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5 Places to Wear Your Tiara and Sash

Every Girl Loves a Tiara

Tiaras and sashes have always gone hand-in-hand, whether for a prom queen or a bachelorette. While many girls buy pretty tiaras to wear to prom, not many girls can wear the tiara and sash of a prom queen.

You may be thinking to yourself, “how many places can a person really wear a tiara (and get away with it)?” The answer: many more places than you think! Here are a few examples…

Where to Wear Your Tiara and Sash

  1. Dances: While homecoming is typically a much more casual affair than prom, you could still wear a small tiara to set off your dress.  A tiara is almost a staple for any girl going to prom. It’s a great way to add just a little bling to any dress. And if you’re crowned queen at either dance, you’ll have a beautiful sash to wear with your tiara!
  2. Birthdays: A Quinceañera, Sweet Sixteens, 18th and 21st birthdays all give you a great reason to don a tiara and sash for the day! It’s your day, why not wear a tiara? Typically, a Quinceañera and aMis Quince Tiara
    Sweet Sixteen both give you the perfect reason to plan a huge party and wear a “Birthday Girl” sash and a pretty tiara. You could also get matching tiaras for your best girlfriends to wear.
  3. Pageant Queen: If you’re into the beauty pageant circuit at all, you know pageant queens get crowns or tiaras to wear with their sashes for various public appearances. A few of those appearances will include county fairs, state fairs (in some cases), and maybe even parades! Whichever event you’re involved in, you’ll get to show off your tiara and your sash.
  4. Bachelorette Party or Wedding: Either at your bachelorette party or at your wedding, you will wear a tiara. If your bridesmaids are sweet, they’ll buy you two tiaras—a wild, fun bachelorette tiara and a pretty, elegant bridal comb tiara. That way, you’ll have a special way to remember each special event. You could also find small tiaras for your bridesmaids to wear for the bachelorette party.
  5. County Fair: Many county fairs have small beauty pageants or talent shows, too. If you’ve competed in a state pageant and won the title, you may be called upon to don your tiara and sash to crown a county queen or simply make an appearance at the fair.


These are just a few places to wear your tiara and sash. You may, if you’re crowned prom queen or a pageant queen, be required to wear them to a few other events. You could even reuse the tiara on your own and be a medieval princess for Halloween! You could wear the costume a few times—and it gives you the perfect reason to wear your tiara again and again. Always make sure to find a reason to wear your tiara and sash more than once! Every girl needs to feel extra pretty every now and then.

2011 Prom King & Prom Queen – Royal Accessories

Every prom needs its royalty, and of course all royalty need their accessories. Stumps Party is your go-to place for prom king and queen royal accessories.


What’s a queen without a tiara? Check out Stumps Party’s wide selection of tiaras, from the affordable Princess Grace tiara to the one-of-a-kind Mon Amour Tiara. All tiaras feature sturdy metal frames and combs to secure them in place.

Your prom queen will love a Tiara Keepsake Box to display her tiara for years, as a memory of this special night.


Don’t forget the Prom King – he needs a crown, and Stumps Party has a wide selection of crowns in all colors and styles. From metallic fabrics to velvets, and from braided trims to sequins, you have a huge selection of crowns from which to choose .

Prom Royalty Sashes will make your king, queen, and court sparkle.

Your prom king, queen, and their entire royal court will have an elegant look when you adorn them with sashes.

Use Stumps Party’s unique Create-A-Sash feature to design custom sashes with borders, graphics, and colors of your choice.

Your prom royalty can rule elegantly with scepters in hand. Choose velvet scepters for a European look, or sparkling rhinestone scepters for a fantasy fairytale feel.

And royal medallions will add a sparkling touch to the court. Featuring rhinestones and hanging from a 19″ ribbon, these medallions will make a classy addition to your prom king and queen’s attire.

With these royal accessories, your prom king and prom queen will reign in elegance over a night to remember.

Warm Up To Winter With A Snowflake Fantasy Formal

Capture the beauty of fallen snow with a winter theme formal. A winter wonderland of crisp white and cool blues awaits everyone when the area is decorated with the Snowflake Fantasy decorating kit. This kit includes one giant snowflake arch, one lighted tree, one lighted elegance tree, one set of standing snowflakes, one set of snowflake fantasy columns and one Corex snowflake.

Create the backdrop by covering the walls with bright blue flat paper wbroken up by twinkle light strings in vertical lines spaced about four feet apart. In front of the backdrop set up the giant snowflake arch. This 10′ high by 12′ wide freestanding cardboard arch even includes twinkle lights. The arch can serve as the area for the presentation of royalty or the awarding of prizes. Add depth to the arch by surrounding it with both of the lighted trees. Add more trees to your order in order to place additional trees near the entrance and near the snack area. Give elegance to the props by wrapping metallic white gossamer around their bases.

Near the entrance area place the set of snowflake fantasy columns accented with iridescent and silver sparkle poweder and light blue gossamer. If there is more than one entrance/exit to the main area you can easily add another set of columns to your order. Balance out the snowflake found at the top of each column by placing the set of standing snowflakes and the Corex snowflake nearby. The Corex snowflake stands 4′ high and includes a light bulb for illumination. Spread out more metallic white gossamer under this area to continue the look of snow on the ground.

Draw people to the snack area with attractive table decor. Cover half of the tables with the metallic white gossamer used at the base of the props and the other half with light blue gossamer. For a color accent, place the blue snowflakes from the foil snowflake value pack on the white gossamer and the white snowflakes on the light blue glossamer. At the center of each table put the glitter snowflake centerpiece. For an added special touch, hang glitter snowflakes with ribbon from the ceiling right above each table. Finally, decorate the tables with a prom favor that each person will get to take home. In keeping with the winter and snowflake theme, Stumps Party suggests the small size prom night snow dome. A sea of silver stars and and custom one line imprint preserve your special photo in this dome.

Set the perfect winterland backdrop with the snow flurries room setter. Anchor the photo decor with another set of snowflake fantasy columns. Accessorize the column with an additional Corex snowflake and lighted trees. Cover the ground with a snow blanket accented with light blue gossamer wrapped around the base of the props.

Other items that can add to the charm of the snowflake fantasy evening are the following:
–  winter custom creation mint tins filled with wintergreen mints as contest prizes for last person able to name a song about snow,
–  winter snowflake banners to label different parts of the area and
–  cafe mug in silver for enjoying hot beverages once the cold really sets in.

Stumps Party’s Snowflake Fantasy decor provides the perfect setting for a winter formal that is both fun and elegant. We work hard so that your prom planning is easy. We value your comments. Let us know about your winter theme events.

New For Prom 2011

It may seem like forever from now, but prom 2011 will be here before you know it. It’s never too early to start visualizing themes, budgets, and the overall finished event. To start your committee’s planning with a bang, we’ve compiled what’s new for Prom 2011.

Fresh, 2011 Prom Themes
As you eye Stumps online catalog and our prom 2011 theme ideas notice the colors, styles, themes, and tips. We’ve left a few decorating ideas on each page for you.

Prom 2011 Event Themes Highlights

  • Stumps introduces trendy new decorations for prom 2011.
  • Buy hot, 2011 personalized, new invitations.
  • Give guests something to talk about at their tables. Buy prom 2011 new table decorations and centerpieces for do-it-yourself, budget-beating, decorating success.

Jazzy 2011 Event Theme Favors
Make your prom 2011 new party favors memorable. Stumps prom 2011 candle favors are poured in your school’s colors. We also like personalized pillows, and photo cubes.

Enjoy your upper classmen days this year, as you start to plan prom 2011. Share your hot, new, ideas with us!

New Prom Royalty Items

prom-royalty-trophiesHonoring prom royalty is a long standing prom tradition and Stumps Prom has new royalty items for prom 2009.

There’s plenty of gorgeous tiaras for prom queens that will simply sparkle! The Eternal Love Tiara is a fantastic item featuring lovely swirls while the Irish Princess Tiara is a gorgeous, classic item with an intricate lattice design. The Portrait of Elegance Tiara shimmers with beautiful rhinestones that catch a variety of colors.

Each of our tiaras are constructed of a sturdy metal frame and rhinestones and combs to hold them in place. Don’t forget accessories such as tiara bags or a personalized tiara box.

Our sashes are great for honoring your prom court. You can order stock sashes or personalized sashes printed with your school details.

The Diamond Sash is a beautiful choice. It is made of satin lined black velvet and includes a Velcro closure. The sash is embroidered in white with up to 21 characters. Get one of these beautiful sashes for each member of your prom court!

The Designer Sash is another wonderful option. You can totally customize this sash, choosing from a variety of sash colors, ink colors, and logos from stars, a tiara, a crown, or 2009.

Make your prom king and queen really feel like royalty with a scepter! Our Round Velvet Scepter is a great option. It is 20 inches long and features a round velvet ball encased in a black or silver topper. It’s classic chicness is the perfect match for any crown or tiara.

Check out all of our prom royalty items for your prom court!

Make Your Grand March Sparkle!

Grand March Kit A Grand March is a traditional prom event in which the prom court and prom attendees put on a parade. One part coronation, one part fashion show, it’s a tradition parents really love. Some schools choose to use the Grand March as an opportunity to announce their Prom King and Queen too. Either way, the Grand March is a good way to show off all the work students put into planning the prom, their outfits, hair, and flowers. Plus, it’s a way to say thanks to the parents and faculty who made prom possible for both the prom committee and the students attending the prom.

Your Grand March can look just as elegant as your prom and with these tips, it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money or take a lot of time to plan.

Advertise for your Grand March with personalized Grand March Banners. The banners are printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and are available with or without metal grommets and in seven different sizes to meet your needs. You can add your own custom wording so everyone knows when and where the Grand March will be. If you’re charging admission, be sure to include ticket information too!

Order the matching Grand March Tickets. You can choose to give a pair of tickets to each student with the purchase of a prom ticket, so their parents can see them in the march, or restrict free tickets to the parents of those on the Prom Court. Either way, tickets are a good thing to have on hand so you can keep track of how many people attended for future reference and crowd control.

Decorate for your Grand March starting with a Grand March Kit featuring the Grand March Star Arch, which can be personalized with your school letters. Use Three-Color Balloon Arches in your school or prom colors for students to walk through on their way down the aisle. Top it all off with the Grand March Banners personalized with your school information. The complete package makes for a sophisticated and coordinated Grand March look!

Tips for Planning the Grand March:

Not all students will want to participate. For this reason, it may be better to have the Grand March before the dance starts. If you choose this option, have your Prom Court march down together and save the big announcement for during the dance.

Take names of students who want to participate in the Grand March when you sell tickets to the prom, but also include a deadline for signing up in case students change their minds.

You can hand out tickets to the Grand March with prom tickets or send them to the parents at their home address(es). If you hand them out with prom tickets, be sure to get the tickets back from students who back out of the Grand March so your expected number in attendance at the march is accurate.

Be sure to check out our tips for planning your prom too!

Present the Prom Court in Royal Style

Prom Court SuppliesThe big moment has arrived – it’s time to crown your Prom King and Queen. Are you ready? Don’t leave this event to chance! There are several things you can do to make sure the coronation goes smoothly. Below are some helpful ideas for presenting your Royal Prom Court.

• Before the event, choose a time when you will announce the Court. Relay this time to the band/D.J., faculty, and all the Prom committee members.

• Choose a person to announce the winners. This person can be the Prom committee president, the committee advisor, the school principal, or the student body president. Some schools invite the previous year’s King and Queen back for the crowning.

• Designate several committee members to help crown the Court. Remind them to have extra pins on hand to secure the Court’s crowns, tiaras, and sashes!

• Hold Court nominations two months in advance and announce nominees.

• Hold Court elections three weeks in advance. (See Planning the Court for more tips on nominations and elections.)

• Tally votes and decorate envelopes announcing the winners.

• Order Prom Royalty items for your King, Queen, and Prom Court.

• Have bouquets of flowers for the girls and corsages for the guys at the Prom site before the event begins.

• Play a drum roll, announce the winners and crown the Court!

• Give the King and Queen the opportunity to make a speech and parade around the site with their Court.