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Stumps Prom Contest Offers $100,000 in Prizes

Stumps 2011 Prom Contest

Enter the Stumps 2011 Prom Contest

High school students across America seeking a 2011 prom contest are logging in, voting and hanging out at for a chance to win their share of over $100,000 in prom prizes in the Stumps Proms Across America Contest.

Fifty schools, one from each state, will receive a $1,000 Stumps gift certificate for prom to purchase theme decorations, favors and royalty items. As a bonus, the top three vote getters nationwide will receive a grand prize package including a $5,000 Stumps gift certificate, DJ expenses paid up to $1000 and royalty supplies for their entire prom court.

This is the third year Stumps has run the contest. The 2011 version of the Proms Across America Contest is taking it up a notch. In addition to the 50 runner up prizes and 3 grand prizes, schools can earn guaranteed prize packages by simply obtaining a pre-determined number of votes. For every school reaching certain voting levels, each will earn guaranteed prizes including free banners, personalized candy bars for fundraising, crowns, tiaras, graduation kits and more.

To add to the friendly voting competition, Stumps Prom & Party will also provide a $1,000 Stumps gift certificate to the first 5 schools to receive 250,000 votes and a $5,000 Stumps gift certificate and DJ expenses paid up to $1,000 to the first 2 schools to reach one million votes. Students can vote online as often as they wish and a half-million votes have been registered for schools entered so far.

No high school is too small to win the contest. In 2010, the California winner had a total of just 35 students. Past winning schools have used a variety of marketing channels to encourage friends and family to vote including social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, e-mailing voting instructions and links to students, alumni, parents, teachers, coaches and even getting local media and community involved to help spread the word.

“It is so exciting to see how these communities support their schools. We are so thrilled to be able to be a small part of their Prom, which is going to create memories of a lifetime for these students,” said Jacquie Downey, Stumps Director of Sales & Marketing. Voting ends March 16, 2011.

Stumps has been America’s favorite for Prom and party supplies since 1926. From coast to coast, Stumps has played a pivotal role in transforming millions of special events from ordinary to extraordinary. When we first introduced the first memory book and the first decorations for Prom 85 years ago, who would have imagined what Prom would become!

Spirit Marks Put the Fun in Fundraising

School Spirit Items If easier = more fun, it would be hard to find a way to pump up the dance budget that’s more fun than selling Spirit Marks temporary tattoos.

In fact, SpiritLine Team Spirit store has already outlined Spirit Mark basic fundraising plans for you! Check them out, and select the plan that suits your school and budget the best.

We’re sure you’ll be wowed at the SpiritLine selection, too. We have mascot marks, glow marks, glitter marks and a great new assortment of Eye Blacks™. Want something special? Use our Create-a-Spirit Mark service!

There are a lot of sales opportunities for these temporary tattoos, from school registration to pep rallies. Stock your school store and concession stand, and see if you can get permission to sell them in the cafeteria, too.

Also, be sure to check out the natural companions to Spirit Marks, such as glow accessories, face paints and other unique fan gear. You’ll be glad you did. Happy selling!

Hit Fundraising Targets by Going Green

We appear to have accumulated a collection of fundraising ideas that are good for the planet. Who knew? Here are some ways for making an honest buck from ideas that re-use and recycle.

Plant Power
It’s a fact that many, many households accumulate plastic and clay plant pots they don’t need. Start a drive to pick up small, unwanted plant pots, which can be cleaned up and painted in all kinds of colors and textured paints — how about your school colors? Consult science teachers and discover which plants are economical, hearty and attractive. Plant seedlings in the reclaimed pots and sell them to parents and students. A sale just before the holidays would be good timing!

Recycle Aluminum Cans
Host an aluminum can recycling contest. Although prices fluctuate, recycling companies sometimes pay up to $.30 a pound for aluminum. Create collection bins from our tough and colorful corrugated paper, and place one bin in each homeroom. At the end of the contest, the winners will receive prizes donated by local merchants, and you’ll enjoy a relatively large profit with minimal investment.

Organize an “adopt-a-tree” program that gets the community involved with your school. Locate an area around your school or in a nearby park that looks sparse. Consult a landscaper on what trees would flourish in the area. Next, persuade a local garden shop to donate a few trees in exchange for a plaque advertising the generous donation. Have students plant and care for the trees. The trees will be “adopted” by community members who pay a fee to help in the upkeep. In exchange, a “parent” will have his or her name printed on a tag that is attached to a limb of each adopted tree.

Sell Stadium Cups
Stadium cups and other spirit drinkware can help cut down on paper and plastic waste if the program is done right. Implement a benefit package that will prompt students to purchase and re-use the cups. For example, you might work out a deal with the school cafeteria and a few local restaurants so that when a student presents the cup, he or she will receive a discount on a soda refill.

Toy and Book Drive
Collect gently used children’s books and toys to resell at a school flea market. Give parents plenty of time to clean out old closets and basements. A couple months should do, which also will give you time to work out a storage location. Allow two or more dates for dropping off the items. Send out numerous reminders – print it each week in your local school newsletter. Clean the toys and have a huge sale. Give part of the proceeds to a local charity and keep the rest for Prom. Or, keep all monetary proceeds and donate the leftover toys to a local children’s organization.

If you’ve found out how great it is to organize green fundraisers, let us know in comments. And if you haven’t yet, we at SpiritLine School Spirit Products wish you the best of success!

Classic Fundraising Activities

There’s something to be said for the classics! Here are successful fundraising activities used by generations of dance committees to earn money for their formal dance budgets.

School Basketball Tournament
Organize basketball teams with faculty members, staff members, students and cheerleaders. Set up a tournament and invite the whole school to come and watch for a small donation!

Bowling Night
Parents, students and friends all love to bowl-so why not cash in on this much-loved hobby? Organize teams and meet at your local bowling alley. Ask participants to contribute cash each time they bowl and watch the cash add up. You’ll have fun, too!

Dance the Night Away
Plan a 12- or 24-hour dance marathon in your school gym. Organize teams, and mandate that at least one team member must be dancing during the entire period of time. Have team members receive sponsors for the event. Provide music, snacks, drinks and lots of moral support for the teams.

Sell Spirit Items at Sports Events
Plan ahead and select a big game with a rival team. Purchase pom pons, stadium cups or a similar low cost school spirit items imprinted with your school name and mascot. Sell the items at a reasonable markup at games.

Tee Off for Dollars
You’ll find that many parents and other community members will be ready for a round of golf at just about any time, so a Golf Tournament to raise money for Prom is an easy and profitable venture!

Host an All Family Sock Hop
Get moms, dads, brothers, and sisters involved in a family night of fun. Keep preparation and set-up to a minimum; the idea here is to raise money. Rent a jukebox or simply hire a DJ. If you have someone in the school who likes to spin records, hire them for free. Get a popular teacher, coach or parent to act as the DJ. Sell rootbeer floats and ice cream desserts. Sponsor a dance contest and a best dressed family contest. Have a dance contest by age. Enjoy the night with the entire family.

Great Dance Fundraisers? Tempt Them with Food & Drink!

As you get ready for the new school year and start thinking about planning dances and how to pay for them, keep in mind that fundraising by selling food and drink never goes out of style, even in a recession. Here are fundraisers that are sure to tempt the appetite.

Gourmet Dinner Night
Organize a special gourmet dinner in the school cafeteria for students, parents and alumni. Ask local restaurants to offer their food at a special discount. In exchange for this discount, print the name of the restaurant in the Homecoming program, or put up a large personalized banner with the restaurant name in the Prom program or school newsletter.

Everybody Loves Pizza
Check with local merchants and see if they will be willing to donate pizzas or give you a special discount on some of their scrumptious pies. Sell slices to hungry students at snack time, offer it at games, or have an all-school pizza luncheon. Either way, it’s a delicious way to make some money!

What’s Cooking?
Your school cookbook – that’s what’s cooking! Compile student recipes into one cookbook, and get ready to rake in the profits. Sell it to parents, community members and students. You’ll be surprised how many budding chefs you have in your midst!

Sunrise Doughnuts
There’s nothing more satisfying than an early-morning doughnut, so take advantage of this and sell them to hungry students and teachers! Those who skipped breakfast won’t mind paying a little more for this sweet treat, and you’ll earn lots of dollars in the process!

Gourmet Coffee Morning
The enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee could mean big dollars for you! Organize a gourmet coffee morning and greet students, faculty and staff with a steaming cup of Joe. Offer different gourmet flavors and serve up in a specially-created Cafe or Travel Mug.

Food Bazaar
Host a food bazaar just before a big football game. Each school club will have a booth set up in a designated area. Tailgaters will purchase food tickets from one booth and trade the tickets for food and treats they desire.

Proms Across America Contest Announces Winners

2010 Stumps Proms Across America Contest Winners

2010 Stumps Proms Across America Contest Winners

Voting ended at 11:59p EST March 15, 2010. Stumps is proud to announce the 2010 winners of the Proms Across America Contest. 50 winners from 50 states get to divide up over $65,000 in prom prizes. After tallying 5,068,883 votes, the Grand Prize winning schools are:

  • 323,930 votes – Alief Taylor High School, Houston, TX
  • 187,689 votes – Ripley Central School, Ripley, NY 
  • 152,915 Votes – Dearborn High School, Dearborn, MI

The Stumps Grand Prize winning schools each receive a $5,000 Stumps Gift Certificate to use for their 2010 high school prom, DJ expenses paid up to $1,000 and prom royalty items for their entire prom court.  

48 runner up winners, one from each of the remaining 50 states plus the District of Columbia, each received a $1000 Stumps Gift Certificate:

Nenana City Public Schools  – Nenana,  AK
Master’s Hand Christian School  – Decatur,  AL
Camden Fairview High School  – Camden,  AR
Empire High School   – Tucson,  AZ
Downieville Jr./Sr. High School  – Downieville,  CA
Southwest Early College   – Denver,  CO
East Hampton High School  – East Hampton,  CT
Columbia Heights Educational Campus – Washington,  DC
Delaware Military Academy  – Wilmington,  DE
Boone Middle School   – Haines City,  FL
The Georgia School for the Deaf  – Cave Spring,  GA
James Campbell High School  – Ewa Beach,  HI
Wapello High School   – Wapello,   IA
Columbia High School   – Nampa,  ID
Round Lake High School   – Round Lake,  IL
Anderson High School   – Anderson,  IN
Garden City High School   – Garden City,  KS
Nicholas County High School  – Carlisle,   KY
Plain Dealing High School  – Plain Dealing, LA
Newton South High School  – Newton Centre, MA
Largo High School   – Upper Marlboro,  MD
Lake Region High School   – Naples,  ME
Calvin Christain High School  – Fridley,  MN
St Paul Lutheran High School  – Concordia,  MO
Yazoo County High School  – Yazoo City,  MS
Wolf Point High School   – Wolf Point,  MT
West Stokes High School   – King,   NC
Devils Lake High School   – Devils Lake,  ND
Weeping Water High School  – Weeping Water, NE
Nashua High School North  – Nashua,  NH
East Brunswick High School  – East Brunswick, NJ
M88’s Home School Alternative Prom – Albuquerque,  NM
West Wendover High School  – West Wendover, NV
Northwest High School   – Canal Fulton,  OH
Glenpool High School   – Glenpool,  OK
McKay High School    – Salem,   OR
Jersey Shore Area Senior High School – Jersey Shore,  PA
East Providence High School  – East Providence, RI
Rock Hill High School   – Rock Hill,  SC
Lead High School   – Lead,   SD
Gallatin High School   – Gallatin,  TN
Kanab High School   – Kanab,  UT
Strasburg High School   – Strasburg,  VA
Lamoille Union High School  – Hyde Park,  VT
Lake Washington High School  – Kirkland,  WA
Tremper High School   – Kenosha,  WI
Preston High School   – Kingwood,  WV
Cody High School   – Cody,   WY

Thanks to the hundreds of other schools that entered the Stumps prom contest. Each prom advisor that registered their school received a $100 coupon for participating good towards their 2010 prom.

States With Proms Across America Voting Too Close To Call

2010 Proms Across America Voting

2010 Proms Across America Voting

It’s the final hours of voting in Stumps 2010 Proms Across America Contest. As overall voting tops 5,000,000, we’ve recorded some schools adding as many as 25,000 votes in one day! We’ve seen several lead changes today on the final day of voting! 50 states – 50 winners on the line. In addition to the race in Texas, the following states feature races for top prom gift certificate prizes that are too close to call:

North Carolina:

  • 83780 Votes – West Stokes High School, King, NC
  • 82863 Votes – Charles D. Owen High School, Black Mountain, NC


  • 81224 Votes – Boone Middle School, haines city, FL
  • 75424 Votes – East Lee County High School, Lehigh Acres, FL


  • 59535 Votes – Largo High School, Upper Marlboro, MD
  • 58446 Votes – Oxon Hill High School, Oxon Hill, MD
West Virginia:
  • 50449 Votes – Preston High School, Kingwood
  • 43747 Votes – South Harrison High School, Lost Creek
  • 49327 Votes – Danvers, Danvers, MA
  • 47967 Votes – Newton South High School, Newton Centre, MA
South Dakota:
  • 33903 Votes – Lead High School, Lead
  • 28397 Votes – McCook Central School, Salem
New Jersey:
  • 30853 Votes – East Brunswick High School, East Brunswick
  • 30822 Votes – Manchester Township High School, Manchester


  • 27101 Votes – Calvin Christain High School, Fridley
  • 24123 Votes – Cleveland High School, Cleveland


  • 25469 Votes – Strasburg High School, Strasburg
  • 23044 Votes – Central High School, Woodstock


  • 23725 Votes – Master’s Hand Christian School, Decatur
  • 20317 Votes – Hanceville High School, Hanceville


  • 20620 Votes – Waimea High School, Waimea
  • 20449 Votes – James Campbell High School, Ewa Beach


  • 20683 Votes – Lake Region High School, Naples
  • 17960 Votes – Catherine McAuely High School, Portland


  • 19031 Votes – Yazoo County High School, Yazoo City
  • 16676 Votes – Coahoma Agricultural High School, Clarksdale


  • 18763 Votes – Gallatin High School, Gallatin
  • 15425 Votes – Dresden High School, Dresden


  • 17261 Votes – Cody High School, Cody
  • 13176 Votes – Burlington High School, Burlington


  • 16708 Votes – Meade High School, Meade
  • 14368 Votes – Washington High School, Kansas City
  • 13809 Votes – Garden City High School, Garden City


  • 14099 Votes – Weeping Water High School, Weeping Water
  • 11268 Votes – Conestoga Public High School, Murray


  • 12083 Votes – Anderson High School, Anderson
  • 10564 Votes – Winchester Community, Winchester


  • 8379 Votes – Kanab High School, Kanab
  • 7171 Votes – Wendover High School, Wendover

3 Grand Prize Winners will receive:


  • $5,000 Stumps Gift Certificate
  • DJ Expenses paid up to $1,000
  • Royalty for the entire Prom Court

47 Runner-Up Winners will receive a $1,000 Stumps Gift Certificate.