career. So, why not host a Fabulous Red Carpet Opener?

Give Them Something to Grabble Over

It's sure to be a show stopper!

It’s sure to be a show stopper!

It goes without saying; a red carpet prom begins with a grand entrance! Let the beauty of a collage of colors – pinks, reds, blues, greens, yellows, and oranges – strut down a scrolled red carpet lined with flashy, golden stars as they enter through a Hollywood canopy. Because the paparazzi will try to get as close as they can to the celeb students, it’s best not to forget lining the runway with an elegant rope railing. Sequin stars and metallic confetti will provide all of the eloquent embellishments necessary to be a show stopper. And of course, nothing would say Hollywood with glitter illuminated column lights and a Hollywood movie camera.

It's all about the swag!

It’s all about the swag!

Memories in the Making

Every prom attendee needs a memento to remember their special night. And that’s especially true of their first (and possibly last) night to ever walk the red carpet. Prom go-ers, especially, love to have their picture taken to remember their junior or senior prom. And since every red carpet walker is hoping to make the front page of the People Spotlight Magazine, getting a picture of their chic dress or beastly tux is a must. With a Hollywood Clapboard backdrop, all of the media will be spawning over them. And since every celeb carpet walker leaves with a special thank you gift of attendance, give them the ultimate swag bag – one for him and one for her.     

Sharing in the reward of student achievements is the highlight of witnessing their educational growth. Do so by giving them a night to remember and a walk of fame with a Fabulous Red Carpet Opener Prom.

Hot for Prom 2012

Bling & White 2012 Prom Dresses

The big trends for prom dresses in 2012 are prints and “bling.”  Some girls take their love of animal prints and wear dresses that make huge statements.  Leopard, cheetah, zebra, peacock, plus wild floral prints and stripe patterns (believe it or not) are showing up everywhere.  Long dresses or short, sparkles and “bling” are prominent on many, if not all, dresses this 2012 prom season.  Possibly because of the sparkle trend, designers of prom dresses for 2012 have been showing not only bright colors and lace, but also, interestingly, white dresses.  You’ll see white dresses with pops of color, white dresses with sparkles, and even some white dresses with pops of color and sparkles!

One way to add bling to an otherwise blah dress is jewelry.  Some girls choose to simply wear the necklaces, the earrings, and the rings and bracelets, while others choose to put the sparkle in their hair by way of timless tiaras.                

Trendy 2012 Prom Decorations

For those who can’t decide, prom decorating committees can choose to supply their 2012 prom attendees with swag bags for her that include sparkly tiaras.  Swag bags, a popular trend from prom season 2012, can also include glittery lip glosses, giving her another way to add a touch of glitz to her ensemble.

Your 2012 prom just wouldn’t be prom without a theme.  For the 2012 prom season, many schools are adding themes to their proms to allow their prom committee to show off their creative edge.  Everything from table decorations to various picture corners can be put together by students.  This prom season, some students even add the option of multiple picture corners, giving multiple options for designs within the theme.  Themes range from A Night in Hollywood to Under the Sea and almost everything in-between.  Three of the hottest themes for the 2012 prom season are Casino, Hollywood, and UnderwaterFavors can also be personalized so that attendees have even more ways to remember their special nights.   Now, what favors will you choose to make your prom more memorable?

Create A Prom Wishlist

Get in on the cutting edge of prom planning by creating a prom wishlist! Now your prom planning committee can build a registry of all the items needed to produce a magnificent prom event. This process is easy, fun, and it works just like a bridal registry. Just shop for items and share the wishlist with your sponsors. Here’s how to get started:

  • Choose one of the prom event themes.
  • Check out all the amazing prom decorations and event supplies!
  • Compile a wishlist of all the supplies and decorations you can think of that will make this year’s prom an unforgettable evening for all.
  • Create a prom registry page by clicking on the wishlist checkmark.
  • Add the items that you complied on your wishlist.
  • Convert your wishlist to a prom registry.
  • Share your prom registry with sponsors.
  • Sponsors purchase registry items for your prom.
  • Start a wishlist for prom today and get the ball rolling toward a sensational event!

    Prom Committee Timeline

    Just like a wedding, it’s never start too early in your prom planning. Studies show that most prom planning takes place in the last week of April and first two weeks of May in preparation for a June prom; however, there are some things that must be taken care of long before April.

    At least six months out:
    • Select a prom date and secure your event location.
    • Decide on a prom theme.
    • Choose and order your prom favors.
    • Hire a DJ or band.
    • Purchase prom decorations.
    • Design and buy prom invitations.
    • Start fundraising for any additional prom surprises.

    At least three – four months before prom,
    • Delegate prom members to set-up and clean-up groups.
    • Order prom royalty items and plan the crowning ceremony.
    • Ask for teacher volunteers to chaperone.

    About one month before the prom,
    • Confirm dates with venue and DJ/band and all orders that haven’t yet been received.
    • Sell prom tickets.

    One week before,
    • Gather and build all decorations that can be moved when assembled.
    • Confirm guest count.
    • Review and pay any invoices that have yet to be paid.
    • Purchase snacks and drinks for the event.

    On the day of prom, the prom set-up group should be transporting any remaining decorations and hanging everything. The clean-up group should be prepared to stay after prom is over to perform their duties before going to the after prom.

    No matter how much planning you do, nothing is perfect, and something is bound to go wrong. The most important thing of all is that everyone has fun, so try not to stress too much!