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Tips for Finding the Perfect Prom Dress

Prom Dress TipsProm is quickly approaching, and with it, a new wave of fashion! To help you create a look that’s just right for the night of your dreams, we’ve included some essential prom fashion tips below.

Getting Started
Your quest for the perfect Prom dress should begin with a little research. No, this isn’t English class – but by looking through magazines, scanning YouTube, compiling pictures of looks you like, and posting on Facebook, you save time and hassle in the stores! Put all of your pictures into a scrapbook, and make notes about what you like and don’t like. Watch award shows on television (the Academy Awards show features the ultimate in stylish dresses!), and pay close attention to what the “stars” are wearing as they are dancing on TV – they tend to have insight into the hottest new trends.

After researching, decide on the look you want – whether it’s Prom Princess, Groovy Prom Chic, Classic Prom Queen or a unique look of your very own. You’re now ready to hit the mall, make your purchases and create the masterpiece that will be you on Prom night! As you begin your shopping, keep tabs on sales at stores in your area and check out the deals online. Check out the following sites for Prom dresses:

• Alfred Angelo:
• Alyce:
• Best Prom Dresses:
• Dalia:
• Jessica McClintock:
• Jovani:
• Loralie:
• Mon Che’ri:
• Nadine:
• Precious Formals:
• Prom-Dresses:
• Pzaz:
• Scala:
• Schaffer’s:
• Simply Dresses:
• Tiffany:
• Zum Zum:

Get a sneak peak into what styles are in for this year’s Prom! Below are trends we’ve noticed for prom dresses.

Strapless Dresses
Get ready to bare those beautiful shoulders! Strapless dresses (and those with tiny straps) are definitely hot, hot, hot! You’ll find dresses to suit any taste, whether you’re going for romantic, classic, or ultra-hip for the big night. Be sure to have a complementary scarf or wrap on hand in case it gets chilly.

Fancy-Back Dresses
Dresses that have interesting backs are still in style this year. There’s something very elegant and unique about lace-up backs, super-low backs, glittering backs, and decorated backs. Be sure to exfoliate and moisturize your back before the big night. Add some sparkles or body tattoos for the finishing touch!

Metallic Tones & Iridescent Shades
We all know that black is definitely the “basic” shade for the evening dress, but too much black can be boring. Branch out this year and opt for a dress with a little (or a lot) of shimmer! Brighter tones, metallic accents, and iridescent overlays are all over the fashion horizon. Dresses in blue, pink, purple adorned with breads, sequins, rhinestones – don’t be afraid to try these show-stopping looks this Prom!

Two-Piece Dresses
The ultimate in versatility and function, these funky numbers are still in vogue. We’ve seen a host of Hollywood stars and musical divas sporting these in a variety of fabrics and we know they can’t be wrong!

Stretch Tops
A little Lycra can be both fun and forgiving! With a stretchy top, you can create a look that’s entirely different for your Prom night. Pair the top with simple skirt in a complementary color, and you’ll create a look that’s all your own.

A Perfect Fit
Consider the following scenario. . .you try on that dress that looks ultra-hot on your best friend, but when you try it on you look like a really bad version of one of Cinderella’s Ugly Sisters. Yuck! The reason why this happens is simple-dresses look different on different bodies. Many factors contribute to this sensation including height, weight distribution and body type. When looking for the perfect dress, always remember to choose a dress that flatters your body type. This isn’t brain surgery here – it’s basic common sense. Decide what areas you want to accentuate and go from there.

Other Dress Options
The trek to the traditional department store isn’t the only option when purchasing your Prom dress. If you’re short on cash, or don’t want to risk the horror of wearing the same dress as another Prom guest, put your creative skills to work and get busy!

Go On-Line
Are you afraid that someone’s going to have your same dress? Why not try the Internet? Shopping on the Internet tends to be simpler and less exhausting than the mall. Plus, you are a lot less likely to have the same dress as someone else! That’s important when you want to stand out. If you find the perfect dress on the Internet, make sure you are aware of and adhere to the return policy of the company from which you buy the dress. Often non-Internet stores will not take any returns on specialty dresses. Many Internet-based stores do take returns. . . just make sure you make yourself aware of the return policy.

Shop at a Vintage Clothing Store
Vintage style is all the rage right now. . . you’ve probably seen this stylish look on many celebrities. Most cities and even small towns have a local vintage store, so you’ll be able to browse to your hearts content. The vintage look offers you more than just style – it is also a unique way to get great deals at great prices.

Create a Custom Dress
Unless you’re a whiz with the sewing machine, we don’t recommend that you do this! We do, however, recommend having a dress made just for you. Why? Because a gifted seamstress can create a special look that suits your style and shape. Be sure to get referrals from friends and family for a talented seamstress in your area. You don’t want to entrust your Prom dress to just anyone!

Alter a Store-Bought Dress
Say you find a fabulous dress at the mall at a fantastic price. The only problem is that it’s just a little too plain or a little too dull. Your creative skills come to the rescue! With a little imagination and some quick sewing you can add sequins, change a hemline, remove sleeves, or add a new dimension to the dress with a ruffle, fringe or layer of fancy beading.

Go Antiquing
While you may not be able to purchase a Prom dress at an Antique Fair, you may be able to find some unusual accessories. Look for beaded bags, sparkling baubles, old-fashioned shawls and faux jewels. One thing’s for certain: you’ll have an individual look that won’t be replicated by any other Prom guest.

Raid A Wardrobe
You never know what gems may be hidden in your mother’s closet. After all, what was in style 20 years ago, just might be the latest trend today! A trip to the dry cleaners and your local seamstress may be all you need to update any dress you may find. And don’t be afraid to ask friends and relatives to borrow something from their closet – the worst they can do is say no.

New Prom Royalty Items

prom-royalty-trophiesHonoring prom royalty is a long standing prom tradition and Stumps Prom has new royalty items for prom 2009.

There’s plenty of gorgeous tiaras for prom queens that will simply sparkle! The Eternal Love Tiara is a fantastic item featuring lovely swirls while the Irish Princess Tiara is a gorgeous, classic item with an intricate lattice design. The Portrait of Elegance Tiara shimmers with beautiful rhinestones that catch a variety of colors.

Each of our tiaras are constructed of a sturdy metal frame and rhinestones and combs to hold them in place. Don’t forget accessories such as tiara bags or a personalized tiara box.

Our sashes are great for honoring your prom court. You can order stock sashes or personalized sashes printed with your school details.

The Diamond Sash is a beautiful choice. It is made of satin lined black velvet and includes a Velcro closure. The sash is embroidered in white with up to 21 characters. Get one of these beautiful sashes for each member of your prom court!

The Designer Sash is another wonderful option. You can totally customize this sash, choosing from a variety of sash colors, ink colors, and logos from stars, a tiara, a crown, or 2009.

Make your prom king and queen really feel like royalty with a scepter! Our Round Velvet Scepter is a great option. It is 20 inches long and features a round velvet ball encased in a black or silver topper. It’s classic chicness is the perfect match for any crown or tiara.

Check out all of our prom royalty items for your prom court!

Adorn Prom Royalty in Regal Attire

Grandiose ComboOnce you’ve picked your prom court, adorn your Prom Queen and King in tiaras, crowns, sashes, medals and other royalty items!

There are tons of options for your tiaras. Try a large rhinestone tiara for the queen and a small tiara for each lady on the prom court. There’s a huge selection of tiaras available in styles ranging from floral, Greek-inspired, traditional, and whimsical.

For your king try a Velvet Royal Embroidered Crown customized with an embroidered imprint. You can also order a crown for each gentleman on the court or present them with medals to commemorate their honors.

Sashes are the perfect way to distinguish the prom royalty. Have sashes personalized with the year and prom theme or school name. Sashes are available either screen printed or embroidered. Sashes are even available with matching buttons to pin them in place.

Scepters are an elegant way to top off the royal attire. Scepters can be engraved with the king or queen’s name, the school, or the prom year.

Royalty Combos are available full of tiaras, crowns, sashes and other royalty items perfect for saving big money and coronating your royalty in style. Check out our other royalty tips for more ideas!