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Decorate Prom Like a Star

There are several ways you can decorate prom like a star: Hollywood Star, Rock Star, or Star Star! By the date of this posting, you probably have your star theme for this year settled so we’ve included some additional product ideas and tips.

If your plans are still  up in the air, read on to get a feel for which type of star best suits your school’s personality.

Hollywood Star. A Hollywood theme is perennially popular because everybody knows the script! Strong, dramatic colors like black with splashes of silver and red are the way to go here. So is plenty of glitz. Line a wall with silver metallic curtains. Host a Grand March under a star arch. Turn on a spotlight and pull out the red carpet for a paparazzi-laden stroll. Lay a path of Hollywood stars with attendee’s names and set tables with Hollywood movie camera centerpieces.

Rock Star. The Rock Star theme is a newer one but great fun because it’s over the top! This is the time to use a bold and unusual color scheme such as purple with red. Cover a wall or two with spot-lit Rock Star Scene Setters room rolls. Set up the Rock Star Theme decorating kit – complete with fan standees! – on the stage to make it the dominant feature of the party room. Prop inflatable instruments against amplifiers, and finish tables in die-cut musical notes and Rock Star metallic confetti.

Star & Moon. Starry night themes were some of the first prom themes ever, and they are an enduring favorite because they are romantic by nature and just so very versatile as well. Create a ballroom floor banked by a wall of starry window murals, or take prom “outside” by decorating with star-themed background materials and garden theme party decorations. A third option is to make moon and stars the only focus with one of our breathtaking star theme kits that whisk you to the Milky Way.

So there you have it: three ways to look at stars for prom. Have fun with your star theme prom, and happy decorating!

Spring’s Top 10 Prom Themes

Stumps Party presents the list of spring’s top 10 prom themes.

Candy Land
If you want a combination of color and fun, this is the theme. The student body will love the lollipop-lined walkways, the sweet taffy waterfall, cupcake backdrops, and sweet candy arch. The success of this prom is easily described in one word – sweet.

Mardi Gras
Put the party into your prom with a Mardi Gras theme. Fill your space with vibrant purples, greens, and golds. Add beads, feathers, and masks. Based upon the style of your decorations, you can replicate the look of an embellished, New Orleans street or simply elicit a sense of mystical magic, or Afro-Caribbean mambo. What used to be for the French is now perfect for your school.

Everyone will sing “Hurray for Hollywood” when committee members see how easily this theme comes together and when the student body takes pleasure in the glitz of this hot theme. Give them the star treatment with a red carpet entrance, rows of paparazzi, lights, cameras, Hollywood Walk of Fame stars, and more. This theme can also lean to a more casual interpretation with an emphasis on film, popcorn, and lots of yellow, red, and white.

Bring the upscale, cosmopolitan atmosphere to your school with a city theme. Surround prom-goers with skyscrapers, billboards and lots of lights. Pull these items together to give the impression of a city, or make it a New York night with the addition of a Times Square theme kit or Central Park props.

The Parisian theme is always a hit with its romantic, European flair. Imagine the excitement of your student body as they get to walk past the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe arch, or a Parisian café. Play some Edith Piaf, serve baguettes with pate, and cover the walls with backdrops depicting scenes of Paris, such as the Champs-Elysees.

You won’t be rolling the dice when you choose this popular theme. Students love the high-energy décor of playing cards, poker chips, dice, and roulette wheels. Choose from a jackpot night, a high roller night, or a Vegas escape theme kit. Include some games, a buffet and some live entertainment for the full casino experience.

The Indian theme has really become a favorite because of its modern exoticism. The juxtaposition of rich greens, purples, golds, blues, and pinks create a breathtaking look that is unique to the Indian culture. This theme benefits from lots of draping chiffon, shimmera, and gossamer fabrics, trimmed with string lights. Prom-goers will be charmed with the beauty of this destination theme prom.

Dazzle everyone with a stars theme prom. The student body will be taken aback when they find themselves surrounded with gold, silver, and white stars of all sizes that reflect light throughout the space. Choose from star-studded arches, stairways, columns, and tunnels. Decorate the ceiling with hanging stars, string lights, and panels of star gossamer fabric.

Prom-goers love the chance to revisit the days of chivalry and courtly love. That is why the castle theme is always a success. This theme can capture the romantic look of a fairytale castle, the medieval look of the Knights of Camelot, or the fantasy look of an ice castle.

Everyone loves the 50’s. It was the time of the sock hop, the soda fountains, the poodle skirts, and the emergence of rock and roll. People knew how to have fun and student bodies all over the country still have fun with a fifties prom theme. Fill the space with 45’s, vintage car props, jukebox standees and drive-in decorations. This theme has lots of possibilities, so just run with it and have fun.

Choose your theme and fill all of your decorative, tableware, publicity and favors needs at Stumps Party. We love proms and we want to make sure that your school loves yours.

Elegant Inflatables and Columns

Add elegance, visual appeal, and a touch of class to your venue with elegant inflatables and columns from Stumps Party.  These decorations add height, depth, and excitement to the look of your prom.


New at Stumps Party are inflatables to add a distinctive flair to your event.  Choose arc columns to frame a photo location, or straight columns to add drama. Inflatable columns are 8′ high and feature 5-minute easy set-up.

For a new and fresh look, try an inflatable arch. The arch can be customized to match your theme with a colored slip or colored lights. Inflatable arches are 9′ high and 10′ wide for a dramatic look. Stability straps are included so that the arch is equally useful indoors or out.


Stumps Party helps you create a memorable look with a huge variety of column choices. 8′ varieties are the most popular, with choices ranging from luminescent columns and swirl columns to the more geometrical square columns. All columns can be tailored to your needs with a variety of slips and lights. You can create even more depth and variety with the  10′ variety of swirling columns.

10' Swirling Inflatable Column adds Depth and Interest to your Party Venue

Looking for decorative columns for your event? Stumps Party has you covered with every shape and style you can imagine, from fluted columns to metallic columns.

Shine on your special night with octagonal star columns, which allow light to shine through the star cutouts.

Columns are available in 4′, 8, and 12′ varieties to suit all your needs.

Decorate a Dance Venue with Cool Outdoor Effects

Dancing under the stars, cruising to an island paradise, walking in a winter wonderland — how we love to bring the outdoors to our indoor events! Here are a few ideas from Stumps Party for pulling it off.

Stars, Stars & More Stars

Whether a nautical, garden, city or destination theme, nothing is more romantic than a star-lit night. We love the look of combining a star gossamer with twinkle string lights, or try our glow star gossamer on its own! Add holographic shimmer die cut stars or mirror-brite die-cut shimmer stars to the décor to amplify the eye-pleasing effects.

Rock Out
This would be great for a Western or desert theme, and more. Try our seamless paper or other heavy background paper to create rocks and boulders of just about any size! The secret: a pillow of air! Cut two pieces of paper of the same irregular shape but with one sheet larger than the other. Match and staple the edges together so the larger sheet bulges out for some 3D action. The technique can take some practice, so if you haven’t done it before, be sure to experiment with scrap paper first. If you’re going to group them together, remember that odd numbers and staggered sizes look best.

Gaze into Distant Horizons
Use dark green corrugated paper and black corrugated paper to cut rolling hills, silhouettes of trees and/or rocks of different sizes. Place the shapes against a wall to create a landscape in the “distance.”

Take a Walk in the Clouds
Need some light, airy clouds in your outdoor setting? Get a bundle of our white tulle netting! Bunch it up into a cloud and secure your cloud formation with a quick baste stitch or staple. Use mono-filament (fishing) line to suspend your clouds from the ceiling, and/or place them on the floor to suit your event theme.

Do you have your own tricks for outdoor effects? Please share them in the Comments section!

Host a Wishing on a Shooting Star Theme Prom for a Magical Night

wishing-on-a-shooting-star-decorating-kitBring some classic elegance to your prom with a star themed event. Stumps Prom has plenty of beautiful star themed decorations for your starry night. Our Wishing on a Shooting Star themed prom is a lovely choice for star-studded glamour.

The Wishing on a Shooting Star Decorating Kit includes a pair of small star standees, two pairs of large shooting star standees, two lighted stars, and a pair of star-topped square columns.

Create a backdrop for your kit using blue seamless paper to cover the walls. Use strands of white twinkle string lights to make a lattice of lights across the paper for an elegant touch. Cover the floors with dark blue background material and a splash of iridescent sparkle powder for a bit of dazzle. Use silver metallic paper and white gossamer for a walkway into the event. Scatter silver and blue balloons around the floor for a finishing touch.

Set up the Wishing on a Shooting Star Lighted Stars along the back to fill out the backdrop. The stars are 7’10” x 7’10” and are edged with twinkle lights.

Add the Wishing on a Shooting Star standees for a focal point. The small standees are 3’10” tall and 2’ wide. The large standees are 6’2” tall and 3’2” wide. They create an arch of a shooting star tail, topped with a silver star.

The Wishing on a Shooting Star Square Columns are a wonderful way to fill out the scene and beautifully break up space. The columns are 8’3” tall and 11” wide. They’re freestanding, accented with blue and white star gossamer and topped with a silver star.  They’re perfect for accenting photo settings too!

Add some 3D Pop-up Stars to top off the scene. Stumps Prom has tons of prom theme decorations for you to select from to totally customize your prom.

Once you’ve chosen your prom decorations, design a memory booklet for a wonderful keepsake. Stumps Prom created the memory booklet and we have plenty of elegant designs for you to choose from. For this theme, we suggest the Starburst Booklet, available in black, blue or purple with a foil-stamped starburst and your wording on the cover. The inside is printed with your custom content. Check out our Memory Booklet Tips for ideas!

Stumps Prom has hundreds of personalized prom favors too! Our Shimmering Stars Combo is a great choice for this theme! The combo includes a star studded acrylic photo key tag and a 4×6 picture frame accented with stars and imprinted with your prom details.

Check out all of our star themed prom decorations, favors and more to create your perfect prom!

Get Star Swept with a By the Light of the Moon Prom

by-the-light-of-the-moon-kitChannel all the stellar romance of a star-themed prom with prom decorations from Stumps Prom. We have tons of gorgeous star-themed decorations such as our By the Light of the Moon Kit perfect for creating an even venue that will dazzle!

The By the Light of the Moon Kit contains a Light of the Moon Tunnel, Light of the Moon Stairway, Light of the Moon Blue Moon Standee, and a pair each of hanging and standing stars.

Create a background for your Light of the Moon theme prom using white gossamer hung from floor to ceiling around the walls and covering the floor with silver metallic background material.

Set up the Light of the Moon Tunnel to create a stunning focal point. The tunnel stands 11’9” tall and 14’9” wide and 16’ deep. The tunnel is created from cardboard and is decorated with shimmering stars and edged with twinkle lights.

The tunnel is beautifully accented by the Light of the Moon Stairway, which stands 11’ tall and 56” wide. It’s accented with sparkle powder, stars and twinkle lights.

Set up the Light of the Moon Blue Moon for an added impact. The moon is freestanding and made from cardboard. It includes twinkle lights, metallic silver cardboard stars and white gossamer. The moon stands 13’ tall and 9’7” wide.

Add the Light of the Moon Hanging and Standing Stars to fill out the look. The stars are 2’10” tall and 2’4” wide and are made out of cardboard. The standing stars are freestanding and are accented with white gossamer to create a cloudy base.

Accent this theme kit with star cutouts and tons of twinkle light strings.

After selecting your prom decorations, choose a memory booklet to help students savor their prom favors. The Dancing Couple Booklet is a great choice for this prom. The black cover features a dancing couple and shooting stars in gold or silver foil and your own wording. The inside is printed with your custom content. Check out our Memory Booklet Tips for ideas on how to fill the booklet with great memories.

Finish it all off with a fabulous personalized prom favor. Our Silver Elegance Combo is a great choice. The combo includes a 14 oz travel mug imprinted with your prom info and a star studded 4×6 photo frame. Students will love this favor combo!

Check out all of our Star Theme Proms and let us help you plan your perfect event!

A Star Themed Prom for Memories to Last Forever

make-it-last-forever-star-theme-prom-kit Star themed proms are a classic idea and Stumps Prom has tons of celestial themed decorations to make your event look spectacular. Our Make it Last Forever star theme is perfect for adding some ethereal beauty to your prom decorations.

The Make it Last Forever Kit includes a Make it Last Forever Arch, four forever clouds, two lighted stars, two iridescent cracked ice stars, two shimmering star assortment sets and a pair of balloon clouds.

Create a base for your star themed decorations using blue and white gossamer draped in curtains from floor to ceiling. Use plenty of gossamer in layers to create a light, billowing effect. Cover the floor with silver metallic background material.

Use the Make it Last Forever Arch to create a stunning entrance to your event. The arch is 11 feet 7 inches tall and 11 feet 6 inches wide and is accented with shimmer stars and twinkle lights. Students will love taking commemorative photos under the arch.

Add a heavenly accent with the Forever Clouds. The small clouds are 1 feet 10 inches tall and 3 feet 8 inches wide. The large clouds are 3 feet 8 inches tall and 7 feet 4 inches wide. The clouds are accented with simmer stars, tulle and twinkle lights.

The Balloon Clouds are a lovely touch too. They’re constructed of clear and pearl white balloons and twinkle lights.

The Celestial Wonder Lighted Star is a fantastic way to accent the entrance to your dance floor. The star is constructed from metal and lighted with twinkle lights. It’s 4 feet tall and 4 feet 8 inches long.

Top the whole look off with an assortment of silver glitter starsand iridescent cracked ice stars. They come in a variety of sizes and can attach to tons of surfaces for adding a celestial accent.

Next, create a stunning memory booklet for students to treasure prom memories with. For this theme we suggest the Dancing Couple Booklet, which encapsulates the elegance of prom and the star theme. The black cover is stamped with a gold or silver dancing couple and your wording. The inside is filled with your custom content. Check out our Memory Booklet Tips for ideas!

Send students home at the end of the prom with a personalized favor to savor. The Celestial Wonders Frame is a lovely choice. The glass frame is black with gold or silver stars and is personalized with your prom information. Students can add their own 4×6 prom photo!

Check out all of our star themed prom decorations and let Stumps Prom help you plan your perfect event!