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Award-Winning, Summer Wedding Ideas

Weather, flowers and sunshine all make summer weddings the most beautiful weddings year after year. From casual afternoon beach weddings to black-tie evening weddings, summertime offers some of the most unique and award-winning wedding ideas there are.12ptisfancay

Bright Colors
We’re talking really bright colors, not pale pink or yellow, but hot pink or bright yellow. Bright colors should be used sparingly, but can really jazz up a wedding when paired with black or grey. Use the bright color of your choosing as an accent color in things like napkins, flowers, or even your cake. Have the bridesmaids wear solid colored black dresses and add a bright colored sash for a pop of summer color. Summer is a time to celebrate the bold, beautiful colors we love, and they’ve been showing up more and more in summer weddings.

Think Outside the Cake Box
You don’t have to serve cake at a wedding. Some brides are finding summer weddings are perfect opportunities to serve other, lighter desserts to their guests. Strawberry shortcake, tropical fruit cocktail and even sorbet or Italian ice are unique desserts starting to make their way into summer weddings. If you insist on cake, consider a summery fruit filling.

Different Destinations
Although often spectacular, beach weddings are anything but unique these days. Some summer wedding planners are finding rather exceptional locations for nuptials that fit better with the personalities of the bride and groom. Weddings are held in barns, in the mountains, museums, and even in aquariums. Some bride and grooms who are major sports fans are even tying the knot at their favorite team’s stadium.

5p008aWine Smoothies
Make your signature drink stand out from all other weddings! Instead of opting for your average fruity mixed drink, suggests serving wine smoothies. Make the drink even more special by serving it in personalized cups. They make for a nice decoration as well as a favor guests can take home after the wedding. If you think your wine smoothies will be a major hit, create personalized recipe cards so wedding guests can recreate your signature wedding drink at home.

Fruit Favors
Fruit is huge right now as both a decoration and a favor at summer weddings. Tropical fruits can make for beautiful centerpieces and then double as a favor at the end of the reception. Consider tying some ribbon or twine around the fruit with a personalized tag, thanking guests for attending your special day.

Keep it Casual
The casual, yet classy, summer wedding is certainly a big request of wedding planners for the summer of 2013. Backyard weddings and park weddings are perfect spots for casual weddings where the bride is sometimes in a short dress and the groom and groomsmen in shorts. Food is simple and might even be cooked on the grill. “Casual” doesn’t mean cheap-looking. When done right with some cute, personalized decorations, it can be a real delightful wedding!

Forget You’re in a Tent. Decorate Elegantly for Outdoor Events

Summertime means outdoor parties, barbecues, and bonfires. If you’re planning a summer wedding or a more elegant graduation party, maybe even an outdoor prom, you’re challenged with decorating in a tent. With the right decorations and the proper planning, you can make it so your guests completely forget that they’re in a tent! With a few tips and tricks, your decorations can be elegant enough to make your venue seem like an outdoor wonderland, not a party under a tent.

Table Settings Make a Difference Outdoors

If you have tables under your tent for your summer event, you’ll want to use them as a decorating tool. By covering your tables with a white cloth and a shimmery strip of gossamer as a table runner, you’ll create a light, airy feeling for your summer event. A centerpiece for your tables will play a huge role in creating an elegant event, also. Depending on your theme, you could choose a centerpiece that will fit with the theme. You could also simply choose an elegant centerpiece that will go with any theme, such as a candelabra. When the sun begins to set, switching to candlelight versus bright LED lights or no lights will make your event that much more elegant. Also, the candlelight reflecting off a shimmery gossamer fabric will create an interesting effect.

Don’t forget about the chairs that will go with your tables. Seeing just a simple folding chair doesn’t say elegance. You can use folding chairs for your event, but look into chair covers. You could just use a ribbon or you could use a complete chair cover and a ribbon.

Hide the Tent

As you’re preparing your decorations, try to find a way to disguise the tent you’re decorating. Try wrapping the tent poles with shimmery silver iridescent chiffon. If you decide to use candles when the sun sets, the candlelight will Silver Chiffonreflect off the chiffon. You could also station a bunch of balloons at each of the four corners of the tent, as a way to disguise the corner tent poles.

If you want to disguise the poles running along the top of the tent, try twining garlands and flowers around them. Or you could do a combination of chiffon, garlands, and flowers. Another good option is hanging decorations from those poles, such as an ivory floral topiary.

Remember, summer outings don’t have to be all fun and no elegance. Even if you’re using a tent for your event, the decorations and the table settings can help you create an elegant sure-to-be-remembered event. Centerpieces and chair covers are a way to help guests forget about the tent, but if you want to disguise the tent, shimmery, flowing fabrics are the way to go. As you plan your elegant summer event, choose fabrics and other decorations that will set your colors off perfectly—create an event that your guests will remember for a long time!

Live in the Middle of Nowhere? Host a City Themed Event

Select a New York or Paris theme this spring as you plan a prom, wedding or formal fundraising ball. City event themes are perfect for events involving large groups – with the bonus of a big ooh-ah factor if this is a significant change of pace for you and your guests.

For decorating city parties our mantra is, “Height, lights and luster.”

By “height,” we mean to re-create the unique feeling of walking the “canyons” between rows of skyscrapers. Look for city decorations as tall as your ceiling will allow. Landmark buildings, silhouette backgrounds and other skyscraper props range from 7 to 9-feet-plus and should form the basis of the focal point along one wall (or perhaps the middle of the room if you have 3D decorations).

Place additional good-sized, free-standing props in ways that functionally divide a cavernous space, support the focal point and tie the room together. Most of our columns — including our popular stretch columns that are reusable and have replaceable fabric slips — start at 8 feet tall. The cute, mod subway entrance is also 8 feet, and skyscraper columns are 8-1/2.

You can also draw the eye upward with ceiling decorations such as hanging lanterns and chandeliers — our Exquisite Beaded Chandelier would be just the ticket here.

When it comes to lights, nothing feels as romantic as low or indirect lighting or as festive as twinkles. Backlight your major decorations or add light strings to them – some city props come with lights so keep your eye out for that feature. Black city street lights, Old World lampposts and LED lighted trees bring charm as well as light to sidewalk cityscapes such as Parisian style outdoor cafés and Central Park locales.

Black or white, silver or gold, we like bringing luster with the objects guests will touch. Provide radiance and gleam to tables and pedestals with shimmering fabrics, metallic fringed table skirts and super-shiny vinyl floral sheeting.

Look for luster, too, in personalized city favors for table top or swag bag. The right design in candy jars, travel mugs or other city favors can echo your cityscape for an everyday reminder of a special evening.

Imagine the complexity of your own unique combination of city height, light and luster and the completeness of the picture as guests arrive and drink it all in. Then, make it happen with the help of the City Event Party store.

Escape to Paris with these Prom & Wedding Decorating Ideas

Paris is already one of the premier party themes. The success of Les Misérables — including a Best Picture nomination for the Oscars™ on Sunday — will ensure the popularity of Paris event themes for some time to come. Let’s look at decorating ideas, including romantic Paris props new for proms and weddings, that will enchant Paris lovers of all stripes this spring.

Gossamer Wings
You’re the one with wings when you use gossamer for decorations. This light, sheer decorating fabric looks delicate but its versatility will allow your creativity to soar whether your desire is to braid, cascade, swag or tie bows with it.

Build a background worthy of magnificent Paris landmarks for a Paris party this spring. Suspend a wire across a whole wall and as close to the ceiling as you can get it (or, if you’re dealing with a gym, 8-12 feet high). Attach light strings, light curtains or other twinkle style event lights from the wire; then hang lengths of gossamer, softly pleated, in front of the lights for a “starry” night with a dreamlike quality.

Achieve a gauzy vintage or garden-like feel with a pastel. Alternatively, a metallic gossamer fabric in a dark color can suggest a sleek, sophisticated nightlife.

Paris, Prop-erly
For an assemblage of props to match a particular setting or era, you can’t go wrong with a Paris theme kit from the Paris Props catalog. Each contains free-standing, coordinating pieces such as buildings, arches, street lights and trees.

Don’t forget the landmarks! We have several different styles of Eiffel Tower. Also, the Arc de Triomphe Arch (as seen above in the Set the Stage kit) is magnificent not only due to its size but also the 3-dimensional effect achieved by its designer. Place a Paris landmark prop to be the center of attention – and get ready for the photo requests!

Also, consider exploring other themes for ideas. For example, you might look to Hollywood props for a “Paris Under the Stars” theme, while garden event theme supplies can help achieve a park-like Paris feel that’s perfect for spring events.

Sur La Table
Bring your gossamer and twinkle lights to Parisian tables, and use decorations that can double as tableware, favors, or both. For prom this spring, we especially favor (heh) a trio of unique Paris favors: Eiffel Tower stemware, one of our Paris or glitter key tags and a random twist of silver party beads for each place setting.

Get more ideas from our ever-expanding collection of table decoration packages. We’ve devoted four settings specifically to Parisian looks plus other sophisticated arrangements you can easily adapt for a Paris-themed wedding or prom.

Winter Wedding Ideas

Romance doesn’t necessarily have to mean warm weather and daisies. A winter wedding can be just as gorgeous and romantic as a wedding in spring or summer. Imagine how beautiful freshly fallen snow would be, and snuggling up with your new spouse in the limo on the way to the reception. Winter weddings can be very classy and elegant if done right.

Most weddings are centered around color, and picking the right colors for a winter wedding is key to making it beautiful and unforgettable. Consider the following color schemes for a winter wedding.

Black is Back

While some people think black is a color for funerals, it’s actually a very popular color for weddings, especially in the winter. Black, if done right, can be very classy. For example, whether at the ceremony or reception, a black elegant garden arch will create a very romantic setting, and is accented with 200 tiny lights. Add even more sparkle and shimmer with a black shimmering square column. The glimmer fabric stretches over a metal frame and would be perfect for entrances to the reception.

The key to making black work as a wedding color is having an accent color. Say you use something like black deco beads on the tables at the reception. Put colorful flowers in vases with the beads. Bright red roses would stand out nicely, or any other colorful flower that’s in bloom in the winter. Black doesn’t have to be dull, but instead can turn out very sophisticated for a winter wedding.

Red is for Romance

The color of passion and love is red, and red at a winter wedding is very fashionable, especially when paired with silver or gold. This winter look might include tables covered in red glitter taffeta. The sheen material catches light and creates shimmering effects.

Add more glow to the reception with red afterglow inflatable columns. These 8-feet tall columns sit on a motorized base. The look of the columns can change depending on the color light bulb used inside. There are many other columns out there to choose from, find the one that best suits your wedding theme.

Celebrate in Silver

Another elegant way to celebrate romance is with silver. Imagine silver, elegant swirls hanging from the ceiling via a silver shimmering swirl chandelier. At 4-feet 9-inches long, the chandelier will dazzle wherever your reception is.

Add splashes of silver all over your reception. The Silver Luminescent Wave Column is six feet high and is sure to draw some attention. Sprinkle star confetti on the tables, and choose one other color for your accent color. Use the accent color in table decorations and place settings.

Winter doesn’t have to mean the blues. Weddings in the cooler months are just as romantic and special as those in the spring and summer.

Top Event Planners & Wedding Planners of 2012

America’s Top Event Planners

Wedding and event planning is a fine art.  Coordinating and planning any event- a school dance, a prom, or a wedding takes time, organization, and patience.  No matter where in the United States you are, there’s a planner near you to create the perfect event.  Planners order your event supplies and handle the decorating details.  What does it take to be one of the top wedding planners and event planners across America?

Top Wedding and Event Planners

Swank Productions Specializes in Event Planning

Some award-winning, planning companies, such as Two Foot Creative and Swank Productions, are featured in The Knot, a popular wedding magazine.  These companies (as well as many others) are popular because they “develop teams of people… that create experiences for clients.” (Ana Skidmore, Two Foot Creative)

Maya Kalman and her team at Swank Productions have a simple planning process:  “listen, anticipate, execute, and deliver.”  This combined with Kalman’s attention to detail, creates unbelievable experiences for her clients that earn her amazing reviews.

Many planners, like Preston Bailey, post ideas and ask for feedback on their websites.  Bailey even offers educational courses in flower design and wedding and event planning.

When ordering party supplies or rounding up friend helpers or decorating on your own is not an option, consider hiring a planner.  We’ve compiled a 2012 list of top wedding planners and event planners who’d love to put together your next, amazing event.

  • Ana Skidmore, Two Foot Creative

    Two Foot Creative (Michigan) By creating a team of people to make the event run smoothly, clients can completely relax and “enjoy the day as much as any of the guests.”    The team handles everything from photographers to florists to favors.  They choose personalized, event candy and special favors to welcome guests to their client’s events.

  • Maya Kalman and Swank Productions (New York) Kalman and her team not only handle weddings, but also corporate events and social events (such as Sweet 16 parties).  Because of this and the team’s experience of over a decade, clients are sure to receive full attention to detail and a wonderful experience.
  • Preston Bailey (New York) In addition to offering courses in floral design and event planning, Bailey and his team take time to make each client feel as though they’re the team’s only concern.  Bailey and his team plan weddings, corporate events, and social galas.
  • True Colors Events (Seattle, Washington) Although this company generally handles only weddings, they put their all into it.  They take joy in the fact that couples ask for help planning and organizing the most important day in their relationship and the team works as hard as possible to ensure every aspect of the event goes flawlessly.

    Ali Phillips, Engaging Events by Ali

  • Engaging Events by Ali (Chicago, Illinois) Ali Phillips has been planning weddings for Chicago-area brides for nine years.  Because she first worked in sales and management, her big focus is customer service.  Phillips is able to make dream weddings happen for her clients and has been recognized by The Knot as well as many other magazines.
  • Table 6 Productions (Florida) With seven locations across the United States, the teams at Table 6 Productions are able to pull together events that are not only glamorous, but also complete.  No aspect is passed over in the effort to create a memorable night.  The planners themselves strive to be not only event planners, but also friends to their clients.
  • Marcy Blum (New York) Clients have told Blum that they are “forever spoiled by your superior management skills and outstanding creativity.”  Blum and her team work hard to make the months and even the year leading up to their clients’ wedding easy and stress-free.
  • Randi Lesnick (Nashville, Tennessee) Clients of Randi Lesnick experience not only timeliness and organization, but also accurate budget planning.  Lesnick and her team are able to handle everything from small gatherings to large events.
  • Mindy Weiss (Los Angeles, California)Weiss’ out-of-the-box ideas and event decorations are one of the reasons she is such an in-demand event planner.  She and her team coordinate weddings, baby showers, and an array of other types of events.  She also works with various charitable organizations to create a wide variety of events.
  • So Eventful Wedding & Event Planning (California) The team members at So Eventful create a connection with their clients that enables them to have a more personalized party or event.  They promise that every event they organize and execute is completely different from every other. This top event planner will make it a completely unique day for you.

There are many outstanding wedding planners and event planners. Which planners or planning companies are your 2012 favorites?