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Drown in Love with a Lost City of Atlantis Prom

“Current” events meet an ancient story of romance when you choose an Atlantis theme for an under-the-sea prom.

Just as Poseidon created a beautiful dwelling for his mortal love Cleito, so too can you build an underwater paradise for a romantic evening using our newest undersea theme kit, Atlantis. An arch, gates and columns combine marine hues with accents of gold and a whisper of purple that you can repeat throughout the venue; props such as the seahorse chariot bring elements of whimsy and delightful photo ops.

Atlantis joins other marine themes and nautical kits and many of our undersea props will work with more than one collection, so be sure to make a complete browse of them before making your list.

Support your Lost Atlantis decorations with a beautiful background such as an underwater photo illustration, deep sea mural, or one of our water-patterned gossamers.

You can also make waves – almost literally – by covering the ceiling and/or tables in a metallic eyelash fabric in dark blue.

Covering the ceiling in a wave pattern looks dramatic (see a model here in event fabric categories, lower left photo) but is pretty simple as long as you have safe equipment and minimal fear of heights. :0) You’ll need eye screws and wire for the task, being sure to match the hardware and wire gauge to the weight of the fabric you’re using.

An underwater world is one in which the creatures move at various depths, and part of what will make your marine wonderland special will be to represent dimensionality of movement. Suspend large sea life cutouts (be sure to get the two-sided kind) with monofilament line. Bermuda blue or white LED lanterns can bring both dimension and mood lighting to the venue.

If you’d like to add a chandelier to the middle of the room, we recommend you consider a disc chandelier to suggest an array of light-catching “bubbles.”

Another way to bring 3D attitude and a bit of animation to your marine space is with balloons. Our mylar balloon sea critters include tropical fish, whale, dophin and seahorse and they range in length from 32”-37”. Group them with latex balloons and tether each bunch to stand just above average eye level. Hide the balloon weights behind free-standing decorations such as seashell or coral standees. Echo the height on tables by using these balloons in tall centerpieces, too.

Favors for a romantic undersea prom are a dream to put together. Choose party favors with a more generally oceanic theme to match an invitation or background mural, or go full Atlantis in photo frame options, key tags and more. Be sure to check out unique under-the-sea favors, too, for travel mugs, party beads and unusual favor options.

As you can see, our Lost Atlantis underwater theme is a sure winner for a romantic underwater theme prom. Dive into our Under the Sea pages soon.

DIY Glassware Favor Ideas

Do-it-yourselfers and party guests alike will love these favor ideas. They combine the qualities of glassware that we love, with materials from our DIY favor store and special touches from our own hands.

Fill it. There are probably as many, if not more, “filling” ideas as there are themes and special events. The only firm rule is to make sure that your guests will be able to tell immediately whether the filler is edible or not!

Consider the theme and what you want to put inside it when selecting a vessel. Generally speaking, you should go with a simpler container if you want the contents to “steal the show.” A lovingly layered cookie mix usually calls for an old-fashioned Ball jar, for example, while our sturdy Quadra 9-ounce corked bottle is perfect for a homemade flavored vinegar or liqueur.

This “rule of the simple” has exceptions, though. If you want to build a mini terrarium for a jungle or garden theme, or a tiny beach of sand and shells for an underwater event, a shapely flat-bottomed snifter is probably the best glass for the job.

Speaking of things nautical: for any sort of water theme, look for glassware favors from the Bursting Bubbles line for that extra bit of wit!

Wrap it. We love the DIY centerpieces made from large jars, burlap and ribbon we’re finding on Web craft pages, and we now offer the raw materials at terrific DIY prices. Why not translate this decorating technique into favors?

Wrapping is a wonderful way to add texture, pull a look together and reinforce the theme. Use burlap and thin twine around the bottoms of our new barrel-style tumblers for a Wild West party or create bows of slim gossamer strips or ribbon for vase favors that coordinate with chair bows or covers.

Depending on the individual project, most of these ideas should work well with both imprinted and un-imprinted glassware, though a wrap-and-imprint combo might call for a bit more care in the planning.

Embellish it. Find gems, stickers and labels for all themes and occasions for hand-customization of your jars, vases and votive candles such as the elegant specimen shown above at right.

Stumps Party offers more do-it-yourself options all the time, so do visit the DIY supply pages soon.

Cool Rooms Highlight your Ocean Prom Theme

Create a giant splash for your prom with an underwater event theme. Design a variety of oceanic scenes using different rooms in your school for distinctive purposes.

Cruise Ship Lobby

Begin a romantic aquatic adventure in the lobby of your school with the fantastic voyage kit. This amazing kit features a Titanic lighted silhouette, a Southampton entrance and ramp, and sections of fencing with lights and life preservers. Take beautiful photographs at this cruise scene entrance way to remember the ocean journey of a life time. Bid your guests bon voyage as they enter the dock and delve deeper into their underwater prom experience.

Hawaiian Beach Cafeteria

Your guests will enjoy a stroll down to the Hawaiian beach set up in your cafeteria for a refreshing beverage served from a Tiki beach bar. The Tiki hut decorations are fun and practical for a juice bar or smoothie bar. Include some radical surf board decorations to inspire your guests to ride the waves! The luau insta-theme quickly and easily transforms your party space into a Hawaiian luau. Limbo lower now with a limbo kit and some hula music! Don’t forget to give everyone a lei, to get them in the luau frame of mind. Serve up appetizers, fruit, and other delicious finger foods on aloha dinner plates and tableware.

Sunken Treasure Gymnasium

Continue on a water escapade and dive into a gymnasium decorated with the depths of forever theme kit. This kit sets an atmosphere of a mysterious underwater expedition. The kit includes:

• 1 Depths of Forever Arch

• 1 Depths of Forever Ship

• 2 Depths of Forever Coral

• 1 Depths of Forever Anchor

• 1 School of Fish Standee

• 1 Depths of Forever Turtle

• 2 Depths of Forever Dolphins

• 1 Depths of Forever Ray

Dance the night away with these enchanting decorations at your next prom night. Make tablescapes a breeze with the midnight cruise table setting. This setting compliments and ties together all your decorations with an oceanic underwater theme.

Under the Sea Party Favors

Outside of the gym, place Poseidon’s paradise oyster next to a party favor table covered in blue iridescent chiffon fabric. Accent the table with giant shells filled with under the sea party favors for guests to take home to remember their magical ocean prom theme.

Top Prom Themes of 2011

Here are Stumps’ top-rated themes for Prom 2011!

Arabian Event Theme
Prom-goers seemingly can’t resist the allure of spending Nights on the Nile or exploring an evening in an Arabian paradise – and why should they? These themes represent the perfect combination of adventure and romance in exotic locales. Check out Treasure the Night with an Arabian Themed Prom decorating ideas for a night to remember!

Castle Event Theme
Castle and Fairy Tale event themes are hot for 2011. Romance rules castle themes such as I Believe, Once Upon a Dream, and Evening in Camelot.

Hollywood Event Theme
The appeal of a Hollywood Red Carpet Event or Hollywood Nights prom never fades. Seems we’re always ready for our close-up and to see our names in lights!

Mardi Gras Event Theme
Mardi Gras means “party” in French, right? Year after year, prom-goers happily attend such French Quarter favorites as Mardi Gras Mambo and Rendezvous on Bourbon Street.

Masquerade Event Theme
Masquerades are popular Mardi Gras themes, but that’s not the whole story. Masquerades can have a mysterious Venetian flavor, or re-create the dramatic sumptuousness of the Phantom of the Opera masquerade setting – as many prom committees are discovering!

Time Event Theme
More proms are devoting a night to a Moment in Time, an Hour of Enchantment, or even a moment when Time Stands Still at their proms.

Underwater Event Theme
The other-worldly beauty of such themes as Depths of Forever and Deep Blue Destiny ensure the continued popularity of the under-the-sea event.

DIY Dance Decorations for Undersea, Nautical and Beach-Related Themes

Water, water everywhere! So many dance themes contain water features that we’ve put together a few do-it-yourself decorating ideas for your next event.

Paint a Seascape
Draw upon the artistic talent in your own midst! If you envision an ocean horizon, sunset-at-the-beach scene or other large seascape, choose a wall and cover it with our affordable but tough seamless paper. Set the resident artist(s) loose with paints or chalk to create a unique and memorable mural!

Create an Undersea Adventure
Make waves with two or more shades of blue gossamer draped softly across the ceiling. Do waves meet beach in your scene? A gold mottled gossamer supplies an expanse of “sand.”

Build Your Own Tropical Island
A life-sized tropical island makes a great entrance and/or photo op for midnight cruise, luau, pirate and other tropical and nautical themes.

Start with an ocean of “water” using a blue metallic background or similar material covering your floor. Form your island with sand (real sand is great but if that’s not possible, simulate it with our gold gossamer). From there, add your own special touches such as a palm tree or two from our great selection, patches of green tissue grass, flowers and a few coconuts.

Feed Your Imagination
Spend a little time at Stumps Party Event Supply online store to check out water-related decorations and decorating materials from fountains to fabrics!

Party Under the Sea with a Depths of Forever Prom

Depth of Forever KitUnder the Sea is a classic prom theme, but you can add a new twist to your Under the Sea prom for 2008! The Depths of Forever prom theme features a ship wreck on the ocean floor complete with dolphins and other sea creatures.

Create the entire look with the Depths of Forever Decoration Kit. The kit includes an arch, ship standee, a pair of coral standees, a large anchor standee, a school of fish, a turtle, a pair of dolphins and a sting ray.

A background is essential to this theme. If you simply set up the theme kit in your venue it will look out of place, but create an ocean around it and your venue will look like a magical world! Use various shades of royal blue gossamer and/or water patterned gossamer to decorate the ceiling and wall.

Strips of gossamer of any length can be swagged across a room from one side to the other. If you cannot fasten the gossamer directly to the walls, attach wires along two opposite walls. Use screw eyes to hold the wires. A wire on each side of a room will allow you to create a single swag of gossamer from one side to another. An additional wire down the center of the room, parallel to the two side wires, will create a double swag. Three equally spaced wires will create four swags in the gossamer from one side of the room to the other.

60″ or 107″ wide gossamer make the most successful ceilings. At the outside wall, pleat or gather the gossamer to 1/2 its original width for the best appearance.

Strips of any width gossamer can also be attached to all four walls and woven in and out (basket-like) for an unusual ceiling treatment.

Use gossamer and twinkle lights to create gorgeous sails on your Depths of Forever ship.

Silver and blue balloons make the finishing touch to your theme kit. They look like bubbles under the sea. Use balloon tape to create columns of balloons up your backdrop and scatter balloons around the ship and on the floor.

Accent your theme kit with touches like fishnet, customized vinyl banners and under the sea photo murals.

Create a stunning photo setting for keepsake prom photos. Hire a photographer to take students’ pictures as they enter the prom! The Mermaid and Neptune Photo Op is a great choice for funny prom photos. Students can stick their faces in the cutouts for fun pictures from their prom.

Metallic Bubble Memory Booklets are another great way to capture prom memories. You can add your own wording and logo to the cover and customize the inside of the booklet with your own content and layout. Check out our Booklet Ideas for tips on what to include.

Plus, favors are a favorite for prom. Send students home with beautiful customized glassware, candles, photo albums, picture frames or other favors.

Check out the rest of our prom planning tips and tell us about your Under the Sea Prom or send us your questions!