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Creative Prom and Graduation Invites

invitation message in a bottle

Be creative when you invite guests to your event using a clever invitation message in a bottle!

You want your senior prom and graduation to be the most special and memorable events of your high school career. Start these events off on the right note by designing your own personalized prom and graduation invitations. Add individual flair with the following ideas:

Send your message in a bottle – literally! What could be more creative than these tropical bottle invitations, with your personalized invitation nestled inside a clear bottle?

To help celebrate the night of your dreams, try these elegant blue-and silver enchanted carriage prom invitations imprinted with Cinderella’s carriage and the personalized message of your choice.

This sophisticated Paris lights invitationbears a striking photo of the Paris skyline and the Arc de Triomphe at night. Say goodbye to high school in style with these classy prom or graduation invites!

Customize Event Invitations as a Prom Preview

Event invitations and tickets are previews of your prom. Just as a well-made movie trailer can help generate excite for a film premiere, so can the right custom invitations and event tickets do the same for your prom. Select from classic invitations, theme invitations, or fully customized invitations to deliver that sense of anticipation and promise.

Classic invitations are always in style and go with any prom theme. Customize color and imprint on exquisite Timeless and Mirror-Brite invitations to match your color scheme and capture a refined air, or go with the elegantly simple Dreaming of Moonlight or Slimline invitations.

When it comes to theme invitations, Stumps Party carries invitations for popular prom themes. We have invitations in the shapes of castles and carriages, masks and mirror balls, clapboards and clocks. Select an invitation that looks like a passport or a movie ticket stub, or a postcard from a faraway port of call. And stars: many, many stars.

Also, if you have bought one of our prom theme decorating kits or decorations from one of our kits, be on the lookout for invitations that match the decorations perfectly – and where not, check out Custom Creation Invitations designs for the win. Custom Creations lets you choose landscape or portrait orientation, theme image and text with lots of options.

Once your prom invitations are designed, visit Event Printing services to get your tickets and event booklets, too.

Create A Magical Moment With A Forever In Time Theme Kit

Forever in Time complete theme decorating kit

Make time stand still in an elegant, dreamy place. Stumps Party dance decorations create an environment in which the moment means everything with the Forever  in Time complete theme decorating kit. This elegant dance decorations kit comes with one luminescent circle arch, two luminescent balustrades, one enchanting illustrated window set and two modern luminescent columns. The following prom tips suggest ways in which the kit can be broken up and embellished to create an unforgettable time theme experience.  

Get the word out with the use of invitations and banners. Extend an invitation with the heavenly night book mark invitation. This 3 ½” by 7 ½” tasseled bookmark comes with 12 lines of customized text imprinted with black, silver or gold foil. This invitation also doubles as a souvenir of an unforgetable evening. Continue generating enthusiasm for the gala event with a large customizable banner. The moonlight clock personalize banner matches the theme perfectly and gives a sneak peek into the elegance that awaits.

Welcome everyone with a sensational entrance. Place the kit’s two luminescent ballustrades to either side of the entrance. Cover the ballustrades in black soft stretch fabric and then wrap the ballustrades in silver cracked ice streamers to add sparkle. Add interest and accent coloring with bunches of ballons. For this color theme of black, white, silver and pink create multiple bouquets of latex balloons of these colors found in Stumps Party’s great selection of event supplies. Add a glow to the balloons by inserting radiant LED balloon lights into some of the balloons. Give depth to the entrance decor by hanging black gossamer and silver cracked ice streamers from the metal gossamer hanger with lights.

Create the backdrop for your kit pieces by hanging more black gossamer across the wall breaking it up with panels of silver iridescent chiffon and pink tulle netting bound with cracked ice streamers. Add twinkle string lights to make it shine. Hang black and white 24″oriental stretch lanterns mixed with silver 36″ oriental elegance lanterns from the ceiling to create the romantic canopy under which everyone will be dancing. Cover the dance floor area with black flat paper to serve as the base for the decorations. Set up the kit’s luminescent circle arch wrapped in black soft stretch fabric embellished with twinkle lights and silver cracked ice streamers. Surround the arch with the kit’s set of enchanting illustrated windows. Choose the enchanting starry pink background illustration as the view seen out the windows. Next, set off one of the windows by placing the kit’s two modern luminescent columns on either side. Repeat elements of the look of the arch by covering the columns in black soft stretch fabric accented with twinkle lights. Give the floor a sense of airiness by scattering more black, white, silver and pink balloons around. Bring main elements of the dance floor into the picture area. Set up a modern luminescent column with balloon bouquets and balloons on the floor. Use the same dance floor background fabrics to accentuate the photo props.

Create a fun and elegant area for snacking and conversation. Start with the table. Use the same pink tulle from the backdrop to cover the entirety of the table. Use strips of the silver cracked ice streamer to wrap around the edge of the table to add drama and to secure the tulle. Top the tables with the forever in time centerpiece and sparkle powder decorating accessory in silver. Stumps Party also has all of the event tableware that you’ll need. For a prom favor, wrap the napkins in the loop of the time stands still key tag. This favor serves to decorate the table and to provide something for each person to take home as a keepsake.

The Forever in Time kit gives you lots of color choice flexibility for the easy creation of the perfect time theme event.

New For Prom 2011

It may seem like forever from now, but prom 2011 will be here before you know it. It’s never too early to start visualizing themes, budgets, and the overall finished event. To start your committee’s planning with a bang, we’ve compiled what’s new for Prom 2011.

Fresh, 2011 Prom Themes
As you eye Stumps online catalog and our prom 2011 theme ideas notice the colors, styles, themes, and tips. We’ve left a few decorating ideas on each page for you.

Prom 2011 Event Themes Highlights

  • Stumps introduces trendy new decorations for prom 2011.
  • Buy hot, 2011 personalized, new invitations.
  • Give guests something to talk about at their tables. Buy prom 2011 new table decorations and centerpieces for do-it-yourself, budget-beating, decorating success.

Jazzy 2011 Event Theme Favors
Make your prom 2011 new party favors memorable. Stumps prom 2011 candle favors are poured in your school’s colors. We also like personalized pillows, and photo cubes.

Enjoy your upper classmen days this year, as you start to plan prom 2011. Share your hot, new, ideas with us!

Send Prom Invitations Out Early to Build Anticipation

Fanciful-Pouch-InvitationSure, everyone knows that you’re going to have a prom and, hopefully, they’re really looking forward to it. But sending a prom invitation is a great way to get the date on their calendars and get the buzz for the event going early. If students are keyed into thinking about prom early on, they’re more likely to support your fundraising events as well, making your prom fundraisers more profitable. Plus, with prom invitations becoming more elaborate, getting the invitation in the mail will get the students thinking about how and when they’ll ask their date to the event.

Stumps Prom has a selection of gorgeous prom invitations to suit traditional looks or a wide variety of themes.

We have invitations for different themes, including: Spotlight on Hollywood Invitation (Hollywood Theme), Depths of Forever (Under the Sea), Garden Romance, Lost in the 50’s, Mirror Ball (Disco Nights), and Night in Paris, and much, much more.

If you’re having a tropical or luau themed prom, our Aloha Leis Invitations are another great choice. 12 lines of wording are printed on a 2 ½” wide plastic medallion that is attached to a fun floral lei.

For a simple, elegant invitation, try our Mirror-Brite Invitations. These invitations include your wording on a metallic background available in a variety of colors. The super shiny finish is attention grabbing without being too flashy.

We have tons of prom invitations to choose from to make your event stick in everyone’s mind. Check out all of our prom supplies and other prom planning tips.