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Keep the Royalty, but Make New Prom Court Traditions

red aisleProm season is in full swing.  Unfortunately, the glitz and glamour of this special night frequently comes with drama and fighting among students.  The quest to become prom royalty often leads to poor behavior from teens in an effort to win a popularity contest.  This is one area where the beginning of new traditions could be a valuable tool in making your school’s prom more successful than ever.

This could be a great opportunity to help students learn real life skills that could help them when applying for colleges or jobs.  Instead of a popularity contest, select candidates based on pre-determined criteria and a series of interviews. Create challenges to encourage students to conduct themselves in a professional manner and develop marketable skills.  Get creative and think outside of the box!  There are a ton of fun and educational ways to make the quest for prom royalty a growing experience for young professionals.   This would be an especially great way to add practical skills to the resume of young people who often have a difficult time gaining experience. Encourage students to focus on education by setting a minimum GPA requirement for the candidates.  By mimicking the college application process you can start students thinking about the steps sooner rather than later.

Community service is a great way to build the resume of young people.  Set a minimum requirement for volunteer hours and have the candidates present an essay or multimedia project on their experiences.  This will help to build public speaking skills as well as help students learn how to put together a professional project.  Get the A/V department involved by taping speeches and interviews.  They can edit them and broadcast to the school.  Students can also learn great skills by creating quality video projects. Have students make practical, applicable plans on how they can solve a prominent social problem within the school.  Schedule debates during which candidates can present their plans and discuss social issues and potential resolutions in a constructive way.  By guiding the conversation and making it a positive discourse students will learn to be tolerant of opinions different than their own and to work through problems in a constructive way instead of arguing.

Social Media is more than just a way for teens to communicate with one another.  The development of this branch of marketing has opened vast opportunities for networking.  This is also an area where teens struggle with what information is appropriate to share.  Have them create accounts to spread their ideas and further their campaign using social media.  A short compilation of the data gained from their social media experience could be a great tool in college applications as well as applying for jobs and internships. This video is a great example of using technology to promote your candidates.  If you would like your prom’s campaign to take on a more professional feel, encourage students to be more serious.

Let’s re-write the meaning of prom and use this as a jumping off opportunity for a more positive and productive prom experience.  Our high quality prom court items will offer a fantastic reward for the winners of these coveted prizes.  Students will truly appreciate the meaning behind their crowns when they have tiara1had such a positive experience and put such hard work into earning them.  Reward their hard work by welcoming them with a walk down our luxurious red carpet.  Make them feel really special by going all out with our robes and royal scepters.  Our wide selection of tiaras and crowns will allow you to choose the perfect finish to your royal ceremony!

Hot for Prom 2012

Bling & White 2012 Prom Dresses

The big trends for prom dresses in 2012 are prints and “bling.”  Some girls take their love of animal prints and wear dresses that make huge statements.  Leopard, cheetah, zebra, peacock, plus wild floral prints and stripe patterns (believe it or not) are showing up everywhere.  Long dresses or short, sparkles and “bling” are prominent on many, if not all, dresses this 2012 prom season.  Possibly because of the sparkle trend, designers of prom dresses for 2012 have been showing not only bright colors and lace, but also, interestingly, white dresses.  You’ll see white dresses with pops of color, white dresses with sparkles, and even some white dresses with pops of color and sparkles!

One way to add bling to an otherwise blah dress is jewelry.  Some girls choose to simply wear the necklaces, the earrings, and the rings and bracelets, while others choose to put the sparkle in their hair by way of timless tiaras.                

Trendy 2012 Prom Decorations

For those who can’t decide, prom decorating committees can choose to supply their 2012 prom attendees with swag bags for her that include sparkly tiaras.  Swag bags, a popular trend from prom season 2012, can also include glittery lip glosses, giving her another way to add a touch of glitz to her ensemble.

Your 2012 prom just wouldn’t be prom without a theme.  For the 2012 prom season, many schools are adding themes to their proms to allow their prom committee to show off their creative edge.  Everything from table decorations to various picture corners can be put together by students.  This prom season, some students even add the option of multiple picture corners, giving multiple options for designs within the theme.  Themes range from A Night in Hollywood to Under the Sea and almost everything in-between.  Three of the hottest themes for the 2012 prom season are Casino, Hollywood, and UnderwaterFavors can also be personalized so that attendees have even more ways to remember their special nights.   Now, what favors will you choose to make your prom more memorable?

Mom’s Prom Dinner Guide

Moms love to give advice and direction. It just comes naturally! Prom may be the first fancy dinner that you attend and there are a few things that all Moms want their kids to know about how to conduct themselves. Follow Mom’s prom dinner guide and you can’t go wrong!

  • Be on time!
  • Don’t forget your manners, use words like please and thank you.
  • If you are wearing gloves, remove your gloves during dinner.
  • Examine the event tableware and use the proper silverware. Usually you start using the outside fork and work your way in.
  • Turn your salad fork upside down on the salad plate when you’re finished.
  • Turn your coffee cup upside down if you do not want any coffee.
  • Put a personalized napkin on your lap to save your dress or pants from an embarrassing spill!
  • Don’t put your napkin on the table until you are finished eating. Place your napkin on the back of your chair if you are leaving to use the restroom.
  • Gentlemen, open doors for the ladies. Carefully pull out a lady’s chair for her and then assist her in moving it forward, once she’s seated. Keep in mind, chair covers can be slippery.
  • Ladies, don’t forget to thank your date for dinner! Surprise him with gift favors for his generosity.
  • Prom Tips for Girls

    Girls, these next few months will go quickly and it is not too early to start planning for prom. Be apart of the plans and make sure you know what you will be doing before, during, and after the prom. Follow these prom tips for girls and enjoy the event:

    Be considerate toward the guy if you get asked to the prom, remember he is probably nervous even asking you. Even if you don’t have a date, plan to go anyway! Lots of girls and guys go solo, or in big groups of friends. You really don’t need a date to have fun and you won’t be the only solo one there. Don’t miss out on these special events, go out with your friends, dance the night away, and have a blast!

    Prom tickets can be expensive depending on the venue, so if you can, it is a nice gesture to offer to chip in for the cost of the tickets.

    Start dress shopping at least two months in advance. Find the right dress for you! Wear a dress that you will feel comfortable dining and dancing in for several hours. Buy a dress that suits your body type.


    Hair styles are more casual this year, but it is really up to you because there are very few rules. Work with the hair style and length that you have! If you are doing your own hair, make-up, and nails then experiment ahead of time to choose the best look. Make appointments for hair, make-up, and nails about six weeks in advance. Salons appointments fill up quickly and you don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute.

    Comfortable shoes that you can walk and dance in are a must! Break your shoes in by wearing them around the house for a couple of weeks before the event. Jewelry is important! We all love bling, but try to choose one area to focus on. If you have a big, beautiful necklace, then go easy on the earrings and bracelets. Have fun with your jewelry and give yourself some extra sparkle. Carry a small purse that coordinates with the style and color of your dress. It will come in handy for touching up makeup, your cell phone, and a little extra cash.

    It is customary for the girl to buy the guy a boutonniere to pin on his lapel. Coordinate the boutonniere with your dress color. Order it at least two weeks in advance.

    Prom Tips for Guys

    So you’re taking a girl to the prom!  Nervous, excited, and sweaty are all normal things for guys when they think about these events.  You want the night to go smoothly, which will only happen if you plan ahead.  DO NOT wait until the last minute to ask her out and make all of the plans, unless you like to be stressed out.  Impress your date and start the night off well by following these prom tips for guys:


    Let your parents know that you are planning to go to the prom.   Prom costs money and you may need to ask them for help to cover some of the costs.  Save up your own money too!  Ask that special girl to the prom as soon as the event plans are announced at school.  She might need to ask her parents for permission. Don’t just walk up to her in the hall at school and ask her if she wants to go to prom. Be creative and think of a special way to ask her to the dance. This will give you more confidence, and make a prom proposal harder to turn down.


    Once you are sure that you have a prom date, buy prom tickets the first week that they go on sale. Then remember to put the tickets in your suit pocket for the big night!


    Yes guys, you need to dress up for prom night.  Get your date’s input about your attire.  Are you planning on wearing a tux, a suit, or something less traditional?  If you want to wear a tux, then you need to order a tux about a month in advance.  Tuxes cost between $50-$150, depending on the area you live in, the style of the tux, and the store that you choose.


    Ask your date what color dress she plans to wear, so that you can coordinate the dress and the corsage.  Play it safe and buy your prom date a wrist corsage.  Wrist corsages can be worn with any style dress, including a strapless dress.  Go to a local florist and order it at least two weeks prior to the event.  A corsage is worn on the left wrist with the flower closest to your date, and the stem and ribbon going away from her body.


    Will you pick her up in a limo, will you drive her, or will you carpool?  Reserve a limo a month in advance.  Figure out who will be going with you and make sure there is enough room.  If you are driving, get the car washed and clean out the interior.


    Talk to your date ahead of time about restaurant choices and make reservations two weeks in advance if you can. Choose a nice restaurant with an upbeat atmosphere that is not too noisy to hold a conversation. On prom night at the restaurant after you are seated at the table, take your napkin and put it in your lap. The silverware can be confusing, so remember to always work from the outside in toward the plate.

    Your prom date will be impressed with you if plan the night ahead of time, keep her in the loop, and treat her with respect. Be a gentleman and open doors for your date, let her walk in first, and pull out her chair for her at dinner. While you are on your date, mind your manners but be yourself and have fun too!

    Prom Products Pros Use

    You want to look fun and funky fresh for prom this year! Give yourself a glow using shimmering lotion products, body glitter, and hair glitter gel. If you are going to wear panty hose, don’t skimp and buy the cheap ones. Buy a really good pair or 2 (an extra pair in your purse – just in case), like Donna Karan hosiery. Put some clear nail polish in your purse or clutch for prom panty hose emergencies! If your panty hose get a run in them, put a dab of clear nail polish at the end of the run to stop it from traveling on down. Try using these other products that the pros use for prom and special events.

    Top Hair Product Lines
    You want to have luxurious, soft, manageable hair that smells great for prom. Try one of these brands that the pros use that were voted best product line:
    • Paul Mitchell Awaphui Wild Ginger
    • Matrix Biolage Hydrating Shampoo
    • PureOlogy HydrateShampoo
    • Redken Color Extend Shampoo
    • American Crew voted best men’s line

    Favorite Flat Iron
    Whether they have curly or straight hair, girls love to straighten their hair with a flat iron. You want a flat iron that heats up quickly, stays nice and hot, and gives a smooth straight look. These are some of the top flat irons that pros use:
    • BaByliss Pro
    • Farouk Systems CHI Ceramic
    • FHI Heat
    • ghd Styling Iron
    • Paul Mitchell Express Iron

    Best Makeup Brands
    Here’s some great news, these makeup brands are affordable and easy to find in most stores. The pros are using these brands because they go on smooth, hide imperfections well, and offer a huge variety of bright colors that are in style for 2011!
    • Mac cosmetics
    • Nyx cosmetics
    • Maybelline ExpertWear eyeshadow
    • Bare Essentials
    • Make Up For Ever Glitters

    Party Products Pros Use
    Pros and the products they use help make you look like a knock out for prom and prom decorating pros help make your prom party space a knock out! Here are some of their trade secrets…

    Wherever possible, use gossamer, which is a versatile, light-weight, and sheer fabric. Pros use gossamer to:
    • Create dramatic backgrounds.
    • Add texture to columns and decorations.
    • Decorate tables, walls, floors, and chairs.
    • Add romance, movement, and enhance event themes.

    Lighting sets the mood for your event and the pros use a variety of lights for different reasons. Whether it is to create a glowing effect or spotlight a specific area, the right lighting sets the tone for the evening! Check out these reusable lights and lanterns that pros use and reuse for multiple events:
    • LED light curtains, LED string lights, and rope lights.
    • Lighted tissue lanterns.
    • Disco ball lights.
    • Holographic laser star projector.
    • Pinspot light.
    • Lamp posts and street lights.
    • Candle centerpieces.

    Table Settings
    Events often need to come together quickly and fabulous table settings can be time consuming to put together, so pros use table decoration packages to assist them. Table decoration packages are pre-designed decorations for tables, chairs, centerpieces and tableware.

    Thanks to the products pros use, every event can look like a pro did the decorating!

    Dramatic Decorating Background Ideas

    Support and enhance the look of focal points with dramatic backgrounds. Cover unsightly or boring walls with dramatic backgrounds. Stumps Party has all of the supplies that you need to set the stage for the rest of all your prom decorations. The following ideas can be used for your background or can serve as the genesis of your own personalized backdrop achieved through changing fabrics, colors and accessories.

    The first backdrop idea provides a visual representation of what could be seen far off into the horizon of your destination theme location. This backdrop makes everyone feel like they are on the pristine beaches of the mediterranean by focusing on whites, blues and beach images. Begin the backdrop with the Aegean Islands photo mural. As the mural shows the edge of a balcony then make the framing elements of this mural appear to be the elegant trimmings of a french door-like opening. Accomplish this by draping premium tulle-white between two or three white pedestal & columns that measure 8′ tall. Purchase a couple of white balustrades to angle off of the mural in order to give depth to the mural. For more drama, use the metal gossamer hanger with lights from which to hang additional white tulle. To pull out the beautiful blue of the mural, add bermuda blue gossamer to the white tulle on the hanger with lights. Enlarge the look of a balcony that leads into an ocean-view room, cover the floor with glossy white marble corrugated paper. Incorporate the lush green of the mural into the whole look of the backdrop by placing plastic potted english ivy near the base of the columns. Having created the perfect mediterranean backdrop, browse Stumps Party’s large selection of additional props to fill the rest of your space according to your evening’s needs.

    This backdrop idea relies on beautiful fabrics that are layered, draped and accented with lights. Begin the backdrop by covering the wall with neutral gray seamless paper decorating material. Gossamer fabrics will serve to add the drama while the neutral gray paper wall covering provides a rich base to this very sheer fabric. Drape decorative panels from the ceiling using metallic purple gossamer. This gossamer is silver on the opposite side. Use both sides of the gossamer to create a gorgeous look. From the ceiling, hang 19″ wide panels of the gossamer with the purple side out. Next, center 9 1/2″ wide panels of gossamer with the silver side out over the 19″ wide panels. Secure the panels together by tying 9 1/2″ bands of the gossamer around the panels. Space the panels in such a way as to be able to hang one of the two decorative strands that come in the large silver dots curtain set. These bright silver dots accentuate the metallic glow of the gossamer and the silver accent of the gossamer. For an even more dramatic effect, hang one or more disc chandeliers nearby. Make all of the silver accents pop even more with the use of backlights. One more touch to subtly add more drama would be to overlay a very sheer layer of purple gossamer in front of the neutral gray seamless paper. This would give a purple hue to the foundation of the whole backdrop.

    The possibilities for creating a dramatic background are endless with all of the fabrics, lights and accessories found at Stumps Party. Browse our supplies and let your imagination go wild.