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Win A Stumps Party, Private Screening of Disney’s Prom


Aimee Teagarden Stars in Disney's "Prom"

Disney’s Prom – A Journey of Twists and Turns

Once in awhile a movie comes along that sparks your desire for youthful dreams and possibilities. On April 29, Disney releases Prom, told through the romantic (and sometimes clumsy) experiences of several characters looking forward to a night of promise. In classic Disney style, the journey’s highs and lows keep audiences wondering what will happen to these inviting characters on prom night. The sound track is invigorating with pop music from Travie McCoy, Oh Darling, Neon Trees, Naked and the Famous, and AllStar Weekend. The characters, all played by youthful talents, find each other through chance and purpose.

Watch Prom With Your Friends

Disney’s timing couldn’t be better. Your school’s prom is just around the corner! Have you asked someone to prom, yet? Here’s your chance to make a big impression. Gather your senior class for a special sneak preview of the show. Stumps, the world’s largest prom and party supplier, and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures will award one lucky person and 99 of his or her classmates a private screening of Prom.  This special preview will take place in the winner’s hometown a full week before the movie is released in theaters on April 29, 2011!

Enter Two Prom Contests!

This “contest within a contest” is in association with Stumps’ Proms Across America Contest that has already generated over 2 million votes to win a free prom from Stumps Prom and Party. Anyone who votes in the Proms Across America Contest from February 24th through March 16th will be entered to win the private screening of Disney Motion Pictures’ Prom.  After March 16th, Prom Across America entrants will be given instructions on how to submit their Disney Motion Pictures’ Prom contest entry.

Stumps Party & Prom Supplies

Stumps Party has been helping teens, teachers, and parents breathe life into prom ideas, prom decorations, and prom favors for over 85 years!  Plan your prom, enter the contests, watch the movie, and then decorate your own prom for a spring to remember!

Celebrate The Return Of Spring!

Say good-bye to the cold and celebrate the return of spring with a retro flair. As color surfaces through the snow, create a space for releasing pent-up energy that is bursting with the colors of spring. Make it a night to remember that is full of activities and contests, prizes and favors, snacking and dancing.

Fill neon prom balloons with helium for bouquets and with air to float around the floor. Hang three metal gossamer hanger with lights near each other at different lengths for interest. Drape some gossamer from hanger to hanger and some gossamer from the hanger to the floor for drama. If you prefer, position the three hangers over the different stations and drape the gossamer to the floor. Integrate color by hanging gossamer of different colors. We suggest pink gossamer, light blue gossamer, flame retardant yellow gossamer and purple gossamer. Cover unsightly walls with retro daisy patterned gossamer to present a flower and retro motif. One panel of this retro gossamer could also be added into the gossamer canopy created with the hangers.

Make a stage area underneath one of the gossamer hangers for the DJ and final contest rounds. Cover the stage floor with yellow floral sheeting. Set off the different station areas by covering the floor of each station with more floral sheeting. Color options include white floral sheeting, purple floral sheeting and/or light blue floral sheeting.

Welcome the guests at the main entrance with a set of retro standing cardboard daisies. This set comes with 6 daisies (2 per stand) measuring 6′ high. Drape more retro gossamer behind these daisies and around the base. One daisies set could be used as a prop for candid photos shot by the guests themselves. Make a welcome sign with solid color flat paper decorating material in your choice of color. Use flat paper to make activity signs for each of your contest stations.

For the snack area, decorate the serving table and the conversation tables with the different solid colored gossamers draped from the ceiling hangers. Drape the retro gossamer around the edges of the tables. If the serving table is long and rectangular then use the retro gossamer as a runner. Accent the tabletops with mini flower fans. Cover the chair backs with more gossamer tied on with the retro gossamer. Mini flower fans can be stuck into the retro gossamer sash to add interest. For the centerpiece, fill clear crystal latex balloons with helium and retro confetti strung with various colors of ribbon tied to balloon weights. Choose event tableware in an array of spring colors to continue the fun spring color scheme. Include a “decorate it yourself” cupcake area with a variety of cupcake flavors, frosting colors and sprinkles.

CAKE-CHAIRS – Invite guests to bring cakes that will be used as prizes for “cake-chairs.” Set out chairs decorated “a la snack area” to be used for this version of musical chairs. Give each round’s winner a create-a-ticket as proof of eligibility for the final cake-chair to be done at the end of the evening on the stage. The tickets can also serve as coupons toward a business sponsoring the event. For the final cake-chair round, the ultimate winner gets to be the first to choose from one of the donated cakes. The runner-up chooses next and so forth until the cakes are gone.

Unlike the question/answer pattern, this game does the reverse. Give answers related to flower themed categories and challenge contestants to create a corresponding question. The winner of each round receives a qualifying ticket for the ultimate Flower A/Q round played on the stage at the end of the evening. Stumps Party has a huge selection of favors from which you can choose to be given as prizes. Think of frames, mugs, frames, pillows, mint tins, money clips and more.

Stumps Prom Contest Offers $100,000 in Prizes

Stumps 2011 Prom Contest

Enter the Stumps 2011 Prom Contest

High school students across America seeking a 2011 prom contest are logging in, voting and hanging out at for a chance to win their share of over $100,000 in prom prizes in the Stumps Proms Across America Contest.

Fifty schools, one from each state, will receive a $1,000 Stumps gift certificate for prom to purchase theme decorations, favors and royalty items. As a bonus, the top three vote getters nationwide will receive a grand prize package including a $5,000 Stumps gift certificate, DJ expenses paid up to $1000 and royalty supplies for their entire prom court.

This is the third year Stumps has run the contest. The 2011 version of the Proms Across America Contest is taking it up a notch. In addition to the 50 runner up prizes and 3 grand prizes, schools can earn guaranteed prize packages by simply obtaining a pre-determined number of votes. For every school reaching certain voting levels, each will earn guaranteed prizes including free banners, personalized candy bars for fundraising, crowns, tiaras, graduation kits and more.

To add to the friendly voting competition, Stumps Prom & Party will also provide a $1,000 Stumps gift certificate to the first 5 schools to receive 250,000 votes and a $5,000 Stumps gift certificate and DJ expenses paid up to $1,000 to the first 2 schools to reach one million votes. Students can vote online as often as they wish and a half-million votes have been registered for schools entered so far.

No high school is too small to win the contest. In 2010, the California winner had a total of just 35 students. Past winning schools have used a variety of marketing channels to encourage friends and family to vote including social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, e-mailing voting instructions and links to students, alumni, parents, teachers, coaches and even getting local media and community involved to help spread the word.

“It is so exciting to see how these communities support their schools. We are so thrilled to be able to be a small part of their Prom, which is going to create memories of a lifetime for these students,” said Jacquie Downey, Stumps Director of Sales & Marketing. Voting ends March 16, 2011.

Stumps has been America’s favorite for Prom and party supplies since 1926. From coast to coast, Stumps has played a pivotal role in transforming millions of special events from ordinary to extraordinary. When we first introduced the first memory book and the first decorations for Prom 85 years ago, who would have imagined what Prom would become!