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Top Three Themes for a 2013 After-Prom

Post-prom holds a different vibe than what comes before, and our three most popular after-prom themes for this spring hold the more relaxed atmosphere and activity fun you’re looking for.

1.Luau. A truly classic theme for an after party, luau and other tropical beach party themes land on popularity lists year after year because it is so easy to create a setting that feels worlds away.

Start with one of our beautiful beach-flavored photo background illustrations and add free-standing props such as palm trees, an entrance arch in a tiki design and surf board standees. Build your paradise by buying them separately or in a kit already designed for you. Tiki Island, shown above, is just one of several tropical beach and island kits to peruse whether you’re pursuing a traditional luau look or something more pirate-y or surf shack-y.

Keep in mind that with a luau theme, the people become decorations, too! Leis, beachcomber hats, sunglasses and even flip flops are wearable favors you can offer at the door and as prizes for hula and limbo contests.

2.Glow. Glow parties are relative newcomers to the after prom scene, but the demand for glow party products has fed their popularity and vice-versa. In short: Glow is here to stay!

For this theme, take a look at Glowing Blacklight Explosion Kit. This kit includes three blacklight fixtures plus a metal arch and columns that you’ll be able to use for many other parties in the coming years just by changing the slipcovers.

Check event lighting for strobes, laser projectors and LED options, too.

Ordinary jars, our highly-rated glow paint and a little patience are a perfect combination for creating glow-in-the-dark decorations for tables. We like Vivian Nguyen’s easy-to-follow demo:

There are several variations of the basic technique, which achieve different looks. For “fairy lights” paint the tiniest dots you can, as closely together as you can. For “rave jars” flick and spatter the paint from the brush.

Place your glow jars in bases of glow necklaces or coils of glow beads.

3.Casino. Another classic, a casino theme is a prom choice as often as an after-prom choice, no doubt due to the jackpot of props and decorations that can dress the venue up or down.

And get a load of the games! This event theme has lots of built-in entertainment value.

Get plenty of poker chips along with your games, and have winners redeem them for prizes. Choose unisex casino favors as prizes, such as photo cubes and key tags, and place them inside dice favor boxes for the surprise factor. Edible favors like mint and cookie tins will also ring the bell – they are easy to share and will help fuel late-night fun.

Are you ready to match an after-prom dream with reality? Visit the Themes store to see what’s out there!

Escape to Cuba with a Havana New Year’s Event

Transport your New Year’s Eve guests to a hot Caribbean style party with a Havana, Cuba event theme.

Work a Havana Theme
Havana is known as The City of Columns, and that’s just the tip of the palm tree. There are ports, beaches and historic landmarks that a party planner can “build,” such as Morro Castle.

  • Nautical theme supplies can help you evoke the Cuba and the sea that Hemingway loved.

  • Luau event theme products, including tropical banners, are appropriate for a Cuban theme if you choose decorations that accurately represent flora and fauna that can be found on the tropical island, including palms, parrots, orchids and flamingoes.

  • Event backgrounds can instantly transform party room walls into tropical beaches or buildings in Old Havana’s Cathedral Plaza, where a Tropicana-style show is still staged on New Year’s Eve.

Pull Together a Showplace
Speaking of the Tropicana, an Evening at the Tropicana event theme is perfect for a New Year’s gala with its combination of tropical splendor and sophisticated nightclub glamour.

The Tropicana has stages indoors and out. To get the feel of the outdoors one, drape a star patterned gossamer overhead and hang patterned flat paper, such as a flagstone pattern along with a tropical foliage pattern, along the walls.

Need an impromptu stage or DJ area? Use a pink or blue spotlight background illustration as shown below. Mix palm trees with bright primary or neon colors and actual spotlights with candlelight. Echo the dark green of the palms in other decorations, then accent with yellow, red (or hot pink) and bright blue.

Set a Havana Table
Use your palm green in table covers and solid color tableware in a monochromatic way, and then create contrast with centerpiece groupings of tropical fruits or flowers.

A vase or candle holder from Glassware Favors, such as our Bursting Bubbles vase, can hold an LED candle or flowers. Wrap it in a “fence” of sugar cane sticks (find them here).

It’s OK if the cane sticks are uneven in height, and even better if plenty of the beautiful bubbled glass shows above the cane “fence.” You can glue the cane sticks to the vase but even so, tie it all up with a twisted strip of gossamer streamer to complete the look.

Homecoming 2011 Theme Ideas

Capitalize on this year’s current events and unique trends by featuring them as the theme for your Homecoming festivities. Below are a few inspiring ideas to get your creativity flowing:

Superheroes Theme
The movie industry produced several big box office superhero flicks in 2011 including: X-Men: First Class, The Green Hornet, Thor, Green Lantern, Captain America. Swoop in and save the day with a comic superhero theme for your Homecoming event this year. One scene these comics have in common is a cityscape. There are three great city scenes to create a superhero atmosphere including: Times Square theme kit, still of the night theme kit, and gangster gala theme kit. Another approach to pack a powerful punch into a superhero theme is by accenting with bright colors and cool lighting. There are plenty of props, balloons, and lighting effects to help you build the Homecoming adventure that you seek.

Glowing Galactic Space Theme
2011 marks the end of the space shuttle program but not the end of space exploration; celebrate this long era of U.S. space exploration with a cool galactic glowing blacklight explosion kit. Easily transform any room with glow star gossamer, blacklight panels and columns, as well as lots of glow necklaces and LED lights to generate a modern space age Homecoming motif.

Tiki Tropical Paradise Theme
Bring a touch of tropics to your Homecoming event with a tiki tropical paradise theme. Start the decorating off with an ornate tiki island kit to set the mood for your event. Add realistic tiki hut decorations to the mix with a tiki bar, LED candle, and a gossamer palm tree. Don’t forget the tiki lantern garland and tiki tabletop decorations to complete the theme!

80’s Flashback Theme
Turn back the clock and rock it out with the music of the 1980’s, not to mention the big hair, long shirts, leggings, and tall boots for both guys and gals. Start the head banging off with an explosion of colors, shapes, and patterns in the rockin’ eighties extravaganza kit. Decorate with mega signature 80’s colors such as yellow, turquoise, hot pink, and black.

Carnival Theme
Carnivals and amusement parks are invariably packed with thrilling rides, bold colors, flashing lights, and screaming teenagers. Recreate this wild and crazy experience with the carnival of lights kit for your Homecoming event. Give them a grand carnival entrance through a fun archway, and then add the bright glitter columns, along with the ferris wheel standee and the carousel horse to your bag of decorating tricks. Give the carnival guests a chance to divulge the future and snap a previously unforeseen picture behind the fortune teller photo stand in.