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Dramatic Decorating Background Ideas

Support and enhance the look of focal points with dramatic backgrounds. Cover unsightly or boring walls with dramatic backgrounds. Stumps Party has all of the supplies that you need to set the stage for the rest of all your prom decorations. The following ideas can be used for your background or can serve as the genesis of your own personalized backdrop achieved through changing fabrics, colors and accessories.

The first backdrop idea provides a visual representation of what could be seen far off into the horizon of your destination theme location. This backdrop makes everyone feel like they are on the pristine beaches of the mediterranean by focusing on whites, blues and beach images. Begin the backdrop with the Aegean Islands photo mural. As the mural shows the edge of a balcony then make the framing elements of this mural appear to be the elegant trimmings of a french door-like opening. Accomplish this by draping premium tulle-white between two or three white pedestal & columns that measure 8′ tall. Purchase a couple of white balustrades to angle off of the mural in order to give depth to the mural. For more drama, use the metal gossamer hanger with lights from which to hang additional white tulle. To pull out the beautiful blue of the mural, add bermuda blue gossamer to the white tulle on the hanger with lights. Enlarge the look of a balcony that leads into an ocean-view room, cover the floor with glossy white marble corrugated paper. Incorporate the lush green of the mural into the whole look of the backdrop by placing plastic potted english ivy near the base of the columns. Having created the perfect mediterranean backdrop, browse Stumps Party’s large selection of additional props to fill the rest of your space according to your evening’s needs.

This backdrop idea relies on beautiful fabrics that are layered, draped and accented with lights. Begin the backdrop by covering the wall with neutral gray seamless paper decorating material. Gossamer fabrics will serve to add the drama while the neutral gray paper wall covering provides a rich base to this very sheer fabric. Drape decorative panels from the ceiling using metallic purple gossamer. This gossamer is silver on the opposite side. Use both sides of the gossamer to create a gorgeous look. From the ceiling, hang 19″ wide panels of the gossamer with the purple side out. Next, center 9 1/2″ wide panels of gossamer with the silver side out over the 19″ wide panels. Secure the panels together by tying 9 1/2″ bands of the gossamer around the panels. Space the panels in such a way as to be able to hang one of the two decorative strands that come in the large silver dots curtain set. These bright silver dots accentuate the metallic glow of the gossamer and the silver accent of the gossamer. For an even more dramatic effect, hang one or more disc chandeliers nearby. Make all of the silver accents pop even more with the use of backlights. One more touch to subtly add more drama would be to overlay a very sheer layer of purple gossamer in front of the neutral gray seamless paper. This would give a purple hue to the foundation of the whole backdrop.

The possibilities for creating a dramatic background are endless with all of the fabrics, lights and accessories found at Stumps Party. Browse our supplies and let your imagination go wild.

Sail Away To A Tropical Treasure Bay Prom

Treasure Bay decorating kitWhen the cold air drops down from the north, bring in the warmth of a remote tropical isle where treasure is amassed and boats drop their anchors. Invite your student body to sail away to a Treasure Bay prom. Stumps Party simplifies your prom committee’s decorative tasks for this tropical themed prom with the help of the Treasure Bay decorating kit. This kit has all you need to transform your space into an elegant island paradise : one Treasure Bay ship, one set of Treasure Bay ship masts, two wire palm trees, one Treasure Bay column and one Treasure Bay chest.

Build up anticipation for the treasure that awaits with banners and wall decor. For the hallways, put up a tropical paradise banner. Hold a pre-prom contest. Have students guess what the temperature will be on particular popular tropical islands the day of the prom. Winners will be awarded prom-related coupons delivered in foil gold bar favor boxes.

Create the transition into the magic of the tropical scene with by lining the hallways with colorful lighted palm trees. Decorate the entrance into the main area by draping white tulle netting. Add sparkle to the netting with twinkle light strings. Add textural and visual interest to the netting with yellow or blue nautical fishnet available with the Treasure Bay table setting accessories.

In the main area, create an easy yet gorgeous sunset by layering sheer gold gossamer over dark blue seamless paper decorating material. Enhance the backdrop’s glow with the use of backlights. Change the tint of the backdrop by experimenting with different colored filters to use on the backlights. Complete the sunset look with the addition of the moonlight hanging moon. Give the illusion of being in a cove by setting up a palm tree silhouette backdrop right in front of the backlights. Introduce water by covering the floor with bunched up mottled water gossamer.

Near the edge of the water gossamer place the Treasure Bay ship and the Treasure Bay ship masts. Decorate the masts with white tulle netting to provide the look of sails. Beyond the edge of the water gossamer and into the room cover the floor with buff flat paper to give it the look of sand. On that sand, put the two wire palm trees, the one Treasure Bay column and the one Treasure Bay chest. The 7′ high column adds authentic character with its realistic hemp rope and fishnet accents. To create a fuller nautical look to the room, purchase additional columns as well as some 2′ to 6′ high Treasure Bay lantern pilings featuring hemp rope accents and a nautical lamp. Place some of these columns and pilings around the snack area as well.

The snack area easily comes together with the ideas given for the Treasure Bay table setting. Begin by covering the tables with the indigo gossamer drapped with yellow fishnet. Use gold metallic streamer from the colorful metallic streamers collection to secure the net to the gossamer tablecover and to define the ege of the table. Top off the table decor with the palm tree centerpiece surrounded with scattered gold coins. Continue the table decor on the chairs by draping them with indigo gossamer and fishnet secured with more gold metalic streamer. For the food, select black plates, navy blue napkins and black cutlery. Cover the eating area walls with blue sea and sky flat paper elegantly framed with white tulle netting. Allow the sand look to continue out onto the floor with shredded gold / silver mottled gossamer. Give outline and sparkle to the area with additional wire palm trees and pilings.

The prom picture is the keepsake to treasure. Arrange more wire palm trees and a cardboard treasure chest in front of the same sunset backdrop used in the main space. Offer the perfect party favor with the trendy photo holder. This favor has room for autographs as well as your prom picture.

Stumps Party – a treasure trove of party supplies and ideas. Check us out for all of your needs!

Advertise and Decorate Prom with Memories Mural

Personal Photo Memories Mural

Looking for a unique and wonderful way to make your Prom or event stand out from the rest? A Personal Photo Memories Mural is just what you are looking for!

Choose a dazzling design, add your wording and information, and we’ll create a colossal 11′ x 5′ mural that perfectly matches your event theme! Or, supply your photo and design and we’ll create a Personal Photo Memories Mural!

Great Ways to Use Your Customized Memories Murals:

1. Have several teasers before announcing your Prom or event. Choose one vibrant design and add riddle-like wording. For example, for your Parisian-themed event, have a series of five murals that lead up to the big night. The first could simply say, “The Land of Love”. The second could include another hint, and the final mural could announce the event name, time, and location. Then, hang all of the murals at your event!

2. Honor your Prom Court! Send photos of your Prom Queen and King candidates and a layout, and we’ll create a mural that can be displayed in hallways the week of your Prom. Students will know who is who when voting on the royal couple!

3. Embarrass the birthday boy or girl with a mural of their younger years! For even more fun, send us several photos from different milestone years and create a timeline of murals! Great for 1st, Sweet 16, 30th, 40th, and other big birthdays!

4. Flashback at reunions! Photos of you and your high school friends will translate into lots of laughs when made mural size and hung at your high school reunion.

We cannot reproduce registered, copyrighted, trademarked or professional images (unless a copyright release is submitted with a photographer, studio or artist’s signature). We reserve the right to request a copyright release at any time, or to decline use of a photo. Stumps will not crop, alter or color manage any photographs for reproduction. Your photo will be used as submitted.

All murals have a white border and do not extend to the edge of the paper. Specify wording for each section. You may select any typestyle for your mural.

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